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Medela Electric Swing

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Electric Swing
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I've been pumping minimum of three times per day for the last six months with my Medela Swing so I'd say it gets pretty heavy use. I haven't found a breast pump that gets as much milk out while being as gentle as this pump is.

The fact that it's not a closed system is a problem and it's not something I like- I'd never buy a secondhand Medela because of this issue. However, I have tried a closed system pump and compared to the Medela is is very harsh and doesn't get anywhere near the same amounts of milk out.

For mums that need to pump frequently for longer periods of time I would definitely recommend this pump.

Simon Hawke

After buying another brand pump which failed after a week, we bought the Medela Swing based on the reviews on this site, and it has worked out so much better. Quieter, more efficient and less parts (which we can buy spares for if needed). Our only regret is buying the other one first- this one was more expensive, but certainly worth it.


I was given the Medela Swing before my daughter was born and had intended to use it once she was a few months old and I was feeling confident with breastfeeding. I ended up needing to try it sooner than expected when dd at one week of age refused to feed from one breast in the middle of the night and I desperately needed to relieve the engorgement. I hadn't had a chance to look at the instructions and was incredibly exhausted and I still had no trouble putting it together or using it after just a quick glance at an instruction video on youtube. The pump is comfortable to use and quiet. I especially like the two different suction actions and how it mimics the suck of a baby. 

For me there aren't really any negatives to this pump.


I have used several different pumps, both manual and electric, in my 37 months (so far) of breastfeeding.

The Medela swing definitely rates highly for its easy assembly, ease of use, relatively quiet operation, and efficiency at doing what it is actually meant to, getting milk!

I find a hand held manual great only if I am very full, they work well then. But the Medela swing is capable of getting great quatities of milk out of what I would have though to be near empty breasts. There is no discomfort, and you can change the strength of the suction it produces. The two separate modes is very handy, and the ability to move on manually from the letdown mode is a great added extra.

Being dishwasher safe ( besides the motor), also adds to make it very hard to go past the Medela Swing for those interested in a motorised breast pump.


I purchased this pump after borrowing an Avent electric pump. I have only used this pump once milk supply was already established.

I found the Medela Swing easier to assemble and clean, quieter, more comfortable and more efficient than the Avent electric.

I have not had trouble with moisture entering the tubing but have made a point of checking periodically whilst pumping after reading the reviews here. Perhaps this could be a problem with longer term usage. Based on the other  reviews here, I chose to buy a new pump rather than a second hand one where there is a risk that moisture may have entered the unit and not been addressed at the time.  

The adjustment of pressure was adequate and allows me to find a good balance between comfort and speed of expression after let down has occurred and milk is flowing. 

I am happy with this this pump and based on my experience to date, I would recommend it.


once I purchased a larger sized breast shield it worked even better. I found the pump was simple to use and very easy to clean. I also find its small enough to travel with.

I dont have any backflow issues.


Swing is a very efficient breast pump and the motor is very powerful and pumps very quickly. It is also quiet compared to some other electric breastpumps I know of. I like that it is so lightweight and can be carried easily outdoor.


I used this pump for two babies, it got sufficient amounts of milk out most of the time but it wasn't long with the second before the moisture in the tubes hit the motor, when I was distracted pumping. It never worked again, I was horrified- particularly because of how expensive they are. I replaced it with another medela (different style) only to find it had the same issues after not too long. When I rang Medela customer service they were anything but helpful and told me it couldn't happen- despite having now bought 2 of their expensive pumps. I was gutted. Then I started doing some research and found out unlike their hospital grade pumps these aren't closed system and you aren't even meant to use them for more than one Mum with one baby (so I couldn't save it for subsequent babies or sell it) Then I was encouraged to open it up and it was revolting. Full of mould and bacteria. I feel really ripped off. Medela don't comply with the WHO breastfeeding aid requirements and don't care enough to make their affordable pumps closed systems to protect our babies. I feel now it is all about the money for them and less about our children. Totally unethical company, so I wasn't suprised to hear the ABA dropped their sponsorship a while back. I now use a double hospital grade pump that is a closed system and cost considerably less than this swing. Do your research and avoid Medela is my advice


They really need to look at the design of this pump- it works fine, except  for the continual moisture in the tube which is a pain- and the back flow!! Using it the other day the milk got sucked right back up the tube and into the machine. For the price you pay you shouldn't have to be taking it apart with a screwdriver o clean it- thy should look at spectra or unimom and make an additional part to prevent this


I used this pump nearly every day for around 12 months and found it great. I liked that it mimicked a baby feeding with the short/ quick sucking phase, then the long/ slow pump. It was also great that I could adjust the suction. I often had to use it on battery power and it worked just as well as when connected to mains power. I did get moisture in the tube, which was fixed by running the pump for a few minutes.

I found this pump really easy to use, efficient  and surprisingly quiet.


I originally purchased a Spectra Dew 350. After coming home from hospital where they used the Medela, I found the Spectra did not get as much milk out as the hospital pump. A friend of mine said she had the Swing so I went out and purchased the Swing hoping that it would pump better. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it worked. The Swing extracted the same amount of breast milk as the hospital machine.  The machine works exactly the same and is quiet enough that you can watch tv whilst pumping. It is also easy to clean and you can get varying cup sizes. Highly recommended. 


I pumped daily for 8 months using the swing and found it really great. It was quick and pretty easy to clean and set up. The battery option was great and I would pump in front of the tv so wasn't too loud. Idid get moisture in the tubing as did others I know who had the swing. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to clear. Also the cup part became warpped after going through the sterilizer over 200 times. Overall Iliked it bucould just had a couple of niggly issues.


After using the Medela Double Pump in hospital, I was glad that I had the Swing at home to use to express. 

I found the set up process quite straightforward, and there weren't too many parts to worry about.  I think it's great that it can run off batteries, and be plugged into power as an alternative.  

It seemed to be a quiet pump, compared to some that I have seen & used.  

I liked that the suction is easily adjustable, and the "let down" pumping automatically switches off (can also be turned off earlier if you need).  

Sometimes, moisture got into the tubing, but I followed the recommendation in the manual, and left it to pump while I washed the parts, problem easily fixed!

It's nice and compact, and was easy to take with us, if I needed to express while out.  

I definitely recommend this pump!  


I bought this pump after a cheaper one I had broke after a month. It is so much better!

Pros: Easy to use, more efficient, doesn't hurt (unlike my old one), easy to use bottles, not very noisy, very portable

Cons: Expensive, I sometimes find it hard to pull the parts apart, seems to occasionally suck moisture into the tube


I upgraded from a myfirst pump to the Melela Swing and find it brilliant.  Its easy to use and best of all is gentle on my nipples.  I had major feeding issues and found this gave my nipples a break and my baby had no problems adjusting to the calmer teat.  Well worth the money :)


I purchased the Medela Swing when my son was 1 week old. It has been very reliable and effective.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assmble (after the first time).
  • Easy to clean.
  • Variety of settings means all users can find a suction to match their comfort level.
  • Let down function very effective.
  • Draws good volumes of milk.
  • Fits Medela bottles perfectly.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Compact size.
  • Carry bag very handy.
  • Runs on batteries or power; very convenient.
  • Can clip motor onto belt/pants or attach the neck string to use on the go
  • I use it frequently and  have had no problems at all.


  • Noisy (if i pump while watching TV, it kills the mood, especially for my husband), but it could just be my unit.
  • Tubing gets some moisture in it at the bottle end.
  • Tubing doesnt 'click' into bottle attachment in a satisfying way. You don't know whether you've done it correctly at first. You soon realise that you just have to jam it in there.
  • Tubing comes out very easily when rearranging pump or moving; wish it was more snug. It would bebetter if tube was longer or came with a longer option as well
  • I wish it were a double pump! I would probably have gone for a double had i known more about breast pumps at the time of purchase. However, it is an excellent single pump.

I had a preemie baby and also have inverted nipples so we couldn't get breastfeeding established even with shields. I was determined to give my baby milk so I made the decision to express full time.

Initially I was using a different brand which failed on me twice... I then made the decision to invest in the swing... And I have never looked back!

It is gentle on nipples, effective in milks extraction, it also increased my supply. The swing is easy to use and mimics you baby perfectly.  For me it is worth every penny. 


I love this pump!

I purchased this pump after having tried the Medela Symphony in the hospital after giving birth, and then the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature electric pump (not a fan) at home. I had many issues with my milk supply and discussed with my lactation consultant the need to pump daily or more to help increase my supply (as a first line measure) and she suggested I hire the Medela Symphony again through the hospital. As I wanted to have a pump at home for the full 6 months of breast feeding I decided to purchase a Medela Electric Swing, I was ecstatic to be able to purchase it for $229 instead of the usual $299 at my local baby store, though I still would have purchased it at $299.

So, the reservoir and attachments are easy to clean, easy to see your milk flowing through and the standard size cup fit me well, so didn't cost me anything extra to get a bigger or smaller cup.

The 6 different intensity settings and let down setting allow me to pump at the highest intensity so I can get the milk out faster, without too much discomfort, and I can lower the setting if it gets too much.

Compared to the symphony this pump is quite noisy, but compared to the Tommee Tippee I had used before it is very quiet. Placed under a cushion I can barely hear it, and it doesn't disturb my son if he is sleeping during the day when I am using it (I don't pump at night).

It's only downfall is that it can only do one breast at a time. I would give it full marks if it could do both as the same time!


The Medela Swing is just brilliant...after trying the Medela Mini electric, 2 different manual pumps, the hospital's Medela Symphony, and a hired Medela blue pump, I truly feel qualified to review breast pumps!

The Swing is by far my favourite ~ I use it every day and have done for 9 months now.  It is cheaper to buy than hiring one for months on end. It comes with two different breast shields, a cool storage bag, the base unit, the breast shield attachment, the air-line tubing plus a spare membrane.  It runs on batteries for portability or the supplied AC power cable. So easy and comfortable to use, it has an almost ticklish vibrating feeling on the breast which makes it even more comfortable than the Hospital-grade Symphony.  It's not as loud as some pumps, but does make some low-level noise.  It is a two-phase expression pump, which means it has a faster stimulating phase to begin, then a slow deep cycle for actual expressing.  It will switch phases two minutes after you start, unless you press the express button sooner.  The speed of the expression cycle is linked to the suction strength, so it has only four buttons ~ on/off, phase change (or let-down button) and an up button to increase suction rate, and lastly a down button to decrease same.  It's very easy to learn to use.  The base unit is a funky circular design, measuring approx. 12cm across.

I truly bless this pump everytime I use it, and wish I'd not stuffed around hiring and trying other pumps for so long.


I used the Medela pump while in hospital and found it really easy to use so decided to purchase the Medela Swing Electric for myself.

I expressed breast milk twice a day for 7 months for my baby girl after i went back to work and found the Medela Swing so easy to use and clean and never had any issues with it at all.  I would definitely recommend the electric over the manual, it is worth spending the additional $$ because your hand and wrist gets really sore from the manual pump and I found it not as effective.

Would highly recommend and I will be using my Medela Swing again for this baby...

I used the Medela hospital grade pumps whilst in hospital, then hired one for a month before purchasing the swing. I purchased the swing second hand for half the price and I can honestly say I got as much milk from the swing as I did from the hospital grade pumps. I have always had good supply though. I think this is a great product and wouldnt consider trying anything else as this product to me is perfect as it is!
This is a good pump but I can't get as much milk as if I use a hospital grade pump. I love how small and portable it is.
This is the only breast pump worth buying! I love it. I tried other brands and there is no comparison. Quick, quiet, easy, portable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a breast pump. Worth every cent. Would of happily paid double for this pump!
I borrowed this pump from a friend. I found it so easy to use and very quick. I was able to pump from both breast within 20 minutes. The fact that it so compact I could take it with me everywhere and was able to continue pumping for 6 months.

My midwife recommended this pump and I love it.

It's really easy to use. I particularly like the letdown function, it's really effective and means that I can pump more milk in a shorter period of time.

It's great that you can use batteries as well as plugging it in, as it makes it easy to travel with.

All in all, a great pump. 


Love my Medela Swing! I use this on a weekly basis to express for the evenings I have uni. It is easy to use and relatively quiet. It's great that it can be plugged into the wall or you can pop batteries in it for trips away from home.

Also very easy to clean and not at all complicated to put together and take apart.

I would receommend this pump to anyone.  Very quick and easy to use, especially for new mums who are getting used to feeding and expressing.  Cleaning doesn't take long and parts are easy to replace.

I purchased the medela swing on recommendation of a number of midwives as I was leaving hospital with my newborn DD.  It is a great product and saw me through the many highs and lows of breastfeeding and trying to maintain chronically-low milk supply.  

When buying a breast pump you need to consider that you'll be committed to using the same size bottles that fit to the pump parts.  The medela uses "standard" bottle size fittings which are commonly used in most hospitals.  You can also purchase the medela bottles for storage/feeding of breastmilk, or alternatively you can just buy generic standard sized bottles (cheaper) which also fit.

The pump has many advantages including:

-  Small and lightweight

-  Quiet and effective suction

-  Easy to use - just push buttons

-  Has option of being battery-operated

-  Handy stand so bottles don't tip over

-  Parts easy to clean and sterilise

I would happily recommend this pump to any new mum needing to express milk on a regular basis.  It may be slightly more expensive than other similar products but in my opinion it represents very good value for money and is a worthwhile investment.

Mrs Awesome

This is an excellent breast pump.

Its small, quiet and efficient! I love the fact that it has different pump modes to mimic the let down at the start of pumping, and this mode and the pumping mode are both adjustable to increase or decrease the pressure.

Spare parts are easily accessible. 

I recommend this pump to everyone! 


I was looking for pumps as I was going to start letting my parents baby sit and I was babysitting. 

I came across this one and after reading review, decided to buy it.

Best decision. This pump is superb! I loved it. It was quick and easy to use without much effort at all.

I would highly reccomend this pump for all mums.. It is definetly worth every cent.

I have put mine away and will be saving it for future babies. I love it  

Love this pump. After I used it on DD i bought replacement parts online so I could use it this time round - the fact that you can get the replacement parts easily and cheap is fantastic. - I found the pump really quiet and efficient. Above all easy to clean and sterilise.

This is hands down the best pump I have used (& I have tried quite a few both manual & electric). The Swing is easy to use & so so quiet, which is great for pumping at work; let down stage helps to get the milk flowing; the soft breast cup is very comfortable & doesn't squeeze or leave marks on the breast; being able to adjust the strength of suction is a good feature to customise for your flow level; batteries last a lot longer than I would expect for this type of thing; the bottle stand is very handy, as the bottle with pump head attached tends to fall over without it and the pump & a couple of small bottles fit easily into the carry pouch, making it super portable & compact.

The only thing I don't like is the hard tubing that comes with the pump - it is too short, its hard to get the 'kinks' out & is too stiff, prone to falling out of the pump & unit. Medela sells a soft tubing separately, and this is both longer & more pliable, and doesn't fall out.

I definitely recommend this pump which is well worth the price.


Love, love this pump.

I pumped every day at work for months, and found this one quiet, easy to carry in a little bag, easy and quick to put together and easy to get a letdown with due to it's two settings. 

Also, as I because more proficient at breastfeeding I could turn the suction up or down and pump more milk!

Can be quite expensive, but I bought one second hand and simply bought new attachments for it.

Will be putting it away for next bub. Can't go wrong with the swing!

I absolutely love this pump.  So gentle, even on sore nipples.  So easy to use, easy to clean and I love the adjustable strengths.  Only downfall is the price.  Other problem I've had is that the milk sometimes flows into the tubing however this too is easily cleaned.
I bought this product when I was still studing and needed to express quite regulary. It is easy, quick and efficient to use, and extremely durable. Best thing that was ever invented!!! Money well spent.

Pros -I was really unsure about buying this pump due to the price ($280) but it reviewed well and was recommended by many people so decided to buy it. Overall have been happy. It is really compact and can fit into my hand bag. It is quite. Easy to use. U have the option to use batteries or plug it in. All easy to sterilise.

Cons - Expensive. After 7 weeks pump stopped working when plugged in. I was SOOO disappointed. But the service was great and it ended up needing a new lead which they gave me straight away. I was impressed with the service.

Overall - even though I had problems with my pump initially I would still reccomend it. Also I have seen used swing pumps sell on ebay for about $100 so u can make some money back when finished.


I loved this pump is the same brand as what i used in the hospital.

My favourite thing about it was that i could take it with me and have it run on batteries when i am out and about.

is quite and easily portable and efficient! 

I had so many problems BFing! A lactation consultant reccommended this pump and I am so grateful for the reccommendation! It was quick, convienient, quiet and most importanly, comfortable to use! I would recommend this pump to anyone looking to buy one.
i bought this because i knew my daughter would be early, she wasnt as early as i had feared but still needed ebm top ups every feed so the pump was still essential!    it was easy to use and i found it more pleasant than the hospital version but just as effective!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased a manual avent pump when my daughter was born, and after a while, my hands and wrists would ache, so I purchased the swing and it is wonderful!!

We are having 3 more kids if we can, so I figure it was worth the money for the investment.  

I have used 4 different types of breast pump, and this would have to be my top of the list for efficiency and convenience; the only thing that trumps it is the hospital grade medela symphony, but I really don't have a $500 budget! This is more expensive than the manual pumps but for convenience you just can't beat it. I have been expressing at work for nearly a year (6 months for each baby): initially I used a manual pump but gave in and bought this... it is quiet and efficient, all of the parts can be replaced, there is a discreet carry bag. It is much faster than a manual pump and I can hold it with one hand and do the crossword (or eat my lunch) with the other! The only thing I like better with the Avent Isis is the silicone cushiony bit which is super comfy, but if you need to express daily at work, this is what I would recommend; in my opinion it is worth shelling out the extra $$$ for the electric model if you are using it every day.

I first used the Medela mini electric which I borrowed off a friend while my Medela swing was coming in the mail. The Swing is good because it is quieter, gentler, more setting, etc. But I find that the Mini Electric got more milk quicker which is really the main thing. As a test, I would double pump with one on each boob and see which bottle would fill up quicker and the mini electric won every time. Considering the swing is twice the price, I don't think it's that much better. 

So yes, I'm happy with the Swing, but wish I'd bought the Mini Electric. 



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