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Philips Avent ISIS iQ Uno Electronic Breast Pump

16 reviews
ISIS iQ Uno Electronic Breast Pump
Parent Reviews and Comments
Tanya Galipo

The Phillips Avent pump is complicated to put together with several parts and instructions that are not clear. Once you eventually get it all together it does not pump milk- at all for me. After several attempts and over 15 mins pumping I did not even get 5mls, just droplets. my milk supply is good and flows easily. In hospital earlier in the week I used another pump and after easy set up I was able to express 60mls after 10 mins on each side. I am going tomorrow to buy the different one as much as I don't want to spend an extra $300 on something I already have. 


I borrowed one of these pumps and used it sporadically to express after supply was already established. I later purchased a Medela Swing. I found the Medela Swing to be quiter, more comfortable and easier to clean than the Avent pump. The Medela Swing  seemed to express more milk. The Medela pump also had option for different sized cups to accommodate different nipple sizes.  I am not aware that this is an option with the Avent pump. 

This was the first pumused had used. The instruction manual supplied adequate.

The silicon cushion in the cup was comfortable, but I found it could cause the unit to lose suction if it lost the seal with the outer part of the unit. This sometimes occurred on the underside of the breast during pumping. 

The unit allows the operator to "customise" the speed and strength of suction which was good, but no more adjustable or efficient than the Medela Swing. 

The motor/pump unit connects directly to the "milk collection" parts and not via tubing. This is more compact, but there would be no way of knowing whether moisture was being drawn into the pump unit.  I also found this design made it less comfortable to use than the Medela Swing in that you are holding the whole unit, including the motor, against the breast and so had to take care to maintain even pressure to prevent uneven pressure on the breast, blocked ducts etc. 

I had no issue with reliability, but the pump was not used for exclusive pumping and so I can't comment on its durability with frequent use. 

In summary, it was effective but I preferred the Medela Swing. 


Found this to be a great product until the little gearbox inside of mine died, within 9 months!

Stupidly Philips have designed this unit to wear out and fail after a short life..

Attached to the 12v motor is a gearbox full of metal cogs but the most important one of these cogs is PLASTIC!? and guess what, after 9 months off light use these units will wear out and fail meaning you have to purchase an entire new unit.. 

Karolina Rozanska

Due to my baby's inability to breast feed directly, I relied heavily on this pump to feed him. The amount of trouble, time wasted and stress this pump has caused me, i wish no other new mother to also have to go through. The suction on the pump was so bad that unknowingly I spent hours trying to collect a meager amount, and it wasn't until the motor broke that I discovered how bad it actually was. Where I used to waste an hour and a half i discovered that i could collect the same amount in 20 minutes using a manual/hand held pump. 

For two and a half months i struggled with this pump, thinking that i simply could not produce enough milk to sustain my baby, becoming more and more arrested to this pump to try and boost my supply, taking a variety of herbal and consequently prescription medication. All along it was because of the poor suction of this pump. 

I have spoken to the customer service people at Avent and have been refused my money back (they do not refund on "personal care products"). This is simply unacceptable as my milk supply has been affected and consequently my baby is now also supplemented with formula because i simply do not have the time to express the entire waking day. 

I am currently in the process of seeking legal advice because this is simply not good enough and if anyone is considering purchasing this product, please save yourself time and money and hire a hospital grade pump for the same cost and it is for this shonky and inferior pump!


Don't buy the Phillips Avent electronic breast pump. This product is not very good. Buy a MEDELA breast pump instead. I bought a manual Phillips Avent for my first born and it didn't get much milk out. For my second born I tried to buy a MEDELApump but I couldn't find it in the store so my partner bought me the Phillips avent electronic breast pump and that didn't get much out either. I could hand express milk faster and in more quantity. I took the pump to hospital with me, I tried it got nothing out then used a MEDELA and got over 2 bottles worth of milk. I rang the feedback line and they told me there was nothing that could do as it sounds like the pump is working properly even though they state that they will replace or give your money back, they wont do it. I then used a MEDELA and could get out a full bottle. I would definitely not recommend this product, spend the extra money and buy a MEDELA. That's obviously why the hospitals use MEDELA. I don't think this pump is even worth one star. Breast feeding can be hard enough why make it harder with an Avent breast pump. DO NOT BUY AVENT BREAST PUMP IF YOU WANT TO BREAST FEED SUCCESSFULLY!!!


i have owned this for 5 years now and still love it, all parts are 100% working has some extra spares and are still in sealed packet. i have used it for my 3 kids kids all till 9 motnhs of age so it has worked very hard and still working 100%! i love how yo can have it pump manual  for the start up then use an automatic pump once you have a good routine. i have only used it in eletctric mode so cannot comment on  manual pumping


I used this pump for 3 weeks. We bought it the day we left hospital. I have had no problems with it. It did the job very well. I had a very low milk supply which this pump managed. There are lots of small parts to clean and maintain but overall I was very happy with this product and would recommend it over using a manual pump.

Daydream Believer

I have the Isis Electronic breastpump that can be manual, battery operated, or plugged into the wall, and have found it to be all I've ever needed.

I've used it for two babies now and it is still perfect, and waiting for number three.

The silicone petal insert really does help stimulate my letdown, and I love that I can set the speed and the level of suction exactly as I like it and then just let it do its thing.

It came with a few spare parts (valve, etc) which I still have not had need to use, after about 19 months worth of use over 4 years. 


I have never tried any other breast pumps, so can compare, but the fact that this pump has worked so well for me means I have never had to try another. It is easy to use and I have no troubles filling up a bottle quickly. I also got it in a really neat little travel kit, which is in a cooler bag and has ittle cold packs, great for when i return to work and will still be expressing. The only problem for me is my daughter wont take an avent bottle, but thats another story. 


I brought my breast pump as my son and I had attachment issues in the hospital and had not mastered breast feeding upon being discharged. This was a quick run in on the way home from the hospital. I have actually owned 2 of these as the one I brought broke after 2 months and I was keen to try another product however my sister in law offered me hers for free.

I brought this based on brand name and we had brought the avent bottles so it made sense. I ended up having to exclusively express my breast milk as we just did not get the attachment thing and found out was due to his chin being too small.

I really like that it could go from manual to electrc because sometimes when you are out it is more convenient to just pump. I must admit - the noise does drive me mad sometimes. The 'clunk' ;clunk' 'clunk' I find irratating especially at 2am in the morning. 

The pump itself is very comfortable around the breast and I have not had any nipple pain 5 months later. You decide how fast/slow you want it which I like as well and pump has good suction.

As the motor attaches to the pump it can be a bit annoying cleaning/ dismantling the whole machine constantly - but as I exclusively express I have to do this up to 6 times a day.

I believe this product is very good if you were mainly breastfeeding and expressing maybe 1-2 times a day. If I had my time again I would probably buy a hospital grade pump.

As a side note If you do buy this pump be very careful not to get the motor wet. We accidently did this and the motor seized for 2 days. The place I brought this from and Phillips is Melbourne were not helpful at all - luckily it just started working after 2 days like nothing had happened. 


I had no problem with this pump and have used it almost daily for a year with my first baby and now onto my second baby. It has been reliable and simple to use.

having a battery pack is excellent, i have never really bothered to plug in to power and have eaten my way through a fair stack of AA batteries as a result for the convenience.

it is nice that it converts to a manual pump but i have never used this feature.

However i do regret not getting the medela swing as having tried that it pumps faster and stronger and is the better pump in my opinion. Although if i had it again i would go a double pump for the time saving convenience.


I think the title says most of it...

I found it really easy to use, and loved the fact that it remembered your pumping rhythm, but had very little luck in getting any milk out with it.  I'd get an initial squirt and then nothing.  I found myself attached to it for hours on end, feeling like an incredibly inefficient dairy cow.

A couple of weeks into using the pump, it began to make odd noises and then simply refused to work at all.  In some ways this was a positive thing as I tried it on manual (the manual handle came with it) and within 5 minutes I had a full bottle of milk - much to my surprise.

I couldn't take it back, as I had it from a friend who'd been given it some time before and had never used it, but at least part of it works, and I didn't have to pay much for it!


I am only using a pump to build up a supply of breast milk in the freezer for times when I may want to go out and leave my baby with my husband or mum for a few hours.So it's not something I use every day or several times a day.

The pump is simple enough to put together and use. It comes with the option to use it electronically (either plugged into power or with batteries) or manually. I like that you can set the speed you need it to pump manually and then set it so it takes over. 

I generally get a good amount of milk after pumping for 20-30 minutes. I do notice a slight amount of leakage but this may be me not holding it firmly enough on my breast. 

It's simple to dismantle and clean. No fiddly bits. 

I bought it on sale at Big W so got it for a reasonable price. It's definitely not the most expensive pump out there, but not the cheapest either. 

It came with spare parts for the pump.

The bottle that you express into doesn't fit the tops/teats for Avent bottles so if you freeze (or put in fridge) it in this container you cannot then feed baby straight from it and have to tip it into another bottle which is slightly annoying. Other Avent bottles screw into it though. Wasn't such a problem for me as I am pouring milk into storage bags to freeze but I can imagine it would be a problem if expressing more regularly and not just freezing. 


I tried this one, borrowed from a friend. It worked for her, but not for me. I spent 1 hour to get 80/100 ml, but it depends on the woman I guess.

Overall, it is easy to use and easy to clean. Comes with the bottles, so you don't need to transfer the breastmilk to another container.


Ive tried sooo many pumps over the last 6 years and 4 children.  Manual/electric, nothing got a drop out.  Hand expressing was the only thing that worked...  until I tried this!  Now, 100ml in 5 minutes. AWESOME!

Set your own speed, and it does it all! 

This is agood little pump...has alot of good features such as choice of electric or manual pumping. It was good at expressing milk but I found it had a much slower expressing rate than the Medela Pump In Style. It would take about 15-20 mins each side as opposed to the Medela which only took 5 mins to do both! I found all the bits too fiddly to put together after cleaning and believe the Medela was far more simple and faster to put back together. overall, a good pump for the price but for full-time expressors I would recommend the Medela.



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