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Spectra S2

50 reviews
Parent Reviews and Comments
Xia Shi

I recently purchased this breast pump after doing a lot of research and listening to my close friends who also love this pump. The S2 pump is quiet, easy to use and the timer and let down (massage) mode are handy useful functions.Bubbys not born yet but the product seems very good so far!

Stephanie McCormack

I got the S2 not knowing how much I would need it. I gave birth to my preemie twin boys at 33w so I needed to express to take BM to them in hospital. This pump is even better than the ones we use in the special care nursery. I love the timer and night light. Honestly cannot recommend highly enough! Great value for money in the long run.


I first started pumping with Medela and I had tried 3 different ones only to end up pumping blood. Yes, blood. I almost gave up, but then tried an Avent in a final attempt to express for my baby at work and I managed to use a manual pump until I stopped expressing. 

With baby #2, I started off using back the same manual pump, but it used to take me 1-1.5 hours just to pump and with a toddler and an infant that had severe reflux and tongue/lip ties, I didn't even have time to eat, let alone sleep! 

Because of my bad experience with medela, I was hesitant to try an electric pump again. 

This is when I found Spectra. I was worried as the flanges look similar, but I was desperate to halve my pump time at the very least. I bit the bullet and bought one. 

My only regret is NOT BUYING IT SOONER!! My S2 saved my sanity! I can finish off within 30 minutes and my output has not been affected. In fact, I pump 3 times a day now only and I still have plenty to freeze for emergency!!! 

The S2 is the singularly most amazing investment of motherhood I have ever known!!

I exclusively express for my 4 month old son so I use this pump around the clock every day and couldn't be happier with my purchase.


More affordable than other major brands

Customisable settings for suction and cycle

Great suction and is very efficient - I get much more milk in less time then I do with my Medela Swing

Hospital grade and closed system pump so you don't have to worry about milk getting into the pump like the Medela swing

Great customer service from Spectra - they responded within hours of me emailing them with questions about this pump

Super fast shipping - my pump arrived in 2 days

Comes with everything you need in order to double pump

Fits perfectly with Avent classic bottles so you can pump directly into them saving you heaps of time and washing bottles

Has a night light which makes pumping at night much easier

Has a screen which shows the time, suction level and cycle - my Medela Swing has none of these features

Quiet compared to other breast pumps that I have used


Instruction manual is not the best so I found YouTube videos more helpful in therms of how to set up the pump

I am so happy with this pump that I wish that I spent a little extra and got the portable version. I just didn't know that I would end up having to express breastmilk for my baby full time


I recently purchased my S2 pump upon the birth of my now, 9 week old twins… Well I certainly don’t regret the decision. After using another competitors’ pump whilst in hospital, this pump is extremely easy to use and gives me 200-300ml off both breasts in 2×10 minute pumping sessions. Given I am exclusively feeding EBM, this is giving me an entire feed for both of the twins and then another half a feed. Couldn’t recommend this pump any more highly! :)


I love the S2! It's easy to use, quiet and easy to clean. The customer service has been great too. I will definitely be recommending spectra pumps to my mummy friends. 

Catherine McCumstie

This pump is awesome! I love it! I had been hiring and using a medela symphony, and I bought this pump after researching online. It is far more efficient than the symphony and drains much more effectively. My RHS was only getting half supply to my LHS, but after a few sessions on the S2, my RHS has now caught up. This pump is incredibly affordable, I love that it comes with everything for double pumping, and the postage is free and express – so good! The only thing that could be better are the bottle and teat shapes. I much prefer the flow and shape of medela bottles and teats, but use the spectra bottles as containers. The spectra bottles have a much more accurate measurement guide on the side than medela though, so I am able to read how much I’m pumping much more easily. Apart from the bottles and teats, I love every feature of the Spectra S2 and am happy to recommend!

Lynlee Jackson

The Spectra S2 is the best breast pump I've used. It's quieter than another leading brand I've used before & doesn't lose power with double pumping.  The closed system is great as well, no moisture or milk getting into the tubing! couldn't recommend enough, you won't regret buying this pump


Amazing product. Easy to use and clean. Super quiet, can even pump when Bubs is sound asleep on my lap. Best product I have bought during my breadtfeedong journey 

Nalinee keetarath

I have purchase spectra S2 without reading any reviews and I am very happy about it because it is a great product. I wanted a hospital grade breastpump and spectra S2 was the cheapest in all that's why I chose to buy it. For a double pump breastpump machine this is very affordable. It is so easy to clean, maintain, adjust. It can make a mum life so easy and enjoyable.. I have no regrets buying this machine and I would highly recommend it to any mum.. Also spectra customer service is very nice and always there to help with any questions..I am enjoying motherhood due to spectra.. 

Karla McCarroll

This will be my second baby in 13 months and I was unable to breastfeed my first so exclusivly pumped for 3 months before falling pregnant again!

My first pump was a single and a well know brand and while it did the job, it was time consuming and I feel that if I had had the S2 back then I would of contiuned pumping for alot longer!

so this time finding a double pump was a must to save time with the two little ones, after reading many reviews I decided on the S2 BEFORE I had even looked at the prices. I was over the moon at the price of the double and I was not giving in on the quality of the product I was purchasing!

Best double breastpump on the market!


Really good pump. Tried a couple and this one had the best suction. The whole unit is a bit poorly designed and cumbersome, and I've had trouble with the bits and pieces (the bottles are top-heavy and fall over if you're not careful- Blutac them to the unit when not in use!!). Customer service is good. 


I previously used another well known brand that was recommended by my local hospital which cost me the same price as this one but it was only a single pump. I thought that because it was the same price it wouldn’t be as good, but I was wrong. I love my Spectra S2! The only downfall is that it is not portable (but that is why there is the Spectra S1). My supply had gone way down because I had moved house and using my other pump every three hours was just not going well for me (and it was taking one hour to do both breasts – it was a single pump and I was only getting 40ml each). Using this pump and pumping every three hours between 8am to 11pm and only once between 11pm and 8am, I am back to getting 80ml for breast, and its getting better and better. I still do the full 30mins but thats to make sure I get as much out as the pump can get. Totally worth the money and I wish I had bought this pump originally. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dana Trout

Great little pump. I purchased after giving birth to my daughter 15 weeks premature. Worked better for me than the hospital pumps and is so convenient to have whilst I stay in Ronald McDonald House. She has a long way to go and this pump will help give her the nutrition she needs to finally come home with us.


fast delivery wonderful to use very happy recommend to any mum returning to work also.


The Spectra s2 is wonderful.  I have been expressing for 9 months because my twins were born 15 weeks early and spent 5 months in the NICU.  Hire pumps are expensive. Spectra was the only pump that I found that consistently worked well. ... it is as powerful as other pumps which cost an arm and a leg.

Spectra is a fraction of the price.   Best money I have spent. 

My twins are now 9 months old and thanks to Spectra, they are fed on expressed breast milk. 


I purchased an S2 spectra pump and has not once regret it. It is quiet and love the night light. It is definitely an affordable hospital grade pump.


I just purchase this product after my Unimom breastpump broke and I am so so so happy. It is the quietest pump I have every heard in my life and it is so gentle and effective in expressing milk.

I love the night light and even the bottles are cute. Spectra customer service is just amazing as well and next day delivery.

Perfect Hospital Grade Pump for a fraction of the cost. Thank you Spectra


The spectra S2 pump is excellent! So easy to use, the double pumping option is great and saves a lot of time. The night light on it is also a good feature especially when using it at night. The different suction modes is also handy as you can adjust to your own comfort. There is also a massage mode to assist with let down. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone. The customer service is also exceptional, and the delivery is next day service once you have ordered one of these great pumps! 


I bought the Spectra S2 after hiring a different pump for 2 months. The spectra was a great improvement. It is as effective a pump but also had little features, like a small light and a timing function and a manual change from stimulate to pump, which helped me maximise my milk. The service has also been fantastic and replacement parts (I broke a part) are easy and FAST to get. No regrets here and saves me so much money on hiring.

Katherine Wolter

I hired a hospital grade pump once I have birth to my daughter. It was valued at over $3000. I've now purchased a Spectra S2 pump and it is just as good if not better than the one I hired. I can totally recommend this pump. 


Only few times, a product truly matches what it promises to be. With Spectra S2 we were quite amazed how easy expressing milk and breastfeeding it made it for us. And 2nd to none customer service and next day delivery. Thank you so... much! 

Susan R

Can't recommend the Spectra S2 highly enough.  The pump arrived the very next day after I ordered it.  It is super quiet, has a massage mode to stimulate let down, and variable suction so it's always comfortable.  The night light comes in handy for moving about without turning on the lights.  And the Spectra team's customer service is exceptional.


I bought the S2 Spectra pump after reading some good reviews about it on a breastfeeding forum. I was a bit hesitant as I was exclusively pumping for the first 2 months and had hired a different pump which was excellent. This was getting expensive though!! I eventually bit the bullet bought the pump and couldn't be happier. It is just as good as the other pump, stimulstes my let down really well and is super quiet. I regret not buying it earlier.....   Oh and the dual pumping saves HEAPS of time!!


I was lost before i recieved my Spectra S2 in the mail. My baby has tongue and lip tie and as a result my supply had dropped all the way down to almost nothing. Until i started exclusively expressing with this wonderful pump!

I was so happy when in the first two days of using this pump, it doubled my supply, and this has continued over the last month! I finally threw away the last of the formula the other day, because thankfully my baby is now back on breast milk only, and i owe it all to the wonderful Spectra S2!

The two phase expression, adjustable vacuum and cycle length and the wonderfully handy night light, all coupled with a wonderful range of products on their website to accessorise, make this a pump well worth looking at if expressing breastmilk is going to be a big part of your life.

It is a hospital grade pump, which means that despite being much lighter and more attractive than other pumps, it is in the same category as huge hospital grade pumps that are nowhere near as portable.

Plus the service from the great Spectra Australia team make it a wonderful experience to own one.

I couldn't be a happier person, thank you Spectra for saving my baby and I from being stuck on formula!


I was skeptical about purchasing a spectra pump as I had never heard of them before. After using a another pump at the hospital I was concerned I would not get the same results. However I could only find wonderful reviews on all the spectra products so i went ahead with my order. I was very pleasantly surprised when my pump arrived and was equally as good, if not better, than the other pump. I have seen such a great improvement in my milk supply and am confident i can maintain my supply until bub can breast feed. I will be recommending this pump to anyone needing a hospital grade pump for a very reasonable price. It really is all it’s cracked up to be.

Gwen Hooper

Due to complications with my daughter's birth, I exclusively pump for her and also have low supply issues, so it was very important for me to find a hospital-grade breast pump.

There is no way I could afford some pumps, and renting one here in NZ is not only hard because not many pharmacies have them, it's as expensive as trying to buy one.

I found out about the Spectra pumps from a breastfeeding group on Facebook and was amazed at how affordable the pumps were.

I'm happy to say that the S2 is the best purchase I could have made. It is very similar in performance to another pump and I couldn't live without it. Very smooth suction and lots of variable levels to find the right level to get the most milk, which is very important for someone like me with low supply issues!

Couldn't be happier with the team at Spectra Australia either, they are great for customer service.


I am a first time mum returning to work soon, and having only pumped a handful of times using a single electric pump, I was looking for something that was going to be quick and efficient.

After doing a bit of research, and having a set budget, I decided to purchase the Spectra S2. I was not disappointed!

Firstly, the massage mode is AMAZING - allows the milk to flow a lot quicker. The pump is super quiet, which was a big factor for me as I will be using it at work. The variable modes and suction mean that you can continually change it during a pumping session if you find that your milk flow is slowing down. I also love the backflow protection - the pump and tubing is always free of milk and will never get dirty or mouldy.

Overall this is a fantastic pump, for a fantastic price. Highly recommended!


As a first time mum who was returning work. I did lots of research on breast pump before I bought spectra. I had to buy it online as I'm in nz, and it's only available in au. 

First of all, the pump is great. Though I cant compare it with other pumps, but the rechargeable pump allows me to pump while in car. I love the double pump, I can pump at work in ten minutes and get about 360 ML!

best thing is that it doesn't look like a pump, and it saved me while I started breastfeeding, I had a rough start. 

Lastly service is really good. I was initially concerned about this, as I was in nz, but it wasn't an issue at all.


I received this pump one day after ordering it! It took me some time to purchase as I hadn’t come across anyone that knew anything about them. Even the lactation nurses didn’t know of this brand. Because of this I wasn’t sure wether the reviews were real or not. I had hired another pump from the pharmacy and after spending about $280 for that for only 4 weeks I decided that it was time to purchase. I took the plunge and went with my gut and purchased the S2. I am so impressed with this pump. It works just as well if not better than the other one. It was very easy to set up and very efficient. Most importantly it’s very pretty. ;-) Admittedly it is a little noisier than the Medela but still not very noisy. I can easily watch the TV or have a phone conversation while pumping. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone looking to purchase one. As it is lightweight and quite compact we are even looking at taking it traveling. The price is amazingly cheap (another reason why I was dubious), the service was outstanding and the pump is terrific.


Can't say how happy i am to have come across the Spectra S2. As a first time mum who has had to exclusively express due to breastfeeding issues it has been a godsend. The pump is super quiet compared to many others out there (trust me I tried a few) and the fact i can double pump means i have more time to spend with my little man. I am nearly 5 months in and my supply is still going strong. I definitely would have given up months ago if i had continued using my manual pump. The fact that this pump is so affordable has meant i can give my bubs the best start possible despite the fact he is unable to breastfeed. I shall be highly  recommending this pump to all my new mummy friends!


I needed to buy an electric pump after having a number of difficulties breastfeeding my newborn. I read heaps of reviand and decided to try the Spectra S2. I have been so impressed by the Spectra! It is a very effective pump and I have managed to pump enough to feed my very hungry newborloot he pump looks good, it's quiet and it even has a nightlight. I love that it's so compact and easy to store away when you're not using it. Spectra's customer service is good and they have responded to my queries quickly and they posted the pump out within about two days! Overall I'm very happy with this pump and wish I'd had it with my first child!!


When my baby was born in Feburary this year, I had no idea I'd need my breast pump so soon. My baby needed an operation and was in NICU unable to feed but for a tube down her nose. 

Although I had already purchased my pump, I plugged it in and it didn't work! Spectra were prompt in reply to an email to fix the problem, send me a new pump, which arrived the next day, and didn't mind that I couldn't get to the post office to return the faulty pump until my little girl had settled into her hospital routine and my emotions had calmed some!

I thank Spectra for their customer service and support during what was a traumatic time.


Earlier this year I brought the Spectra S2 pump from Birthing Partner in Sylvania  NSW, and loved it.


I had the Avent electric breast pump with my first child and I was so shocked how much milk I could actually pumped with the Spectra, and because it is double I also save myself 20 to 30 minutes at each express.


I also like the pump for it ease of cleaning. No tube cleaning , all the parts which require cleaning are so easy to clean.


It is so easy to use, even my 3 year old daughter can and enjoy helping me turn it on and select my favourite setting every time.


 Birthing Partner was very helpful with my initial problem with one of the bottle.  They posted me a replacement bottle without question and free of charge. That what I call great service.


I have recommended this to lots of friends. And one of them recently brought it and referred another friend and she got $40 off.


This pump is amazing!  I have had to exclusively pump for just over 4 months and at first I tried one of the more popular brands of pumps.  Well after 2 weeks, my supply dwindled.  I purchased the spectra S2 after reading reviews online and I couldn't be happier.  Next day delivery and a pump that works well.  My supply has increased and I am happy to say I am able to fully breast feed my baby with expressed milk. 

I would recommend anyone buy this pump - hospital grade without the price tag!


I bought the Spectra S2 before giving birth because I wanted to continue breast feeding after going back to work. In fact, I have used it almost every day, several times a day for more than 4 months now. Initially to increase my milk supply and then to build up a milk store in the freezer. I have not gone back to work yet, and cannot comment on how easy it is to carry to work. I used a different one while in hospital and found the Spectra S2 to be just as effective, a lot smaller and much cheaper.

Pros - cheapest hospital grade double electric pump I could find, effective, easy to use, comfortable (lots of adjustable settings), easy to clean/sterilise parts, handy night light and cute!

Cons - I may have bought a different one if it had been available 4 months ago because that one is a lot smaller and lighter. However, I'm not sure if it's designed to be used as much as I have used my S2.

All things considered, I love my S2 and would highly recommend it.


This product is seriously the best. It is very fast efficient and you can buy accessories so that you can use it hands free :) I love it


After struggling with a manual breast pump and not getting much more than 30/40 ml at a time I decided it was time for an electric pump. After many days of reading reviews on the net about various different pumps I came across the Spectra S2. I had never heard of them so I decided to read some reviews. All I could find were positive ones and I think I read them all on all the sites. What made me chose the S2 was that it's a hospital grade pump and a closed system. So I ordered it and it arrived within two days. It is just the best pump ever. I can now even get 120 ml out of just one breast when they're full! I would definitely recommend this pump to everyone. 

I looked at them all and read all the reviews so felt pretty confident about getting this model – even had an online chat with them live which was brill before the purchase. Ask for a disount voucher! I had low milk supply issues so was pumping after every feed – so gerting this purchase right was important! I took it into hospital and also tried out their thousand dollar medela one and the difference was negligible. Basically it felt a bit gentler and more soft on the breast overall – not worth the extra money!
Totally recommend this, really quiet, good parts – though maybe get some extra bottles. I rarely used the double pump as was too hard to hold both on the breast at once!
Would be good to have slightly longer tubing but otherwise hard to fault!

Great price ,affordable and better than any others can you believe it! Whats even better is that i didnt buy a night light and my newborn is terrified of the dark! Screaming her lungs put at 2am i was in desperate need of a night light but thanks to spectra s2 having a built in light , we manage to catch a good night sleep ! The breast pump is also very quiet to use at night . Overall ill say im very happy with this purchase


My baby boy was admitted to NICU after an emergency caesarean, and was there for 4 weeks. I needed a good breast pump pronto, as I was being discharged and I knew it wasn't worth renting. I'd already done my research and based on reviews on bub hub, went for the S2. I was so glad I did!

I received the S2 the very next day after ordering, which was amazing. It is amazingly portable, quiet, has a night light, is easy to use and uses a closed system with valves to prevent backflow. It comes with a double pump set up, but you will need to get a pumping bra to use them properly, otherwise just use as a single pump. I have continued to express for over 2 months due to attachment issues, and would be lost without this pump. It has adjustable cycle frequency and strength, and is a hospital grade pump, but at a much better price.

I have even accidentally dropped this pump (twice!) from waist height on to concrete and amazingly it still works! (lucky me... I don't recommend doing this by the way, it was baby brain in action)

I have since gone on to order a pumping bra from Spectra Baby and am very happy with their service.

This pump is worth it!


Great value, cheap affordable and good value! 

Parts and accessories are cheaper also. 

I love the massage function and find this pump actually leaves my breast empty which is great! It also does not hurt! You can purchase massagers that make it so much better.


This is my first breast pump purchase and I feel very lucky that I checked this out. Not only it is much cheaper than other pumps, I found that it is quiet, straight forward, simple and easy to setup and use. Love it! Also love that it is a closed system and comes with all the necessary equipment Easy to sterilise and keep using and using and using and using!!! Definitely recommending it to all mums out there.

Steph Christie

I started off with a Dew 350 from spectra which was amazing. The only reason I didn't start with the S2 was because of the cost.

Whilst the Dew did exactly what it said and was a great!! breastpump, I had trouble with supply and letdown, so thought I would bump up to the S2 as it has the additional features to change suction and speed and also a letdown mode.

Oh how I wish I had gone here from the start! After using the S2 just a few times, I was already more successful.

Unfortunately, I had to have my gallbladder out the same week I got my S2 and my supply troubles worsened (which was not going to be fixed by ANY breastpump) so I had to give up breastfeeding and expressing, but if I had only bought this one to begin with, my time would have been much easier. At least the S2 helped me get one more week of breastmilk into my bub.

And now, because it has the backflow filters on the breast shield, I am able to let a friend borrow it by only getting new shields. The rest of the machine is still competely sterile! I have another friend waiting on standby to borrow once my first friend is done!

Truely a great pump!


Our branded breast pump lost suction in just 3months of use and we were concerned as we didn’t have a spare one. We were almost going to chase up on the warranty when we stumbled on the product reviews of tge S2 pump. It sounded too good to be true so we thought of giving it a go. I was very impressed with the speed of the processing. We got the item the next day itself and thr spectra support were very prompt in responding to emails and tracking info.
The S2 pump is one that is completely different fron standard pumps. It is well thought off and designed. The light switch is an example – previously I used to put a torch / night light to be able to see at night while pumping. I was very impressed with how quiet the pump is. I haven’t seen any other pump that’s so quiet. The full unit is enclosed and safe. It also has a modern look to it. It also has a very reasonable price for a hospital grade pump.
Overall I am extremely impressed with it and I am happy I came across the product.


I LOVE my S2 pump! I have been exclusively pumping for 4 months, and the S2 has increased my supply and sustained my ability to provide for all of my daughter's feeds. It's super quiet, smaller than I thought, and very powerful! I love the timer and night light features!!! A truly magnificent pump - and much cheaper than others in the same league. I can't stop raving about it. It makes pumping a breeze, and waaaaay less stressful. It is a relief not not worry about my supply dropping like it was with my previous pump. I loved this pump so much, I bought the spectra M1 for traveling because my experience with the Spectra S2 was SO fantastic. Spectra just make great pumped for less money!! 


For me, this pump really extracts way better than a previous elec pump I've used. Somehow  avent seems to only extract when am very full and had not done any feeds yet (taking me about an hour minimum of 20ml to even extract!). I gave up using this pump and did manual hand extraction instead (no joke)! I was recommended if I want a hospital suction try like Medela but finding out its cost was very expensive and I was on a very tight budget! Medela had option to hire per month aroudn $120/per month and thank goodness I came across S2 online. Hesitant at first being unknown name to me but after intense research site and youtube reviews, I've decided to purchase. Am so glad I did! Only halfway of the suction & letdown feature extracts so much of my milk in few minutes! S2 also helped boost my milk supply! I recommend this to others like me who's on a tight budget aiming excellent suction hospital grade pump.


I've been using this pump for months now and it's great. Excellent let down feature and nice and quiet. Sounds like a purring kitten :-) the night light is a great feature aswell as being very portable. This pump comes with everything you need so you won't have to buy heaps of accessories and is a great price too. 


Oh how I love this pump- it is a closed system, so I never need to worry about mould or bacteria growing in my pump, it is really quiet compared to other hospital grade pumps, light, I am able to vary the way it sucks as well as the speeds and it has this WONDERFUL let down mode which helps get my milk flowing quickly. It has rave reviews all over the internet. I have been using it for almost 12 months and it has never missed a beat- did I mention it comes with a double pumping kit?! What a bargain for under $250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a Medela swing and a manual avent and the S2 blows them out of the water. It is a closed system hospital grade double pump. Being someone who struggles to express, I was amazed to find it doubled the yield of ilk, in half the time, that I'd get with medela.

It is  fairly quiet, has a "let down" mode ans several different modes and levels of suction so is very easy to use. Highly recommended!



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