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Philips Avent Washable Pads

12 reviews
Washable Pads

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Parent Reviews and Comments

These are ok, however they stick.  I would not recommend them if you are a heavy leaker or your supply isn't established yet.  


I loved the concept however in practice these pads did not offer what I was looking for.

In the early days I was a big leaker. Whilst I found them to be absorbent the main issue I found with them was that they would stick to my breast and nipple. I had to peel them off to remove them or feed, which would leave behind fluff. I have an irrational fear of cotton wool balls and this fluff reminded me of that, which completely freaked me out.

They were easy to wash and dry, however I kept loosing them in the wash (buddy system in wash bag didnt work)


Found these a bit rough at the start, it felt like the cotton fibres were sticking to me. Also, they were not absorbent enough, especially in the morning. I would saturate it and it would leak through to my shirt. Not good for night time, they shift around and don't draw the moisture away from your skin. 

Daydream Believer

I found these to be so itchy! Even after copious washing. I also found my letdown to be too fast, and the pad didn't have a chance to absorb the milk before it leaked.

I didn't find these to be an overly enjoyable experience.


The absorbency is average and they leak through sometimes, so I'm having to change them more frequentlY.  However, if my breasts are not leaking, I find that the pad sticks to my nipple and I have to carefully peel it off so as not to hurt myself.

The lace does mean the pad doesn't move around, and it's great that the come with a mesh wash bag.


whilst these stay in place and have good absorbency, they are too thick and bulky and show through most clothing so that it is obvious you are wearing breast pads. I have used them mostly at night as unless i am wearing lots of layers (which is infrequent whilst breastfeeding!) they are not discrete enough to wear in public


I thought this would save some money and the environment, but found these pads have an average absorbancy and left me feeling wet and uncomfortable. I found they needed to be frequently changed as they didn't draw the moisture away. I have used other reusable breast pads which are far better than these.

They also are very obvious under clothing and can't be worn outside of the house!

I do like that they have they're own wash bag and have pretty lace detail.


I have been using these for several weeks, mostly at night when I tend to leak quite a bit.

Sometimes I leak through on particular heavy nights but most nights the level of absorbency is sufficient and now that my breasts aren't leaking so much they are perfect.

I like the way that I can reuse these and there is little outlay compared to the ongoing costs of disposable pads.

I also like the environmental factor, some disposable pads are individual wrapped and therefore have a lot of waste. 


I have switched to these after going through so many disposable breast pads and spending a fortune!

I find they are just as absorbent as the disposable ones I was using. They don't move around too much due to the lace detail on the reverse side. I haven't found that you can see the outline through tops which I found was the case with some disposable brands.

I like that they come with a mesh wash bag. I bought 2 sets so I have clean in one bag and dirty in the other. I have washed mine several times and they are still in good condition and dry quickly.

I used these for my first and second. They were great. They will let milk go through to your clothing so I put a thin soft plastic picked up from spotlight cut to size with reusable doubleside tape and worked a treat. You can go through a set every few hours so I had about 24. Wash well and dryer friendly. Very comfortable. At night they can move so the tape trick works well there too.

I bought these to use along side disposables and they've been good for what I wanted. They weren't any good in the first few weeks, (but then neither were the quite expensive disposables that I bought) and I don't use them if I know I'm going to be skipping a breast feed with bub because I'm at work etc. I do use them happily at hpome or if I'm going out with bub and I'll be able to feed her.

they have been known to slip a little and the outline is visable through a tight fitting top.


I think these are pretty good as far as absorbency goes, but I agree with the other reviewer that you can see the outline of them thru your top which is not a cute look.

I like the little mesh bag that came with them for washing. I use the bag for my other breast pads too. 



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