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Cherub Baby Natriflow Dual Electric Breastpump

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Natriflow Dual Electric Breastpump
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baby martin

I have been searching for a double pump with a good price, some are just too expensive. I saw this breastpump by Cherub Baby, purchased it, and I just want to say it I am loving it! I have been using it for weeks now and it saves me a lot of time with its 2 suction modes and because it has double pumps. It is very comfortable with the silicon shield and is quiet when used. I get to bring it when I go out and follow my schedule of when to pump. This is a helpful device that works really well!


I have no other electric pump to compare it to but I liked this pump.

It can be a bit painful if you turn the sucktion up too fast but I guess that's the same with any pump.

What can I say? It gets milk out and it is comfortable. I recommend it!


I dont normally write reviews but there are so many over priced pumps on the market I thought Id let everyone know my experience with this pump that was a great price and has been really comfortable and effective for me.

Loved that it fits the Avent bottles as I had bought them before I bought the Cherub pump.  Picked it up for $170 when all the other dual pumps were over $250! 

Reliable, quiet, easy to use  and very comfortable, works as a single and dual pump and I picked up the new model which has an option for a larger sized breast shield (which I picked up) so the pump suits different Mums with different nipple sizes (which I discovered was important because if the shield is too small for your nipple it can hurt a lot!).

I HIGHLY recommend this pump as its fantastic value for money and works seamlessly. 



Me and Clara picked up a dual pump at the Melbourne Baby and Toddler show last month. We went  to get an idea of breast feeding and all of the stands were really helpful.

In particular Cherub Baby had a good range of different pumps, and they weren't charging the earth for something we are still quite new to. We ended up going for the dual pump. It's quite an advanced pump, but it's something we are commited to and didn't see manual pumps as sustainable, and felt that the benefits of more settings and dual pumps would allow us to give Max the natural and healthy start he needs. Another reason was that it will run on batteries so we can use it on holiday or when out and about (although we're yet to test this...) 

All the parts that touch the milk are BPA free too so that's reassuring and the motor is also away from the pump cup, so you don't need to hold a heavy motor up while you use a breast pump. There was plenty of tubing so it can be used on the couch, and is not very restrictive. It's pretty quiet too so we can watch TV while expressing. 

All in all, happy with the price and happy with the pump.  Clara and Max are also very happy. It came in an isulated nice little bag that you can fit all your bottles in.


I came across this product at the Melbourne PCB expo last year. My husband and I were shopping around for an affordable and reliable breast pump for our first baby and we're glad we went to the expo as it gaves us a chance to get first hand look and feel of the product. The staff at the expo stand were really helpful and explained to us how to use the pump.

It's been nearly 4 months since our purchase and the breast pump is working great. It's very quiet, suction is good and because of the double express function, I can express more milk in less time. It's great for travelling as well as the pump came in a very nice insulated  carry bag which is big enough to fit the pump and the bottles. It also fits my range of Avent bottles.

Very happy with the purchase and I highly recommend it to other new parents out there.

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