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Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade Breast Pump

19 reviews
DEW 350 Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Super-strong, whisper-quiet pump that provides hospital grade pumping at a great price.

Features include fully adjustable suction strength to 350 mmHG, capable of double or single-sided expressing, quiet soothing pump noise so you can pump near your sleeping baby, easy to assemble and without the bulk of other hospital grade pumps.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I have recently purchased this breast pump due to my son having a tongue tie and attachment issues.

I love the pump it is quiet, efficient and easy to clean. It now only takes me 15 minutes to express making my feeding routine much more manageable.

Spectras costumer service has been excellent, very friendly, helpful and quick to reply.

The delivery service was amazing, on my door step within 24 hrs (country nsw)

I would recommend this pump to all my friends


I just brought this pump because my son had a tongue tie and attachment issues. I am very impressed with how efficient it is, taking me only 15 minutes to express. It is easy to clean and quiet To use.

Spectras customer service is excellent and the delivery was super fast.

I would recommend this pump to all my friends.


With my daughter arriving 7 weeks premature, I have had to be expressing milk for months.  I was recommended the Spectra Dew 350 from a friend after telling her about my negative experiences with the another pump.  I can't recommend this machine enough.  I have exclusively been using this pump for weeks.   It is powerful, effective and easy to clean. 


this pump is fantastic! I have been exclusively expressing now for 14 weeks, 3- 12 a day and it is incredibly reliable, great output,easy to clean and very sturdy ( hubby dropped it!!)

Great buy for any mum whether you are pumping every 3 hrs or every 3 weeks.

Vanessa Dow

I have used the pump for over 3 weeks now.

Wow it works really well. I was surprised. I thought for the low price I paid it would be hopeless but it works very well.

I got it online with a great deal.

So overall this is a great pump.



i simply love my spectra pump. after spending much time in looking for the best electric pump, i decided to get this spectra dew 350. for me it is much better than the one i used in the hospital. it is so quiet that my baby is not irritated unlike the hospital one. it sucks perfectly but gentle to the breasts. the accesories are available online at spectra website. i bought spare breast shields and valve so i always have one handy when i need it. i also got a bustier so im hands free to do other stuffs. im using my pump for nearly 4 months and i have no complain at all. im very happy with my purchase and i would highly recommend it to all mums!


I love my Spectra Dew 350 breast pump. I can’t stop talking about it and recommending it to other breast feeding mothers! I needed a pump mainly because my baby boy lost more than 10% of his body weight in hospital and I needed to pump to top him up. He also had a tongue tie so had trouble latching on. I also got mastitis so I needed to pump to help with that and I wanted a pump to get my milk supply up as much as possible in the first 6-8 weeks of breast feeding. I researched into all the options of breast pumps and this one is by far the cheapest and best pump. Not only is it a hospital grade double electric pump but it does the job wonderfully, if not better and is a lot cheaper than the other well known brands. It is very easy to use and very time efficient. I have the pumping bra too so it is hands free and so convenient! I compared the Spectra S2 to the Dew 350 and for what I needed this pump is more than enough. It needs electrcity to use but is super quiet and only has one turning knob so its very easy to use. Don’t know what I would do without my Dew 350! Can’t highly recommend it enough. If you want an electric outlet plus rechargeable battery pump definately get the Spectra S1 or just a portable pump the M1 :D

I think I'll get the M1 or S1 when I return to work and need to pump


When purchasing a double electric pump for my return to work, the first thing I did was compare prices, which is what drew me to the Dew. I wasn't expecting much given it was markedly cheaper than other models.

Three months later I have hauled it to work and pumped twice a day, 3 days a week. I haven't had to replace any parts (with the exception of one of the tubes my cat ate). Whe I needed the part replaced the customer service was prompt and helpful.

The pump is very quiet and efficient. I can do a full pump in 10 minutes.

I am very pleased with this pump and have chosen the fact that it looks like a giant boob cute :)

Ana Bakic

I bought my Spectra Dew 350 whilst pregnant just in case. Well, thank goodness I did as I had issues with my son latching from the get-go and ended up needing to pump exclusively. The Dew 350 was easy to use, quiet, very efficient and produced more breast milk than the pump I was using whilst at the hospital's lactation services department. I recommend this pump and the Spectra range of pumps to any new mother I speak to who is in the market for one. Best of all, the Spectra Dew 350 was extremely affordable without compromising on quality!!


For all the new mums out there, let me tell you my experience with breast pumps. When I had my 1st bub, my hubby got me the Avent electric pump, it’s a single pump and costs 250bucks brand new and accessories. Can I can tell you it was really tiring to hold it for an extended period as the motor is at the hand level. So it was a nightmare pumping both sides. The power is only average, pretty noisy piece of machine. So with my second bub, I invested in the famous Medela Swing pump. I liked being able to bring it everywhere however, there are many downside to Medela. The machine churns the ‘long life’ alkali batteries very quickly so if you are on the go, you will need spare batteries. I hated how the milk backflows back to the machine occassionally. Not hygenic also washing the valve was really tough. The valve grows mould too and it’s hard to find spare parts for medela products. It’s also a noisy machine. I have not given up hope looking for the perfect breast pump for my 3rd bub. I continued to look for it and found Spectra dew350. This time I knew exactly what I’m looking for. A dual pump, hospital grade, quiet and no back flow issues and above all is affordable. Spectra Dew350 has honestly fulfilled all the requirements. I bought it at the baby expo and it was a bargain for what I got. The Spectra team is also very lovely and efficient sending online products to me. So if you are looking for a breast pump, look no further, can’t go wrong with this fabulous piece of machine. 

Katie Neuhold

I'm loving the my new Spectra Dew 350.  I previously had a Medela Swing, but it's suck just wasn't strong enough.  The Spectra Dew 350 is so easy to use, a simple on/off switch and a big suction control button - easy to turn with your foot when double pumping!  Being able to double pump while at work is a bonus and although this pump is a bit bigger and heavier than others, I can still take it in a small backpack to work without any bother.  This pump is also a lot quieter than other electric pumps, and I find the sound quite relaxing.  The live chat on the website was very helpful and next day delivery was great.  This pump is a great price too - much less and a lot stronger than other electric pumps.  I'm so glad that I chose this pump.


After having no luck with a manual pump we did our research on electric pumps and decided on the Spectra Dew 350 due to the good reviews and the low price. It has been an excellent pump - pumps heaps of milk, easy to use, easy to store, makes very little noise. Would highly recommend to anyone!


Love this pump!!

I've used a few different types and this one is up there with the ones used in the hospital - which is exactly what i was after, minus the price tag. I actually thought given the price it may be too good to be true, though i'm so glad we took the risk and went with it.

Due to having a prem baby i've had to pump every feed, making me very tender. I found the electric Advent pump really painful, i was happy when my partner found the DEW 350 online. I was hesitant as i hadnt heard of the brand before & really loved the Ameda used in the hospital. I can say i'm completely sold on this on. Absolute value for money.

I was glad when mine arrived in the blue colour, the resemblence to a massive boob may have been a little too much in my loungeroom otherwise :)

The unit is SO quiet. I've been pumping while on the phone and the recipient couldnt hear a thing!

The vaccume feature is a must for me - its ideal to prevent the pain and in my opinion means there is no need for a let-down feature as starting it out on its lowest has the same result and at the same time gives tender nipples the chance to adjust before turning up to increase the volume of milk.

The on/off button is a little awkward. I think it could be better with a dial or even if it was positioned at the front with a more prominent button.

I'm waiting for a second sheild to arrive to utilise the double pump feature as im expressing so often it will save a good 3 hours per day! I know using the buttons/vaccume dial will be difficult with two sheilds but for the time it saves i will be very happy.

Not portable, though i was happy to give up that feature for the gentler pump & to be honest i dont forsee myself wanting to be sitting in a car or someone elses house expressing milk. I'll keep that for home.

Overall, completely sold on this machine!


I love this pump, having had an avent break on me (literally) I was ecstatic when a friend gave me this one cos she can't use pumps.

It may just be us, but both dh and I laughed when it came out of the box as it basically looks like a massive pink boob... (comes in blue too, possibly for colder hemispheres? *grin*) not exactly discrete if you have no storage and are having visitors around.  Sound wise though it's lovely and quiet!

The plastics - the bottles and bits that go on your boob certainly don't feel as hardy as the avent ones I've used, nor the medela ones I've seen and this is born out perhaps by the fact that you can't microwave sterilise it - you have to use a pan on the stove which is a bit of a pain, but bearable.

When pumping, as others have said, there is no letdown mode at the beginning unlike avent or medela, but I still got 150mls from one, not full, side on my first attempt which is a record for me with a pump.  Previously about 120 from a rock hard early morning boob had been my maximum.  It definately has good power and is easy to control, although as the double pump version is literally 2 sets of gear and bottles rather than one bottle with 2 horns, it could feel like a massive juggling act.  The on button can be a bit awkward, I have to turn it on first and then organise it on my boob as I don't seem to be able to find or then press the button hard enough sometimes as it's round the back.

Anyway, aesthetics aside, this is a good, functional pump.  It's suction is great and the option to do single or double is fantastic.

If you don't mind sterilising in a pan and a large plastic boob sitting on a table somewhere, this one is for you :) 


I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review this pump for BubHub.

I had been looking at reviews on other sites and was getting rather excited! Comparing it to the (much more expensive) medela equivalent, so I was looking forward to giving it a go.

I have previously tried the Medela Lactina & Swing.

I received it in the mail, and was a bit disappointed that it wasn't in a neat box, BUT I do think that is because they supplied all the extras! (Which was fantastic!)

In the box was:

  • Pump motor unit with single pump & bottle
  • Extra pump (with stand, tube etc)
  • 6 bottles for storage
  • spare backflow valves
  • 2 x silicon 'cups'
  • Teat to turn storage bottles into baby drinking bottle

I was very happy to have all those extras! I feel that I won't need to buy anything else to go with it! Unlike my medela swing which only comes with the basic pump & a spare valve cover.

After assembly which was easy for me as I had done it before but looking at the instructions, (they could have confused anyone) I gave the pump a try, in all modes:

  • sillicon single
  • sillicon double
  • normal single
  • normal double

The Pros:

  1. once assembled is so simple to use! Push the on button and increase tension! Brilliant!
  2. all the extras, i was so happy to keep pulling them out of the parcel!
  3. the ability to have single or double, and the power/suction is not compromised for either (its as strong for single or double)
  4. The unit itself is not ugly, nice & simple looking & smaller than the lactina.
  5. I was able to get DOUBLE what I can in the same amount of time than the swing (on single mode, not double! lol)

The cons:

  1. It wasn't in as neat a parcel as the medela
  2. it doesn't have the 'let down' function that medelas have. (this hasn't affected the pumping for me but is something to note)

thats it!

In the end, to me the only thing that seperates this from the medela is the let down mode, and with the Medela being 100's $$ more it's just much more worth your dollars to get this one.

I was very happy with it and wil be recommending it to anyone that asks! 


I have really liked having this pump to use as it is very powerful and also nice and quiet.  The pump has a very strong suck and I was able to express a larger amount than I had with my previous pump, which is very exciting.  The sound that the pump makes is just like the sound of breathing, so this is definately an advantage as well.

I love being able to pump both breasts at once, but I found it a little bit tricky to hold both sides at once, plus adjust the controls.  With a bit of practice though I was able to do it successfully.

My other problem was that the air tube would often disconnect itself while pumping...probably could just be held in with some sticky tape though.

The pump is quite heavy, but the handle makes it easy to move around.  I think the heaviness also means that it is solid and can withstand the tampering of a toddler.

Overall this is a very good pump.  I would recomend it to anyone who wants to increase their supply or who needs to express milk to go back to work.


Super excited to use this new product, thanks for the opportunity bubhub!


So, I am a mum to an 8 week old boy, and I have been expressing on a regular basis since he was born to increase my milk supply. I’ve used a number of different electric pumps so far (4 to be precise; Medela hospital grade, medela swing, tommee tippee closer to nature and this speCtra hospital grade), so I feel that I’ve certainly experienced the good, the bad and the awesome.


My initial thoughts centered around it being SO BIG! It is quite large (about 5 times bigger than my medela swing), but then on reflection as a hospital grade pump, the expectation should be that it would be large. They usually work harder and faster than the at home ones, so need bigger equipment to accomplish this. Certainly not transportable, it would have to be an at home only, as it doesn’t have the option for battery power either.



I found it to be wonderfully quiet. It gets slightly louder upon use, but it is actually amazingly quiet. It doesn’t make the ‘err err err err’ noise, like the other pumps I have used, it’s more of a constant swirling noise that is barely noticed by my hubby whilst we watch TV, and my baby isn’t bothered by it either, easily sleeping through it.


The pumping cups are pretty stock standard, they felt a little big initially but are now feeling fine after quiet a few uses. The pumping cups / attachements are easy to put together and have less pieces than some other brands, which means you’re less likely to lose pieces.


It only has one “mode”, though you can change the strength of the squeeze if you want to. I personally utilise it at maximum, as the higher you go the quicker the milk is expressed and I didn’t find it unbearable at the maximum setting. The Medela pumps all have the initial ‘stimulation’ speed where the squeeze is short and fast to help stimulate your let down, this brand does not have that, although I did not find it a problem as my let down came through quickly anyway whilst using this pump.


I love love love LOVE that this pump can express both breasts at once! It makes expressing super easy and super quick (in fact it cuts it in half!). I never used it as a one breast pump, I only used it as two because of the convenience. It’s a little tricky with having to hold onto both, but it gets easier each time.


- The on/off button is on the back of the pump and slightly to the side, not easy to find and not easy to push in to turn on whilst juggling the pumping cups, or if you have put them in place as you can’t just lean over and tap the button you have to reach around and find it. You have to turn it on and then line up the cups. It would be helpful if the button were on the front or top.
- The set also doesn’t come with a cleaning brush, so I’ve been using the one that I got whilst in hospital post-birth.
- This is the only pump I’ve ever had to put ‘filters’ on to stop the milk getting into the actual pump. I’ve put them on, and so far the milk hasn’t gotten in the tubing at all, so I don’t know why I’ve had to put them on…?

My hubby loves this pump because it’s quiet and quick, no more 30 – 45 minute waits, it only takes 15 minutes now. He also loves the fact that there are only a few pieces to it as it makes it easier to clean.



I love it. For $180 (+ $20 for a second shield kit) it's a bargain, works wonderfully and it's super quick! Exactly what every mum wants in a breast pump.


I was very excited to be chosen to review this pump. After not having much luck using another breast pump I hoped that a 'hospital grade pump' would do the job so I could build up a supply of expressed milk in my freezer. Unfortunately I must be one of those women who has enough milk to adequately feed my baby, but when I pump not a great deal comes out. I definitely don't think this has anything to do with the quality of the Spectra pump though.

The pump is a very stylish design and comes in pink or blue. The pump is very bulky and is powered by 240V only so would not be very easy to take with you if you need to pump anywhere other than home.

It has the capability of dual pumping which is a definite time saver.

I found it slightly confusing to put together (instructions were not very clear and neither were the pictures) and was trying to attach the backflow filter in the wrong place but once I got past that I had no problems.

I found it tedious that you cannot sterilise the parts of the breast pump in a microwave steriliser. Having to boil up water on the stove is a bit of a pain.

The pump when in use is very quiet and there would be no issue about disturbing your baby if you are pumping in the same room while they are sleeping. However, the handle on top of the pump rattled/vibrated when the pump was on which created a lot more noise. A piece of tape over the top stopped this.

Creates a great suction and the silicone massager that attaches to the breast shield definitely does massage the breast to help increase milk flow.

Overall it's definitely a good quality pump and easy to use.


Firstly thank you for the opportunity to review this product. 

I am a first time mum of a preemie baby who did not take to breastfeeding even though she gave it a red hot go. So because of this I pump milk for her full time, this means I'm pumping up to 6 or 7 times a day.  I have used a few different types of pumps so am familiar with the capabilities of other brands. Now for my thoughts.
First impressions
When first seeing the pump I thought the colour and shape was quite attractive. I then got very excited when I saw there were two breast kits so I could pump two breasts at once! For people who pump often this feature is a huge time saver.
I found this pump to be very similar to another top brand on the market, so much so the fittings and bottles fit each other.  This made me feel confident that the designers are paying attention to the market and making things in a universal size.
Single pumping was both effective and comfortable I found that the milk flowed easily from the breast to the bottle. I also did not notice a drop in supply.  In comparison to other puns I have used the time taken to express milk pumping one side at a time is comparable, I did not spend more time pumping, in some instances I spent less time and got the same amount of milk.  It also helps that the pump is. Quiet so you can do other things and not watch milk come out.
Double pumping all I can say is omg YAY, this saved me so much time and I believe it helped increase supply as instead of pumping one and the other starting let down in your breast pad you catch all the milk!  This method saved me so much time! Especially because I pump all day I never really get much done, but this cut the time in half!
This pump is definitely for home use only, it is only mains powered and would be quite bulky to transport if you were going out. I also found that the massage attachment caused my milk to leak out of the kit and onto me. The shield without the massage attachment also allows too much breast tissue to enter which makes pumping less effective.  One suggestion would be to have different size shields available.
I also found the inability to sterilise in the microwave tedious as all parts are required to be boiled, I ended up using sterilising solution to get around this.
Even though there are pros and cons (like there is with everything) I think this pump would be worth the money spent on it, the suction control is wonderful and there are many strength options available.
As I said before I think this pump increased my supply as it allows double pumping (this is a wonderful feature, especially as my baby sleeps though and I wake up engorged every morning, wahoo for quick relief!!)
So in conclusion, I would happily buy this pump as a permanent at home system. It is great for fulltime pumping, I would recommend a pumping bra though so you can go hands free.... I need to get me one of those!



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