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Medela Mini Electric

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Mini Electric
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This was the second Medela pump I stupidly bought. Looking back I wonder why I bought another after the problems with the first. As this has no tubing between the pump and the shield it regularly got moisture in the motor and despite best attempts to avoid this eventually the motor shorted. After this I opened the motor right up and found mould and interesting bacteria growth. When I contacted Medela they told me that couldn't possibly happen, however when I did internet searching I found lots of photographs of people who opened their pumps up to find the same! Never again, there are so many better brands which are closed system available now for much the same price or cheaper.


I bought my Medela mini-electric when my daughter (now 7) was 6 months old as I had to return to work to a job which involved travel.  At home I had hired a heavy duty machine, but the size of the Medela was a winner out of the house.  I used it again after my second and most recently pulled it out of the cupboard when my 4th baby was sick and refused to feed.

The advantages of the Medela mini electric are;

- its size- it is compact and easily transportable.

- the variable suction which I found meant I was able to extract more milk.

- the battery pack which means it is truely transportable.

I highly recommend the Medela mini electric- mine has had a lot of use and is still going strong! 



When i had my first daughter she was in NICU so i had to purchase an electric breast pump. I used it for 3 weeks solid every 4 hours and it was amazing! It had very good suction and i could fill a bottle in less than ten minutes with it. It was quiet enough that i could sit in bed and pump with out disterbing my hubby too much.

When i had my second daughter almost 6 years later i took the pump out thinking it wouldn't work but it did. I only needed it a few times but i was pleasently surprised that i didn't need to get a replacement  pump.

Overall i am very happy with this pump and beleive it is worth every cent!!!


I too purchased this breast pump second hand, I then went an purchased a new lactaset to make it more hygienic.

I love the pump, it’s easy to pack into a bag if you are going away and so easy to clean.

I find it a little noisy but aren’t most pumps.

Now knowing what I know I would have hesitated buying the pump new.


I got this pump 2nd hand and was able to purchase all the essential new parts to make it completely hygienic. 

It's been pretty efficient for me - I'm able to express more using this pump than expressing by hand.  The pump is compact and easy to use.  The adjustable suction setting is useful as you can change it intermittently to encourage let down.

I love using the Medela milk storage bags with it. 

The only downside is that it's very loud. 

Mel Dutney
The Medela mini eletric breast pump is fantastic. I used a manual breast pump for my first and it was so slow compared to this one. It makes expressing so easy and quick. You can express anywhere. I also found on the net a starter pack with it so it came with some extras like pouches to store milk in, sterilizing bags, a cooler bad and a larger bag to store everything in. I tell everyone this is the one to get. :)

I borrowed this pump from a friend while I waited for my Swing to arrive in the mail. I thought it would be better since it is twice the price, but I reckon the Mini Electric got more milk faster. It is quite loud and you can't really use it whilst watching tv or having a conversation.

Easy to use, easy to clean, no problems. Wish I'd bought this pump instead of the Swing. 



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