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Unimom Allegro Portable Breastpump

29 reviews
Allegro Portable Breastpump

This product was kindly provided for testing by Baybee Blue Mountains.

Parent Reviews and Comments
Jen Haley


I bought the pump from the owner from the may 2013 baby expo. She was lovely, gave me extras as well. After a few months parts of the pump melted in the sterilized, so I contacted the owner for replacements. After 4 months of trying to contact them, by email, phone & Facebook (my post was deleted and I was blocked), they didn't respond. I had to contact the owners personal Facebook page and she finally responded, telling me that she will send the parts out for free, so I waited and guess what, nothing. So I contacted her again, she than said that she will deliver the parts personally to my home, lair!!!! I then contacted the manufacturer in Korea, he put me on to a lady in Perth, this lady was great. She sent the parts to me for free. Now my pump has started sparking, it's still under warranty, what's the chances of getting it replaced? Lol. Good thing I have her address. 


I used the pump for about 4 months, and it broke.

I filled out the online form- no response. I emailed them on facebook, and after a few days, got a PO box address to send my pump. After spending $10 on postage, got a response from the store rep saying that it'd be fixed in a week. Sounded promising. However, that was 2 months ago.

Since then, I sent various facebook messages back, but they've disabled their email account, telephone, and every form of communication. Even Consumer Affairs can not locate them. The comment from my case manager was 'not another bloody breast pump complaint! You can fill a cinema with the number of complaints about them! 

So ladies - buyers beware.

Kim Bloomfield

I purchased a Double Electric Allegro pump a year or so ago (it was a great pump), but have since returned it to Unimom Australia (under their advice) for repairs. This was months ago and it has never been returned. I have tried contacting the business via email (never get a response), phone (it seems to be disconnected), her website (, and Facebook. I posted a message on one of her posts - beneath that of another lady who was also trying to reach her to track down her items – and it was deleted within minutes. I have since been blocked. The product itself is good – but make sure you purchase it from someone other than Unimom Australia!

I have since gone through the Department of Fair Trading – they have also been unable to contact her, so am now seeking legal advice.....


I bought this pump when my little boy was born 2 years ago and it is fantastic (before that I had a different brand and found the unimom infinitely better). Unfortunately, this time when I have gone back to order more bottles etc they have taken my money but three weeks later my order has still not arrived. I have emailed them numerous times (the last one bounced) and the phone no they give is disconnected. So I don't know if it is just terrible customer service or if they have gone out of business? And don't know where else I can get the milk storage bottles and closed system shield kit. Has anyone else found another supplier?


UNIMOM Australia has taken my money And has never sent me my goods the phone number listed on their website doesn't work I have emailed and messaged them but they never responded I have asked politely on their Facebook page what was happening with my order and they didnt respond they deleted my post and blocked me from their page. I don't understand why after so many complaints this company is allowed to operate


Pump  bought and paid for. Never recieved! Lost my money. Unable to reach company on the phone or email. I rang and rang and rang, left messages. Never returned any messages nor emails. She deleted comments on the Facebook page. Terrible service. Unbelievable, who could stoop so low to rip off new mothers who for the most part have no income as they are new mums. I can't afford to buy another pump. I have unfortunately found dozens of people who have paid and not received pumps as well. Many have complained to consumer protection. 


I have been using this pump for 5 weeks and so far I am very happy. I express good amounts of milk and it is very gentle on my nipples. It's easy to use and clean and way cheaper than other double pumps. The nipple massager insert is useless, I threw them away as the pump works better without them. My advice is to order your pump early as Unimom can take considerable time to deliver. The Aussie rep is a one woman business with young children herself so I make sure I stock up on extra bits and pieces. Whenever I have called, I have received a very friendly call back. Purchasing from Unimom's Ebay store took a long time for delivery (3 weeks).


I love the pump... just the hideously bad customer service comes to mind. Calls ignored,  emails ignored, Facebook posts deleted numerous times. 


Fantastic breast pump, VERY affordable compared to other similar products. Easy to use and still working as new 12 months later. Quiet with great suction. Easy to take when needing to pump away from home such as when going on a holiday. Would recommend to everyone!


I absolutely love my Allegro unimom pump. I have been using mine for 2months now and it is so easy to use not matter where you are. It is so muchl more affordable compared to some of the well know brands on the market and it preforms just as well if not better. 


This pump is junk! I used it for 3 months and the suction completely diminished. I had to send it back and they sent me a new. I used the second pump for one month and it broke as well. The power would not turn off and it would have to run until the battery died. Plus it is very loud compared to other pumps. I DO NOT recommend buying this pump.


I have been using this pump for over 8 months with no issues.. I love using its so easy to use and clean. very light and portable i take it to work with me and use it with no problems! have also used it in the car on long trips. the battery lasts for long time and i can get a lot of use before having to recharge.


I bought this pump when they came to the baby expo in 2012. after not knowing anything the pump, I did a quick search only to read positive reviews, I went ahead with the purchase. Well, I wish I had paid the extra and just bought a medela, because you get what you pay for. First thing they do not tell you, is that the moving parts only last for so long and  need replacing, this includes the spring, membrane and breast shield, which i feel are cheaply made products which need constant replacement. Trying to contact the company was useless which added to the stress of being a new Mum and the inability to contact them further made me doubt the company. when i finally got hold of someone, the lady was helpful and sent me replacement parts. The delivery took the better part of two weeks and the replacement parts only worked long enough to express 50ml. In the end I requested a refund, upon sending the whole package back I am still waiting for confirmation of receipt and refund. Please save yourself the stress and get the medela swing. All in all, the pump started off great, but the lack of information about the pump and a break down in communication makes for a negative review.


The Allegro is great and an essential if you travel! It is portable, quiet, has a long battery life, you have the ability to buy extra shield kits and it is so easy to use!

We travel a lot and with having a breastfed baby, the idea of 6-8 hour car trips, stopping every few hours to feed made travel a lot less desirable. Now when we travel I can have pre-expressed milk bottled in the eski to give to her cold, OR, I can pump in the car and then give her the freshly expressed warm milk!

 The pump sound is very subtle and doesn't interfere with the music being played in the small confines of the car and is also good for when at home expressing while watching TV.

The battery life of the pump has been great, I haven't needed to recharge it yet and I've used the pump over 15 times, still without any change in suction- I'm impressed.

Being able to double pump if required is a handy feature, but what I love even more about the extra shield kits is you can pump multiple times during a car trip (or at home during the day) by attaching the next shield kit - no more worrying about not being able to sterilise on the move!

I could go on and on about its comfort and effectiveness with expressing me, but I think you can already tell this is a great portable pump and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.


Highly recommended breastpump!  Been searching for a portable breast pump since I will be returning to work soon and I stumbled upon the Allegro.  Have been using it for a month now and all I can say is that this is a really good dependable pump - not to mention affordable!  Kudos to Unimom!


I have had trouble breast feeding after the birth of my first child and have had to express for various different reasons.  Up until now I have been hiring the Medela Symphony breast pump which is the same as they used in the hospital.  However the hire was costing me a fortune so looked into purchasing my own pump.  A friend recommended Unimom and after speaking to the Karisha the Australian distrubutor I felt that I would give the Unimom Allegro a go.  I was very worried as I knew I was going from a very expensive hospital grade pump in the Medela to something I didn't know would work as well.  However, I love my Unimom pump more than the Medela.  It is easy to use, comfortable, very successful in expressing good amounts of milk, AFFORDABLE and my favourite bit - portable! I would highly recommend this product to anyone and if you are unsure you should ring the number on the Unimom website as the advice Karisha gave me was very helpful and she is so so friendly!


A very impressive little pump. It's affordable compared to other brands and has very effective suction. It's very comfortable to use and the suction mimics how a baby feeds. I find it very easy to clean and assemble. It's relatively quite and I can express with bub in hand. I love that I can run it on a main line as well as on battery when I'm out and about. You can also use it manually by purchasing a switch kit for an affordable price. 

Unimom also has fantastic customer service with very quick response times via email and the sales rep is very friendly. You also get to speak with a sales rep on the phone unlike other online companies. I had an issue with a part and they sent a replacement via express post without any hassles. Very happy with this pump!

Only improvement I can recommend is a carry pouch to make it easier for transporting.


I am so happy with this pump.  It is great value for money, easy to clean and efficient.  Very easy to use.  I havent yet taken it anywhere with me but it is very small and compact so would be easy to transport.  I have a manual pump (which cost around the same price) from a well known brand which i purchased originally and wish that i had purchased the Unimom pump at the start.  Highly recommended!

Vicky Mason

This pump is amazing. I had another pump initially (meant to be a leading brand of pump) that was a disaster - it was painful to use, made a lot of noise and pumped only a tiny amount of milk. The Unimom Allegro pump arrived this week and has been incredible. I have been pumping around 5-6 times the amount of milk I was with the previous pump, it is much quieter and very comfortable to use. It seems to mimic breastfeeding very closely (with the massage function and the intermittent breaks in pumping which mimic how baby feeds), which is great.  I think it has really helped increase my milk supply already. Pumping has gone from being very stressful and painful to very quick and comfortable. I would highly recommend it to any breastfeeding mother!!!


I did a lot of research online and talking to friends before buying this pump (turns out none of my friends had even heard of it!), and am so glad I went ahead with the purchase.

I love how light it is and how easy it is to use, how it can be mains or battery operated, how it's a closed system (no milk can get back into the motor), how it mimics the baby's sucking pattern and how easily it gets milk out of me! Oh and that it can be converted to a double pump with the purchase of an extra shield kit.

Overall I love this pump and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone! :)


I definitely recommend this pump - It's affordable, fast, comfy, can become a double pump if desired so you can express both boobs at once (just purchase the extra shield kit) and can even be used as a manual pump (purchase the switch kit). It's portable, runs on mains or on battery power and is reasonably quiet. I've now bought it for my two sisters in law also. Word is getting out about this pump!!

kylie may

this pump was a life saver for me. at eight weeks of age my daughter had heart surgery, this pump increased my milk supply and helped me stay calm so I could focus all my attention on my special girl.


I'd initially bought the Unimom Forte, their hospital grade pump, so I was very excited to find that there was a more portable version available. Buying the Unimom Allegro was the best thing I did to prepare to return to work. It is incredibly light and small and so easy to carry with me to and from work. It has different pump settings so I can easily find the suction level I need. The breast shield kit is easy to put together, take apart and wash. And all of this for a fraction of the cost of other portable electric breast pumps!

It took a little while for my boobs to get used to the suction rhythm (a number of sucks then rest, a number of sucks then rest) mainly because the Forte had a regular sucking rhythm. Once I got used to it my milk let-down was great! I can pump a lot of milk with the Allegro. 

I would highly recommend this breast pump to anyone looking to return to work or who needed a portable breast pump to carry around. 


I thought this pump was great- after moving from a manual breast pump I was worredi an electric version would be more complicated and a hassle to use - but no- this was was so simple and easyto use. First time I used it was in the middle of the night to alleviate engorgement and it very quickly relived the issue. 

Simple to clean (not too many parts) and store. Bag strorage option is also useful.

The only con I can think of is it is a little noisy, but not too loud you couldn't talk on the phone whilst pumping.  

I am very glad I didn't go for a much more expesive electric pump option.  


I was delighted to be chsen as one of the reviewers for this Allegro Portable Breast Pump. I had previously used another well known rather expensive brand pump but burnt the parts during sterilising. So that is my comparison tool!

The Allegro on first look is light and basic looking. There are different settings for pumping and I used all at different times depending on time of day and my milk.  This is found very handy, the pump action mimicked my babys sucking and this worked well for me. I hadnt previously used a hard plastic breast attachment but it worked well for me although whe on the higher setting i felt it a bit uncomfortable as my nipple was sucke into the attachment. I found it difficult to use the second breast attachment to use as a double pump but only because i always need a hand free to deal with my toddler as well as new born - this would be the same with any other pump. I loved the storage bags, they were easy to use and i felt that they were safe and with no way of contaminating them prior to storing milk in them. I tried it out with batteries and felt no difference to when it is plugged in.  I dont know how much battery power it used! My only negative is as others have said the pump action resumes from the perivious setting - it doesnt revert to 1 again which can be a bit of a shock if you forget to reset it but in time one would automatically reset it.

I would definitley recommend this pump, it is very well priced and gets the job done! I like that all the parts can be easily cleaned and replaced.

Thanks BH for letting me review!


Like other reviewers, at first i was a bit skepical of this breast pump simply because it was a brand i had never heard of before but the first time i used it i was a convert!


  • unlike other pumps i have used, i can actually see my milk coming out so i can tell when im having a let down.
  • there arnt many parts to the pump so its simple to put together when i need to use it.
  • i seem to get more milk quicker than other pumps.
  • its fairly quiet.
  • at first i was a bit worried a bout the nipple sheild bit as it was made of hard plastic but my niples/breasts havent been sore after using it.
  • its lightweight & portable, great for when i need to pump at work.


  • the batteries dont seem to last long but i never need to use it away from a powerpoint so this doesnt bother me.
  • i like to start off at level 1 and work up but when you turn it on it starts at the level you had it last

i couldnt seem the get the hang of double pumping so cant comment of how it performs as a double pump.

i would definately reccomend this pump to anyone looking to buy a breastpump, its very affordable and works so well!


I was excited when I was offered the UniMom breast pump to trial. I've been using a manual pump since my little girl was born, and was looking forward to seeing what the difference was with an electric one. I've even gone and bought spare parts for the pump as well, because I've been using it quite a bit.


  • I don't have to think about it. Sometimes I'm doing other things (like feeding the baby) at the same time as pumping, so I only have to attach it, and forget about it, and it will pump away. 
  • I can do two breasts at once. Attach both of them, and makes the pumping go a lot faster
  • Easy to clean, and easy to store
  • Easy to purchase spare parts on the internet for it.
  • The breast milk storage bags are AMAZING! I only had containers in the past, so the bags fit a lot easier in the tray in my freezer, and store very well.


  • Battery power isn't as strong as when plugged in. I had batteries in for a few days and I was wondering why I wasn't getting much milk out, then I plugged it in and the power was a LOT stronger!
  • It has 7 power settings, but I found there wasn't much difference between them, and I found myself sitting on level 7 the whole time. Would be great with more power settings
  • Single pump is stronger than double pump, so as much as I wanted to double pump more often, I found single was easier because I would get more milk
  • When double pumping, I can't do anything else with my hands. I fashioned a belt to try to hold the pumps on, but didn't always work. (This isn't anything against the pump as I'm sure it's the same with every other pump when double pumping! Just wish I could find a belt to wear it a lot better)

I really liked using the pump, and can live with the cons (they're not that bad), and am really happy with the pump. I went to baybee blue mountains Ebay store to buy the connectors so I could pump more into my Avent bottles (the supplied bottles were only 150mls, and I would get up to 300mls per breast each time), and even bought some more milk storage bags. I think they're amazing!

If you're after an easy to maintain breast pump, for an occasional use, then I recommend the Allegro breast pump. I've even taken it to my mothers house when I've needed to pump as carting it around is quite easy.


Mrs Awesome

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to test out this breast pump for BubHub.

I have used many different brands of breast pumps over the past few years, including bot manual and electric, hospital grade and portable, so I have lots of great pumps to compare with.

First impressions of this pump are that it is very light weight and very no frills/basic to look at. This is not a brand I had ever heard of, so not one I would select off the shelf.

I found when using it to pump with, it was very gentle on the breast and nipple. The pump action was like no other pump I have used. The pump does approximately 7 pumps and then a pause. This mimmicks the way a baby sucks and pauses. I was able to pump great amounts of milk in a relatively short time frame which impressed me. I also didn't have any pain after a pumping session like I usually do. This pump is also very basic to use with plus and minus symbols on the buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the pump.

This pump can also have an extra pumping set attached to make it a double pump. This is great if you are short on time or need to ncrease your milk supply.

The milk storage bags that were also provided for this review were also very easy to use. 

Overall, I was very impressed with this pump. Having looked it up online, the price is fantastic! I have already recommended this pump to a few people. 


First thing I should say is that I probably would never have bought this pump if I seen it on the shelf. The unknown name factor and how cheap it is would've made me nervous. However I am in love with it. I've been using it for a day (and I am a routine pumper due to supply issues) and am really impressed. I love the fact its parts match up with a major competitors. That makes for easy replacements if anything breaks and I need to fix it (like the tubing or the catcher) I also really like its suck pattern. I think it is more realistic and definately helped me pump more than my electric competitors version does normally, probably close to a third more! It does a 5 suck and then a break pattern. It is also very quiet which is often difficult to find in an electric pump unless it is a hospital grade pump. I can actually hear the TV or have a conversation which I cannot with the medela. Easy to clean and BPA free. Plug it in or use it with batteries make it easy for when on the go. Great value too with it being under $115 from Baybee Blue Mountains 

I am seriously a convert and will be telling my friends about it!



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