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Medela Freestyle

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It is very expensive for a pump and even more expensive if you dont have to pump full time and are just doing it for the occasional feed, however my husband suprised me with it so I wasnt going to complain :)  

Right from the first pump I could tell that it was an outstanding pump, as I was able to pump three times as much as I could with my TT electric pump.

I love having the freedom to either single or double pump depending on my needs at the time, and I also love the portable and rechargable functions of this pump. Not being hooked up to a power point and being able to pump in the car on the go or while watching a movie is excellent.

The pump is very easy to clean and sterilise and there are no small pieces you can easily lose which is great.

The additional accessories you get with this pump are good, I use the travel storage container and ice block frequently and found the soft shields worked better for me. 

I have not attempted to do hands free pumping with this pump. 

Overall I have not one complaint about this pump, it is excellent and well worth the $ if you can justify the $700 price tag.  



The rechargeable battery pack is excellent as you are not chained to a power point, and can take it when pumping away from home and carry around the house. Clock is very useful for timing the length of pumping sessions. Stimulation phase works well. Tote bag is big enough to hold all parts, cooler bag as well as a few personal items (wallet, phone etc) so you do not always need to carry a separate bag/purse when out. Cooler bag for stored milk essential! Pumping both breasts an excellent option if you intend it for heavy use as it halves the time spent pumping. 


Expensive. Noisy. I gave up on the hands free straps after one try as I lost about 40mls in leakage, and ended up creating my own hands-free contraption which worked much better! Care is needed when screwing the bottles in place to prevent leakage - leaks when too loose or too tight. 

Overall verdict:

My daughter was unable to feed from the breast. I started out with the Medela Swing however it was taking too much time so we purchased this double pump. Would not have been able to provide breast milk to her for this long without it. An excellent purchase for women intending to pump often and/or over long periods of time - such as working mothers or mums with bubs who can't feed normally. Not worth the money for light use - get the Medela Swing for that. More power to mums who can get the hands-free straps working - if not do what I did and cut small holes in the front of a firm fitting sports bra, place cups over breasts and with the spout that attaches to the bottles through the holes! It is noisy but that wasn't something that bothered me, I couldn't care whether someone heard it and wondered what was going on, what's a little awkwardness compared with being able to feed bubs the best! 



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