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Cherub Baby Natribreathe Washable Nursing Breast Pads

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Natribreathe Washable Nursing Breast Pads
Parent Reviews and Comments

The breast pads are soft and absorbs any moisture in the breast area well. It also fits well in my breasts. The soft cotton pads are very reusable and remains soft even after washing with detergent and water. It has not caused any allergy nor it has caused any irritation on my breasts. It doesn't hold any foul odor even after several use and clings well to the breast area. I'm recommending it to first time mums who would want to have the same experience as I am. 


The pads are super absorbent and clings well to the skin making breastfeeding comfortable. They are fully washable and doesn't leave the smell of the milk into the pads. It also hides well inside a shirt as it is super thin yet able to hold unwanted leaks.

Melinda Drake

They are very comfortable. The nursing pads were bought at Baby Bunting a few months ago and I had no problem with leaks and other discomfirt while using it. I was able to try other brands of nursing pads that bhad resulted to allergies but this one is so soft and allows the skin to breathe. I also like the idea of reusing the breast pad as it is environment-friendly and practical too. I just handwash the pads in warm water in mild detergent and dry them up and it is surely clean. The microfiber material is so soft and is barely there which is good for breastfeeding mums that have irritable nipples after bub's being fed.


My skin is usually sensitive, especially as I started breastfeeding. There are a number of breast pads in the market that I have tried, but this works for me well. Comfort is very important to me, so this fits perfect with it's cotton lining. I have not experienced any leakage since I started using these pads, it absorbs well. I recommend this for all mums who have had problems with their leaking breasts.


These nursing breast pads are really awesome. I have tried several but this  was the perfect fit for me. It is soft and very comfortable when worn because it has a cotton lining. It doesn't leak and at the same time doesn't have a smothering uncomfortable feeling when worn. It absorbs really well because it has three layers. When you put them on it seems very discreet and with 4 in a pack I found it really worth my money! It is also very easy to wash.


Ive tried a few different brands of nursing pads and just couldnt find a comfortable pair that didnt leak that were re-usable and made from natural fibres.

I bought these at the baby show and they were cheap so I was sceptical.  But I love them!  They dont leak! And they last! And the are comfortable!

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