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Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

36 reviews
Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

The Comfort breast pump features our clinically proven massage cushion with soft petals that gently compress the breast to stimulate milk flow. The innovative cushion has a distinctive, velvety texture that feels warm on the breast, further helping mothers to relax whilst expressing.

Parent Reviews and Comments

After using this for 3 months once a day everyday the rubber seals have deteriorated. I was given 2 diaphragm's in the box which split and pump valve which no longer pushes the milk into the bottle, both have broken within this time. I had Followed the Cleaning instructions closely and storing out of the harmful rays of the sun and i just think they should be lasting longer then that.

Once the diaphragm's split the milk went up into the motor and is now making funny noises.

have contacted philips and they have stated the consumable parts are not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

sadly disappointed


This device is a complete and utter waste of money. As a healthcare worker, I am familiar with how this device is assembled and what it is meant to do. Despite our baby breast feeding well with plentiful milk supply, we were unable to get more than 5 mls of milk from either breast under any conditions, even after 30 mins of pumping. This isn't close to enough milk for our 7kg baby.
The suction is completely inadequate. 
Even worse is the appalling customer service and the refusal to offer a refund. The Chemist Warehouse in Sth Melb were similarly unhelpful.
'Have we tried using it with a photo of baby in front of us to help stimulate milk flow?' was the most condescending of all suggestions.
This is the worst electronic device I have ever purchased. Both Philips and Chemist Warehouse have lost us as customers for life. 
A $189 scam.


This pump was a godsend when my old manual one died. As I developed tendonitis in my wrists and thumbs from breastfeeding (a common complaint with breastfeeding mums I hear) anything involving repeated opening and closing of my hands was painful. The Phillips Electric breast pump let me avoid all that!

Pros of the pump;

Unlike my manual pump, there weren't too many fiddly pieces to lose track of in assembling it. It was easy to set up. The pump tube and power cord were both long so I could sit comfortably in my lounge chair without having a cord stretching to real the power outlet.

The machine has a good 'promoting let down' operation, which did a good job of stimulating the milk flow. After milks starts flowing, there are three levels of pumping strength you can choose to continue the pumping process. I found that the strongest pumping power was the only one with sufficient strength to extract milk.

It took me about 10 minutes of pumping to get about 100mls, which is a little longer than I would have taken with my manual pump.

I was able to sit back in the chair to pump, so, combined with the fact I didn't need to manually pump, it was a relatively relaxing (!) experience.

The machine is easy to keep clean.

Cons of the pump

The pumping strength (after let down was achieved) was perhaps a little on the light side. I found I could only achieve enough power to continue the milk flow on the highest pump setting, and even then it felt a little under-powered.

Overall, this was a good pump, especially good for those who have painful joint conditions develop as a result of breastfeeding. However the suction was a bit underpowered. 

overall, a good pump that saved by aching hands!


I liked this pump a lot but didn't love it. Its best feature is its portability and small size. I've previously only used hospital-grade pumps and when I saw the size of this one I wasn't sure how powerful it would be. Turns out it's quite powerful! This pump would be perfect if you need to express at work or on the go as it's very light and small. I was able to express a good amount of milk using this pump - almost comparable to a hospital grade pump. It does make a weird honking sound but most breast pumps I've used have been somewhat noisy. The flange didn't really fit my nipple size very well which caused some discomfort but I believe you can get different adjustments for this. It was easy to clean and I like the wide neck bottle attachment and have found the Avent Nature bottles great. 


I have used one other breast pump, so I was excited to try this one and see how it compares.

I did find it a bit overwhelming as I took it apart the first time to give it a rinse; I felt as though there were a lot of parts to put back together. However, I really liked it! I like the design of the pump itself, and how comfortable it was to use. It was quite easy to express my milk.

One thing I would like to see changed is the size of the bottle the pump comes with. It would be nice to have a larger one or at least two of the smaller size.

Overall, I'd recommend this pump to other mothers.


Having tried a couple of other brands of pump and finding most of them lacking, I was excited to try the Phillips Avent Comfort. Despite a few minor issues, this pump outclassed the other brands and I will be sticking with it for my return to work. 


- Very comfortable to use. The suction cup is soft and the three settings allowed me to find the suction strength that worked for me (in this case, the highest one). The massage cushion took a bit of getting used to (none of the other pumps I tried had this feature) but it seemed to help with the amount of milk I received from a pumping session. The angle also allows for reclining, saving strain on my back!

- I found the suction to be good compared to some other brands, though I did have to use it on the highest setting to speed up the milk collection. 

- The pump takes batteries as well as electricity, which makes it an excellent choice for on the go. I found the unit to be light enough to carry on the train without any hassles and it is small enough to store discreetly. 

- Easy to assemble and clean. 

- My baby (who is quite picky with bottles) liked the bottle that came with the pump.


- The unit is quite noisy. This isn't too much of a problem at home, but I forsee it being a potential issue at work.

- A carry case would be a nice inclusion, given that the pump can be battery operated and is obviously designed to take on the go. 

For the price, I think this pump is a good option and would recommend it to mums who don't want to spend upwards of $400 on a more expensive model. 


I was lucky enough to be sent one of these to review, and was really excited to receive it as I am desperate to be able to have some me time - with 3 kids 3 and under it's rare!

The pump is incredibly easy to assemble (and disassemble), the easiest I've seen/tried, and I can't see a way that milk can get into the tube/motor which is great.  The pump fitted over my boobs well and with 3 different modes of suction, had one that suited each (they're different, for some reason!!). Also, it does as it says and you can use it leaning back which was great =)

I would say that the massage cushion, although really comfortable, did seem to hinder the pump though, as I got a lot more milk out without it than with... perhaps because my boobs are on the larger side?  I also didn't find the suction particularly powerful, it was sufficient, but slow.  all three of my bubs have had dyson type sucks though so I think I might be used to that rather than something more subtle!

Noise wise... it's not quiet, but then show me a pump that is.

The cord is nice and long which means that it's flexible in where you can use it.  It's also useable with AA batteries too which is *great* although unlike a previous model, didn't come with a carry bag (which would have been really useful).  I don't know how long the batteries would last as I would have thought it'd be quite a drain on them, but the option is there =)

Pros:  Comfortable, portable, works well in a variety of positions.

Cons: Noisy (and left me in fits of giggles), massage cushion may not fit everyone.


I already have a medusa swing pump so had so,e idea what to expect in terms of expressing and something to compare the pump to. Here are some things I found:-

advantages are that it is quite comfortable as you don't need to lean forwards like you do with the medela. Also it extracts milk very efficiently, I was able to get a good amount of milk fairly quickly. Easy to clean and assemble.

disadvantages I found were that it is quite noisy and it seems to take longer to get a let down and start the milk flow. 

In general I think it is a great pump, I will carry on using it instead of the medela for now as I think it has a few advantages over it. 


When I received the pump and opened the box, my first thoughts were how nice it looked. I then got worried about how to assemble it but it was actually very straight forwards despise the many parts. 

In terms of performance I found the pump a little bit too loud for my liking, as I could not pump with baby sleeping next to me without her steering and about to wake.

The pump is very comfortable to use and does indeed feel like a gentle massage. However I could not express as much as usual which was probably due to the size of the funnel. I have quite large nipples and the funnel was too narrow for me.
I'm sure that the pump would work better on a lady more average or small size.


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trial this pump, and interested to compare it to another single electric pump that I had used previously.


- the system is such that you can't accidentally get milk sucked into the tubing. This is a huge benefit from a hygiene point of view, as the tubing is a pain to clean and sterilise and dry.

- it wasn't any noisier than what I had previously used.

- the set up of the pump when attached to the bottle is sturdy and not at much risk of accidentally getting knocked over.


- I found it incredibly hard to get a good suction seal, especially when my breasts were super full. I found that I had to apply quite a lot of pressure to maintain the seal, which meant that I couldn't easily relax in any position to pump (as you are meant to be able to do). I've just read a review where the user mentioned that they got a better seal without using the cushion, so I will try that next time.

- there are only 3 levels of suction available and the strongest level wasn't as strong as what I am used to using. Combined with the issue of maintaining a good seal, it took quite a while for me to get a good yield of milk.

- it is only compatible with the Avent bottles. The kit only comes with one 125ml bottle, so there's a lot of transferring to be done. For smaller quantities, this isn't an issue, but I'm pumping up to 200ml each time. This would easily be solved by purchasing a larger Avent bottle, however, bub drinks from a Pigeon/Medela bottle. (It is worth noting that other brands of pump are compatible with multiple brands of bottle, which makes pumping/storing/using a lot less fiddly.)

Overall, it did the job - it just took a bit of tweaking and trial and error to make it work better for me.


This was my first time using a breast pump in general so I can only comment on my experience with this pump with no comparison.

I was surprised with how small the pump is and I like the overall look. It's a nice machine that can sit in public without screaming breast pump it was also small enough to take in a large handbag to work for pumping.

I did find the machine noisy and I'm not sure if that's standard or not but it doesn't affect the use of the machine.

It was very easy to clean with very minimal parts I knew even running it under boiling water at work was enough to feel comfortable to use it again when sterilising wasn't avaliable.

The new feature with the comfort pad I found to be very comfortable and I liked that I was able to try the pump both with it and without it.

I liked the different setting on the machine as when I first started pumping I needed the stronger setting and as my usage time increased I was able to decrease the strength needed.

My only downfall was the small bottle included as I had to constantly pour my milk into another bottle but I went and purchased a larger Avent bottle which attaches perfectly.

Overall I loved the machine and would recommend it to any friends unsure about what pump to buy - it is fantastic for first timers.


This was my first experience with a breast pump, I had never even seen one before so had no idea what to expect.


I found this super easy to use, it was very straightforward to put together and start using. I read the instructions once and have not needed to go back and re-read at all. There aren't a ton of different parts to put together and it's super easy to clean. Major plus. 


I found this pump very comfortable to use, if I didn't have to sit still and hold it onto me then it would be easy to forget about. 

During my time reviewing this pump I started to get blocked ducts (thanks baby for sleeping longer than usual), previously when I got blocked ducts it turned into mastitis very quickly as I couldn't hand express enough, I completely emptied both breasts using this pump and within a day all my problems had gone! Excellent. 

My one and only issue with this pump was the noise, I had no idea there would even be a noise so my first time I was quite surprised! Luckily though it hasnt yet woken my sleeping boy! 

As a first time mum and first time pump user, I would recommend this pump to anyone, it's easy to use, comfortable and doesn't have a million parts to take apart and clean. No mum wants something that takes ages to put together/use/clean and this pump is none of that!


This pump is amazing! I had been trying unsuccessfully to pump with another pump for 3 months. I was sent the Avent electric about 3 weeks before my wedding which I desperately wanted some milk stocked up for. Well the first time I pumped I got 60mlS. The most ever! And after 3 weeks I get 260ml from one side every morning. I would definitely recommend to every expectant mum!


I was so excited to be chosen to review the new Avent comfort breast pump. As I am currently pregnant but also feeding my 12 month old I needed to give my nipples a break from teeth due to being so sensitive. When I first opened the package I was a little overwhelmed with all the bits and pieces. It seemed so different from my previous Avent pump. Once I read the instructions I realised how easy it actually was to set up. My first expressing session was fantastic. The pump was gentle on my sensitive nipples but also allowed me to pump a great amount of milk for my baby. The pump was much quieter then the previous one which kept my husband happy as he used to liken my pumping to being a dairy cow due to the sucking noise the old pump made. I was allowed to pump while he watched tv which is a big deal at our house haha. The only negative I think is the size of the control box (I guess that's what you would call it). It doesn't make for a very portable pump as it can't just slip into my handbag like my old one. Overall a great pump and I look forward to continuing to use it.


I exclusively pump as I am no longer able to breastfeed my 4 month old daughter. I have used 3 different electric breast pumps but my favourite has been the Avent Comfort. It is, as the name suggests very comfortable to use, mainly because you can relax back into your chair without having to worry about it leaking or loosing suction. It is extremely easy to operate (and believe me I’m not a very technical person). There are 5 buttons that control the pump and have pictures that light up so you know at a glance what mode of suction you're in. The pump automatically starts in its stimulation mode and has three different suction pressures so you can always use the most comfortable to suit you and change it at the press of a button. My only criticism is that it’s not quiet.  

I've found of all the pumps I’ve used, I get the most amount of milk in the least amount of time using the Avent Comfort. It is important to me that I can feed my daughter breast milk and at the end of the day, less time pumping and more time with my daughter is the best.  


The Philips Avent comfort single electric breast pump was very easy to assemble with no fiddly components, this also made cleaning and sterilising extremely easy. Pumping can be time consuming as it is so by making the machine so easy to assemble, clean and use certainly saves time. 

From my experience during the trial period I could not see any way breast milk could be sucked into the motor or tubing, a very important aspect to consider. Other pumps I have used in the past would get milk trapped in the tubing causing mould, so I loved the hygiene aspect.

I did find that whilst the padding cushion was incredibly comfortable, and fitted nicely over the area it also seemed to have hindered in the pumping process. With the cushion on I was hardly getting any milk out. It seemed to not be able to create a proper suction seal between myself and the pump. I tried repositioning; increasing the power and various other avenues but it just didn't work with it on for me. This component is detachable, during the trial I actually accident forgot to put it back on after a clean (as other pumps I've used didn't have this) and amazingly got a good (my normal pumping) amount of milk out, so I know the pump does actually work, just not with the cushion for me. 

The pump was simple to use and was portable enough to use at work, although it was somewhat a little noisy; however this isn't too much of an issue as I am pumping in a closed office. I loved the gentle stimulation mode in the beginning to get things started and the 3 expression options once I started to flow. 

I loved that I didn't have to transfer the collected milk from one container to another and that I could use the collection bottle to feed by adding a teat. 

Overall I'm really not sure where I sit with this pump. One of the key features is the very soft cushion; however with this on for me the pump didn't do its primary job, to pump milk. Once removed it was very effective. 


This product was both easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning, I found the different suction options great and found it quite comfortable and gentle to use. I seemed to be able to express more than I have been able to with other brand electric pumps. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that needs to pump regularly. 

When I received the Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump, I was particularly excited to try this product as it could be very useful for maintaining my breastfeeding relationship with my son. The package it comes in is neat and trim in design and I could already see there were a few features I liked. For example, a cover that protected the breast cushion and a much simpler (therefore easier!) design than another electric breast pump I have tried – making this pump easier to clean and put together therefore saving valuable time. The pump has minimal cleanable parts and is simple to use and assemble. It seemed slow to stimulate let down but was reasonably efficient once the let down was established. One feature that was missing was a carry case or container to store the pump – this might be something Avent could include in the future. It was quieter than another pump I have used though the diaphragm mechanism it used could be too noisy for some. I think this pump would be great for an occasional user and would be suitable for expressing 1-2 feeds a day. Pros: - cover for breast cushion - simple assembly - easy to clean - quality materials - portable Cons: - basic - storage - bulky motor

Thank you for allowing me to review this product. 

It is easy to use and seemed to have a good suction and allowed the milk to express easy and fast. 

With different speeds it allows you to choose how you would like to express your milk.

I recommend this product for any mum wanting a quality electric breast pump. 


The Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast pump is lightweight with an attractive design.

The funnel shaft is shorter than the original manual pump and some other brands of pumps which makes it less top-heavy which means it can stand on its own without toppling over. However the shorter shaft means it is harder to view your milk-flow whilst the pump is in operation.

It is very user-friendly - not many parts to assemble. The tube between the pump and motor is very flexible and it is also a decent length which makes it easy to work with.

The pump motor is not super quiet. It has a pumping sound followed by a click, then a release of air. It offers a let-down function followed by three pumping actions. The buttons on the motor are water resistant. When the pump is switched on, the let-down function operates. Once your milk has come down you are able to set the speed. I found the lowest setting to be sufficient for the release of milk for the whole session.

The pump is equipped with a massaging cushion which stimulates the breast area - not just the nipple - to assist with let-down. It provides suction to the nipple to release the breast milk. If the massaging cushion is not pushed onto the funnel properly, there will be no suction and no milk will be released. The massaging cushion is a stand-out feature on the Avent pumps.

The pump motor is mains operated and the a/c cable is quite long so you can move a fair distance away from the power point which is very convenient. It also takes batteries so it is portable. The pump itself does not have a belt clip or lanyard so you cannot walk around with it hands-free.

Unfortunately the pump and accessories do not come with a storage pouch/bag. This would be quite good to enable you to store it away hygienically after sterilising. It does however come with a cap/cover for the funnel which also doubles as a stand which the bottle part sits in.

All up this is a high quality electric breast pump that effectively and efficiently enables the expression of breast milk. It compares to the top pumps on the market but the volume of the motor lets it down. 


Having used manual and electric breast pumps I was sceptical that this pump would be any better. I was wrong! When I was picked to review this pump I was starting to lose hope that I would be able to express effectively. I have been trying to express for a few months and getting almost nothing and was ready to give up. The first time I used this pump I got twice the amount I have been getting. As I continued to use the pump I managed to significantly increase the amount I am expressing which has reduced a lot of stress I was feeling.

The massaging cushion is much more effective than in other models I have used. Although I still didn't experience a letdown, it definitely helped to increase my milk flow. I was also impressed with the angle of the pump as I usually have to lean quite far forward and find it tricky to engineer myself into a position where my milk would end up in the bottle. With this pump I was able to sit back and get comfortable. The variable suction controls allowed me to choose a setting that worked for me.

Overall I was very impressed and would recommend this to anyone struggling to express with other models.

The Crunchy Mum

I am currently a breastfeeding mum to a 9 month old baby girl. I rarely use a pump as I generally find it cumbersome to set up and use each time. But as I was going to pursue some part time studies, I needed to find a good breast pump to be able to continue providing breast milk for my baby.

I was keen to try out the feature of the AVENT Comfort’s “unique, natural expressing position. I have very small breasts, so I always find I have lean forward or hunch over to ensure the milk flows properly through the pump into the bottle. It is very uncomfortable and not the ideal position to remain relaxed for effective pumping.

After trying it out, here’s a roundup of what I liked and what I felt could be better about this breast pump:

What I liked:

  • Simple to assemble – the parts and components were not too fiddly and fit together fairly intuitively. So it was really quick to assemble on the spot whenever I needed.
  • Easy to wash – the parts come apart quite easily, and because it was not fiddly, washing up and storing away the parts was really easy.
  • Angle of the tube does allow the milk to flow through quite smoothly – so the design does hold up to its “unique, expressing position”. I still had to sit up quite straight (no lying back on the sofa in my case) but there was minimal hunching over needed. Someone with slightly larger breasts than me might even be able to lean back a little bit more.

What could be better:

  • Motor unit could be a little more light and compact – I needed to pump milk on the go in between classes, however I felt the motor unit was a little on the heavy side to carry around… not overly so, but could be a little more lightweight I felt.
  • Pumping could be a little quieter – I found the motor unit to be quite noisy. I had to turn up the TV a fair bit to be able to hear over the motor pumping. The noise level is quite conspicuous that I didn’t feel altogether comfortable using it on the go unless I was all alone in a secluded room or area.
  • Pumping mechanism could be a little more gentle – even at the lowest setting, I found the pulling of my nipple through the pump while expressing to pinch a fair bit in my case.

Overall, it does hold up to its claim of the unique expressing position. You’ll still need to be sitting up straight and not really reclining back on the sofa, but at least not hunching over uncomfortably. If you are an AVENT user, the pump also integrates perfectly with the full set of bottles and lids which is really handy.


I've been using the pump daily for a few weeks now. 

It's easy to use, very easy to clean, not too loud, very comfy, reliable and consistent.  

The suction could be better. I found that to be the only thing lacking. 

Much better than a manual, not as good as hospital grade (but it doesn't promise to be that good so it cannot be expected).  

Overall I was happy with the product. If the suction was better it would be an amazing pump. 


This breast pump is great for those exclusively expressing. 

I found it to get more milk much more quickly than the previous pump I was using. Getting 120-180mls in just 10-15 minutes has made life much easier.

The pump is comfortable to use, can sit back on the couch and relax. The chamber is clear plastic which makes it super easy to see when milk is flowing or has stopped. Pump can be used with feeding bottles or storage containers which is very convenient.

It's also portable. Using batteries, I can easily take it with me if I'm going to be out for a while, traveling or off to work.

Easy to clean and sterilise.

Great product, really impressed.


Alright let's start with comfort, I was surprised at just how comfortable the pump was. Pumping with the soft massage cushion wasn't painful at all.

Love that it worked while I was sitting comfortably, rather than having to lean forward.

Assembly and disassembly were super easy. The instruction book was great with easy to follow diagrams.  

I found all the parts VERY easy to clean.

As for the amount of milk I had only been getting around 60 - 70 mls each time and that's mainly from one side, (I call it my big side, if you can call a 'b' cup big) the other side (my small side) I could only get about 10mls. I understand that it is a small pump (unlike the ones used in hospitals) and so didn't expect to be able to express as much as when using a hospital grade one. However I was concerned about not getting so much from one side especially seeing as I could easily hand express from it. So I decided to call Philips AVENT customer service team to see if they had any tips. May I just say the lady I got was absolutely lovely and very helpful. She gave me a few tips, (told me to try and get the inner part of the massage cushion further in and see if that helped). After doing this I managed to express 60mls from that side, however it was a little awkward and I had a bit of trouble keeping the seal airtight.  

I am curious to hear what others thought of the pump, and wonder if the trouble I've had was related to breast size and the difficulty in getting a good airtight seal.  

The customer service lady is sending me a different size massage cushion to see if it makes a difference. I'll be more then happy to write another review when it arrives and I've tried it out.


I recently received this pump to trial, and have used it for about two weeks.

Initially I had trouble getting much milk out, but after trying the tips in the instruction manual I had a lot more success. It was very comfortable and easy to use, it can be a bit tricky to express from both sides without repositioning the main unit as the suction tube isn't quite long enough.

I found it very simple to pull apart, clean and reassemble and I was very confident all the parts were well cleaned.

My baby was quite happy to drink the milk I expressed from the bottle that comes with the pump, I went to buy some more and was quite disappointed at the cost so I used other methods for storing the milk and just expressed into the supplied bottle.

Overall, I really like this breast pump, it is great quality, easy to use. The main drawback for me is that it's quite noisy and the length of the suction tube is not long enough to sit further away from the motor unit. However, this would not prevent me from recommending it to others.


Very Comfortable

Easy to use

Easy to clean and reassemble

Baby happily took the bottle


Quiet Noisy

Additional bottles are quite expensive

Tube isn't long enough

steel magnolia

To put this review into context: I am a very busy mother of three, and exclusively breasfeeding my youngest who is 8 weeks old. Prior to this product trial, I had used three different brands of pump.

Upon opening the box, the user manual looked overwhelmingly thick, but it was actually very easy to read and included handy tips on when to express and how to store expressed milk. It was surprisingly quick and simple to assemble, and I was able to test it out within a few minutes.

I really loved how small and uncomplicated the pump unit is. Compact enough to sit on a crowded bedside table, or even stuff into a nappy bag. The unit will run on batteries for up to three hours operation, so toting it around for use while out-and-about is an option. The muted colours and smooth round design is really appealing, and easy to wipe clean. The simple controls feature, soft backlighting, and textured buttons make operation easier in a dim-lit nursery at night. With three pumping speeds and a flow-stimulating starting mode, it is basic but effective.

I found the silicone ‘massage cushion’ on the funnel really comfortable and efficient at assisting to draw out every drop of milk. This is by far the most comfortable pump I have used. In the past, I have found it difficult to relax fully while pumping and enable a decent let down, but I was certainly more relaxed with the Avent.

In the mornings when I was feeling rather engorged (and short on time before the daily school run) I found it super-easy to feed baby from one side, and pump from the other. During baby’s 10 minute morning feed, I am able to fill the 150ml bottle before she is finished.

Clean up is really quick. This is an important feature for me as I am so short on time while running after my older kids. Just five large parts, and nothing fiddly, makes this super easy to wash, rinse and sterilise. Even in the sleep-deprived newborn haze, it’s hard to get it wrong! My toddler could do it.

In the three weeks since I received this pump, I have used my manual pump once and my other electric pump once, just to be certain of comparison. They are both now gathering dust. I thought that I would still use my manual while travelling, but the Avent is so compact and easy that I prefer to take it with me instead.

At $249 RRP, this is a low to mid range priced pump, and definitely great value for money. First time mums can buy this one with confidence.


This pump is great, it's quite attractive, effective, and comfortable. It was really easy to assemble (I didn't have to consult the instruction manual at all), and easy to use. The buttons are clear and easy to access one handed (my other hand was on the pump). I liked that I didn't have to lean forward all the time, and didn't have any back flow or leaks. 

It did vibrate a bit on my bedside table, but I found it was quieter when I put a cloth under it. The pump itself does make noise but it wasn't enough to wake my baby (I pump next to her bassinet). It looks really nice, and it fits on my bedside table easily (with heaps of room to spare, it's quite trim :) ). 

I found it very gentle, I didn't have any rubbing or pinching. I also loved that it's a closed system (no milk can get any where near the motor) and so easy to clean.  

All up I'd have to say I really enjoy using this pump, it does a great job :)


After having used an electric breast pump I wish I had one earlier! It is comfortable and so easy to use and portable. I managed to express more than with a manual pump. It was easy to clean and sterilise too. I plan to take it with me when I return to work soon so I can continue to express. Definitely worth it!


I have used this pump every day since I received it in the mail. I found it easy to pull apart and sterilise and then very easy to put back together for use. Only thing I found with assembly is you have to put the flange piece a certain way.

The pump is comfortable to use and you don't need to lean forward while using. Effectively got milk out in a short time frame.

The different settings were good as I could find one suitable for me. I actually found the highest setting too strong, but this could work best for others.

I also tried out the battery function, which could prove handy and found the sucking strength to be the same as when plugged in to power.

I am impressed that there doesn't appear to be any possibility of milk being sucked up the air hose due to its design.

Overall I am very happy with this pump at this time, it works far better than my old one.


Overall I found this pump to be fantastic and deserving of 5 stars!

The best feature I found was the comfortable pumping position. I didn't need to lean forward and get a sore back while pumping and in doing this I was more relaxed so my milk flowed better. As a result the milk to pumping ratio was great - the best I've had. The sucking action was quite comfortable.

The pump was easy to assemble and clean. The push button settings were easy to figure out. I found the pump to be quite strong and efficient and only ever needed to use the first setting. It was a little painful while engorged but I managed. 

I absolutely love, loved the feature that enabled it to convert to battery use. Made the pump so much more flexible to use upon a busy lifestyle while out and about. 

It was a little loud to use in the dead of the night but that's not a massive issue.

A great product from a reputable brand which I would happily recommend to other mums.


The Philips Avent single electric breast pump (natural) is the second pump I've used, but the first electric. 

Initially, I mainly wanted to use a pump in order to express a bottle for when I knew I would have to feed in public - going shopping, visiting people, going out to dinner, etc. Also, for when I'd have to leave my baby so that the person caring for him could feed him if needed. It's so comfortable though that I now use it regularly to create a freezer stash. I'm getting into the habit of expressing between feeds when needed but mostly at the end of the day when I've put my baby to sleep for the night. 

The instant I began using the Avent pump I immediately noticed a major difference from my other branded hand pump. No pain! It is so easy and comfortable to use. It starts with gentle and quick suction and then, once your milk is letting down, you can adjust the settings to suit you. I really liked this feature. There are three options ranging from a soft to a deeper suction. I can't say that I prefer any one over the other because I use all three depending on the day and how I'm feeling. I do, however, have to say that even the deepest suction option is not uncomfortable for me at all. 

I found the pump extremely easy to clean and take apart in comparison to the other pump I used. There aren't any nooks and crannies where breast milk can hide and stick to it causing mould. I love this about the pump. 

It takes a little bit longer (about 30 - 60 seconds) to put the pump together compared to my hand one, due to the nature of the design of an electric pump but I don't find this a hassle.

Just as a comparison when I got this electric pump, I decided to use both of my pumps one day for the same amount of time in the morning to compare the amount of milk I can draw out. The hand pump got a mere 5mls where this Avent pump got 30mls. I think that's what makes me happiest. The fact that I get more milk, quicker than with a hand pump. 

When I was using my hand pump soon after my baby's birth I would get 100mls in a session (30 mins or a bit longer). The most I've gotten out using the Avent is 40-60mls. But that could be because my milk has settled now (bub is 2 months old) and I only pump for 20 mins or so and mostly late at night. My hand pump no longer works well enough for me to test this out - a part has broken. 

The only other criticism I have is that the user manual says it can be used whilst breastfeeding your child on the other breast. No way! Not me! I tried and I really don't know how you're meant to hold the baby and the pump in place, as well as push the buttons on the unit to get it going. That was just far beyond me. Maybe you can master that, but not me. But, this is nothing against the pump itself. 

Overall, I think electric pumps are pricey, but, it does what it says its designed to do so I am thoroughly happy with it. 


This is an electric breast pump, which has been created for comfort and ease of expressing. The product has been designed to be comfortable on the breast, with a massage cushion, which stimulates milk flow, while allowing you to sit comfortably. The pump has a special setting to stimulate let down and once this has occurred you can chose from 3 different settings to express however you feel comfortable. 

My son is 6 months old and has been exclusively breastfed, and I am lucky enough to still be on maternity leave, so I haven't needed to express often. I was using a cheap manual pump, which was neither comfortable nor very efficient. I am preparing to return for my return to the workforce and have been on the look out for an electric breast pump.  

The Pros I have found the Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump to be easy to use, easy to clean and store. It is fantastic that it can be used with all Avent bottles, so you don't need different storage containers for the expressed milk. It is battery and power operated, making it a flexible option; you can plug it in at home, or have it battery operated when out and about. With its 3 speed options you can be sure the pump will get the most milk, comfortably, in the shortest amount of time.

The only con I have found is the noise, it isn't too loud but I do feel like it would be heard easily through an unsound-proofed wall. I have heard from friends though that all breast pumps are quite noisy, and have had a friend tell me that compared to her breast pump the Comfort Single Electric is actually very quiet. 

I am rating this pump a 4 star rating, as it has been a comfortable and efficient pump for me. It's ability to fit all Avent bottles is fantastic, and the size and power options make this product versatile to fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Aisha Aizee

Philips Avent, my trusted family brand.

I have been using this pump for almost a month now, it's very easy to use at home and on the go.

It has replaced the manual one that I was using previously. 

Avent Electric pump is easy to assemble, attach and clean. Now I can feed my baby whilst pumping from other breast, this gives me enough time to unwind and relax for while. Its soft massagers and gentle vacuum resemble baby's suckling and is easy on nipples. It allows me to express more milk so can store it when I needed ME time or have plans for outing.

Now I can enjoy feeding very much, thanks to Avent.

Yes, I recommend this to all.



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