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Cherub Baby Natriflow 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump

4 reviews
Natriflow 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump
Parent Reviews and Comments
Melinda Gibson

I love expressing and storing milk in baby bottles or milk bags after using this product. This is battery operated and can be brought to work. I really value breastmilk compared to formula milk and using this breast pump makes breastfeeding stress-free. I value it more as it was given as a gift by a fellow mum. It's a great alternative as it is cheaper compared to other brands.

baby martin

This breastpump works its functions well. It is a cheaper alternative to other electric breastpumps out there. There is a dial to use for adjusting the suction level, which I think is useful depending on what time of day I am expressing. There is a feeding bottle with it but I tend to use other bottles and it is compatible, as well. It may also be used with batteries, so I am able to bring it to work.

Maria D

The Natriflow 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump by Cherub Baby is a good buy for me because the price tag is not too expensive. I have been using it for weeks and with all the settings, i can say it has worked well for me. The silicon breast shield is great, making it comfortable to use plus you can control the pressure settings to your liking. It can be easily set from fully automatic to semi-automatic depending on your needs but take the time for you to play with the settings to find which suits you.

A great product, lightweight, reliable, and inexpensive!


I purchased this pump with my second child as it was a cheap alternative to my broken Avent and I have to say - it was the most painful, slow pump I had ever used. It almost turned me off expressing.

I bought it on ebay under the pretense that it was an electric pump however was very annoyed that when I used it I had to manually press a button on the machine to realease and get suction. Yes it was attached to power to get a stronger suction but having to manually press a button in and out the whole time.... come on....

When it was sucking it was so strong it almost ripped my nipple off.

I would have much rathered spent my money on a manual one as I belive this would have been more effective in expressing.

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