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Medela Pump In Style

4 reviews
Pump In Style
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this pump very early on in my breastfeeding journey. The plan was to use it for several babies and be able to continue to feed EBM even when back at work fulltime.

What I loved about this product is that it comes with everything one need. A bag to fit all the bits and pieces, the pump, bottles and an insulated bag to transport EBM.

I have found the pump to be really effective and quite strong for a portable device. The battery is very good, I could use it all week at work without having to recharge.

Portability is second to none. I could even drive while expressing with a bunny rug over my chest.

It's an expensive piece of equipment but the resale value is great and if you are looking at using it for several babies you will get good use out of it.

I was so stressed when first breastfeeding as my DD had issues attaching. I wanted a ""back-up" for those early days so I could top her up with expressed milk from a bottle. The Pump in Style is so powerful, yet gentle. I didn't use the hands-free kit as I couldn't be bothered attaching it, but that didn't matter, it was super-quick so holding it myself wasn't an issue. It is expensive, but the peace of mind was worth it! Easy to use and a gentle yet powerful action which expresses quickly.
I love this pump, it made me able to breastfeed?bottlefeed my little boy while studying and working. I am so hapy i bought it. It helped me to express the milk fast, so i could get to work and study.....

This pump is AMAZING! I love it so much. It has a strong suction which is adjustable, and in the beginning it also has a fast suction to mimic your natural letdown. Then it automatically switches over to the deeper, slower suction.

This is the only pump that helped increase my low supply. I love the fact that its a double pump, and makes the whole process so much quicker!



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