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Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump

18 reviews
Electric Breast Pump

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Read all these bad reviews online. Went with my gut instinct and purchased the pump anyway and I love it! First time I've used a pump and got 60mls in under 2 minutes. Found that it worked faster leaning over and letting gravity help. And gets more out the lighter you hold it against your breast. follow the intructions and you can't go wrong :)


I was very disappointed in this produc. It is easier to hand express. 

I wish I had read these reviews before buying this product. Honestly it is noisy and after 30 minutes of pumping I had 15ml. i can hand express that in 30 second. 

Its a very basic machine that is a total rip off. I now have to go get another pump. Ill never recommend or purchase from this company again. For what it does the price should be much lower 


I find this pump does not work well at all. It barely has any suction no matter how hard I am pressing on my skin to try and make a seal. The initial setting for getting flow happening is slow and ineffective. The highest pump setting is not strong enough and it takes forever to get a small amount of milk. You cant put the pump down in between breasts as it over balances and tips over. The plastic tube is not long enough and does not give you enough room to use the pump comfortably. It's hard to see through the plastic to see if milk id flowing. I could go on but basically I got much better use out of a cheap Nuk pump I bought (could pump about 120ml in 20 minutes as opposed to 60ml in half an hour on CTN pump) that unfortunately the motor burnt out on than the $200 I spent on this. Not recommended.


Choose another pump. I was given one of these pumps by a friend and I'm just glad I didn't spend any money on it. I have a very fast and effective flow but couldn't get a drop out using this pump. The suction is poor, even on the highest setting.

I recommend buying another brand.

Simon Hawke

We bought this pump based on the bottle design, and wanting to keep all accessories the same. The pump started out okay for less than a week, then my wife noticed a big reduction in milk, getting quite upset because she ended up spending longer and longer on the pump to get any results. We checked it during operation and it turns out the silicone insert into the horn didn't seal anymore and the vacuum was being lost through this. As we couldn't get any replacement parts we threw the thing out and bought another pump instead. Lets' see how that one goes!!

Cherie Cooper

I honestly don't know why everyone is having so much trouble with this product. I've just gone back to work after baby number 3 and have been expressing using the CTN manual pump but decided to get the electric pump despite the bad reviews on here because the electric pump at work was so much more efficient. I've just used it for the first time and have managed to express out 100mls in about 10 mins, which is more than ever before in that time, even with the work pump. The pump was even faster than my son is with feeding.

Anyways, I am glad I bought it. As long as you know what you're doing, how to put it together properly and use it properly, you'll have no problem with it. It is a little bit loud, but after a few mins you don't notice it anymore.


I think that CTN must have changed the kit, because mine did not come with any extra milk storage pots - just the bottle the pumped milk goes into. Not that this was a problem for me, as I bought this pump as it was on sale and we already had CTN bottles, so I could use any of them. 

The pump is quite noisy, but not so much as the double electric pump I borrowed from the hospital the week after DD was born, so I didn't mind too much. I didn't have problems with cleaning or assembly, except that the 'horn hygiene cover' was useless as a cover for the breast attachment piece and was just used as a bottle stand. 

I frequently used different pump speeds for each side as one nipple was more sensitive than the other, but I expressed a fair amount of milk in what I thought was a reasonable time (120+ ml in 20 min). The only time I had difficulty was when I was rushing, which isn't anything to do with the pump itself.


Been using this for a couple if weeks and expressing milk well. Downside is how noisy it is. I express whilst watching tv and have to turn the volume way up to overcome the sound of the pump.  It is easy to assemble and clean so gets top marks for that but 2 stars taken off because of the noise 


I use other closure to nature products and have always found them to be a perfect fit for our family. I have a closer to nature manual breast pump which is fantastic & I purchased the electric pump to make it easier and faster to express breast milk. Unfortunately it was a waste of money. I found the pump wasn't strong enough & lost what pulling power it did have quite quickly. I also found it to be really noisy and turned my milk frothy almost like a latte. I would probably hire a more effective pump next time.


Basically I find this product to be useless and $200 down the drain. I believe that marketing this product as "Award winning" is misleading as this product does not deserve any of the praise advertised. I am utterly disgusted by the performance of this product and completely disappointed that I have wasted my money on such a time wasting product. I gave it a go despite mixed reviews and urge any mother considering purchasing it to ask yourself 'would you throw your money in the bin?' because that is what purchasing this product will equate to. Absolute rubbish and total waste of money, especially as it was purchased as a gift and the store where it was purchased refused to give a refund even with a receipt docket. dated 2 May 2013

Angela Simpson

I just wanted to provide feedback in regards to this product. I have a 3 month old baby and have been breastfeeding since birth. In my experience I have found this pump to be exhausting to use, taking well over an hour to get enough for one feed. There is not nearly enough strength in the suction and this results in very lengthy expressing sessions. I have basically stopped bothering to use it as the "convenience" of bottle feeding doesn't outweigh the enormous time commitment to using this machine to express. So basically I find this product to be useless and $200 down the drain. I believe that marketing this product as "Award winning" is misleading as this product does not deserve any of the praise advertised. I am utterly disgusted by the performance of this product and completely disappointed that I have wasted my money on such a time wasting product. I gave it a go despite mixed reviews and urge any mother considering purchasing it to ask yourself 'would you throw your money in the bin?' because that is what purchasing this product will equate to. Absolute rubbish and total waste of money.


I had this pump initially and found it to be extremely painful and harsh on my nipples. It also failed my twice by milk going up into the tubing. There does not seem to be a way to clean the motor unit in the event this happens leaving the unit broken.

I also found the milk extraction to be non-effiecent.  There also is no flexibility with pumping strength as there are only three settings.

I do not trust or recommend this pump. 


I purchased this item a few months before I gave birth because I thought I *might* need it. I didn't open the box until I was having breastfeeding issues at the very beginning post-birth, and immediately I knew I wouldn't like it, but decided to go ahead and try it anyway.

Firstly, the actual pump was very difficult to put together and seemed to have more bits and pieces than I thought it should (in comparison to the hospital versions I was used to using before I came home). It was a bit difficult to clean as well because it had so many pieces. Though it does fit perfectly into the Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser that I purchased at the same time.

The barrel that the milk flows down is white plastic which means you are unable to see when you milk flow has stopped or if it's even flowing at all. This was very frustrating for me because as I was at the beginning stages and my milk hadn't 'come in' very much yet, I had no idea whether I was flowing or not. Plus the angle of the reservoir made it difficult to see if there was milk in there too. I found this product hard to tell how much I was getting out without  taking the pump off my breast to check.

Comparatively it was significantly cheaper than the other breast pumps I looked at, though it seemed to me that it sacrificed on 'suction' ability because of this. The more expensive ones are able to 'suction' more intensely which means you get the milk out faster (or so I have found), so what took 1 hour on this machine, took me 20 minutes on the Medella Swing that I purchased after this.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this product. In fact, I ended up returning the pump to the place of purchase as I felt it was not working properly and losing suction during the pumping process.


I purchased this pump because I love the closer to nature bottle range so it seemed like the obvious choice. Unfortunately, the Closer to Nature pump did not live up to it's name for me personally and I would not recommend it to any breastfeeding mums.

The pump was not easy to put together and use, was quite noisy, was a little bit painful for my nipples and got very little milk out for me. (Nb. The last two are for me personally and may not be the case for everyone.)


I found this breast pump a complete waste of money which was so disapointing. I used it for 3 months, and over the course of 3 months I slowly pumped less milk over time as the suction/motor was slowly becoming less effective - one day it simply stopped pumping. I contacted Tommy Tippee about this and was told that it was designed for infrequent use (not advertised as such) and I had burnt the motor out - but I was only pumping once a day! I went online and found similar experiences.


This breast pump is very easy to clean and sterilise and simple to pull apart and put back together again.

It comes with everything you need to get started including a small bottle and storage containers.

Works well and is simple to use. Has four different suction settings but could do with another setting for stronger suction.

The only problem I have had is once it did suck milk up the air hose during let down but I stopped it before it got to the machine. Never did it again.

Advantage of being portable with battery option or plug in.

It is lightwieght and comes with sorage/sterilising container.

Eleven Eleven

I used this pump for about 4 months when my daughter was born, I found it very use to use, clean and it did the job that it was supposed to do without taking to much time. 

Uses a 3-phase pump timing to help mimic a baby feeding to get you to express more milk. I found this worked as I did not get as much if I just used one setting. 

Motor was a little loud so I couldn't use it in bed at night next to my husband as it would wake him but I just shoved to motor under my pillow and it wasn't as bad, probably the same as any other pump really. 

Overall, a great pump :-)


I've just been using TT electric pump for 8 weeks now and love it. Havnt had any issues with it yet. I find the suction is reasonable, not to hard to assemble and sterilise and i especially like th efact that you get a bottle, 2 contaniners,few breast pads with the package free!!only annoying thing is that the motor is abit noisy so cant use it in same room as a sleeping baby.

In saying that I have read on other sites and heard from afew friends how much trouble they have had ..the motor breaking down after afew using, mild and condensation passing through the plastic tube into the motor, suction hurting their nipples, taking too long to establish flow and also too long to get the whole supply.

I dont have any experience with other brands so cant compare. and i havnt had any issues with it so love it!!



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