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Pigeon Ultra Slim

14 reviews
Ultra Slim

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Night Owl

I found the Pigeon brand to be most absorbant. With other brands I tried I ended up with leaks as they were not able to retain as much moisture as this brand. It is not visible under clothing and I found it comfortable.

This is the only brand I would use.


I used Tommee Tippee breast pads with my first baby and thought they were good, but I have been converted to Pigeon.   They are slim and comfortable to wear and hardly show through the bra. Having two sticking areas, also means that they say in place and don't slip away from the nipple. 

I hardly ever have a leakage issue.  This only happens at night when my baby has decided to sleep through and my breasts are very full by the time I wake up in the morning. 

My only issue is with the packaging.  Individually seems a bit of a waste of packaging, and perhaps in two would be better for the environment.  I also don't like the material used for the packaging, but that is just my personal choice and has nothing to do with the effect of the product.

I've been using these pads for 4 months now and wouldn't change them for another brand.



- contoured. Comfortable to wear and are not too obvious when worn with fitted clothing.

- absorbent. I've not had issues with leakage, but they do need to be changed regularly.

- individually wrapped. Helpful if you want to keep some in your bag.

- reasonably priced if you shop around. I've been purchasing at a large chain baby store for $10 (50 pack)


- Expensive at some stores. My closest local pharmacy sells these at nearly twice the price of the chain baby stores. 

- not sold in chain supermarkets, so need a trip to pharmacy, baby store or buy online

- individual wrapping can be fiddly to tear open. I would prefer to have them available in both  individually wrapped (for travel etc) and a non wrapped version for home use.


This is the best disposable I've tried.  It is thin and is shaped to mould to the breast.  What I didn't like though was the packaging.  Individually wrapped in a thick tissue type material, seems a bit wasteful.

hi i bf my first baby 2yrs 3mths and am currently bf baby#2 2.5weeks old. i never needed the box of AVENT breast pads for #1 but found i used the whole box after 1.5wks for #2! my local chemist didnt have AVENT only PIGEON unfortunately in hindsite. sad.gif As i had an allergic reaction to PIGEON and it really interferred with the enjoyment of breastfeeding with the pain! so i strongly DONT RECOMMEND PIGEON breast pads especially if you have sensitive skin. I was using Lansinoh lanolin cream which helped but switched to the hydrogel pads which have been good so far but is there anything else i can put on my nipples to help them heal anyone recommends?

I've had to try quite a few different types and brands and must say this is the only one which seems to work very well.

I wasn't producing a lot of milk however it does leak at odd moments. When using pigeon's ultraslim breaskpad i know it wont leak to a point of needing changes constantly.

But best of all, it felt like it wasn't there. I didnt have to hide my clothes to hide the odd pattern or dents.

Love this breast pad :)


i used these initially in my first pregnancy but quickly switched to others as i hated the fit and feel of them. they may be slim but they are big, and dont sit nicely & often will poke out the top of your top due to their size. they are very plasticy in feel and the individual packaging of each pad was unnecessary and wasteful.

to their credit they never leaked and were good value for money. 


Pigeon Ultra slim breastpads are great to use while breast feeding. They are slim and thin as the name suggests and they absorb a good amount of milk.

I use to leak a lot of milk from the other breast when i use to feed my son from one breast. These breast pads absorb well and does not give a wet feeling .After every feed i use to change the breast pad so that i can have a dry feeling rest of the time. They stay at one place and does not move around - all thanks to the sticky tabs.

They are soft and gentle on the skin.I did not notice any rash or irritation because of these. I use to wear them almost all the time day and night ( i was changing them when wet ) throughout the months when i brestfed my son.

All in all they are of superior quality, a bit expensive but value for money..

These work really well and dont painfully stick to me like other brands. I got a sample and enjoyed using them. They absorbed well and kept me dry with a gel like layer on the inside when they were wet. The have a sticky area to attach to the bra to prevent them from moving around which was nice. They arnt too bulky and can not really be seen underneath clothes. I went to purchase them after using the trial I got but found them too expensive to use as I go through a few a day, i leak alot! If I could find them on sale and in a pack with more i would buy them all the time.

While the absorbency is fantastic - the 'slimness' works against it for me.

I have small breasts even while breastfeeding and because they are so slim they hold no shape of their own - so against my bras etc they have to fold against themselves to be close enough to absorb any leaking.

The top layer also always stuck to me, and they never stuck to my brask properly! They ended up as 'balls' in the bottom of my bras! 

Tried these and they were the best disposables - didn't painfully stick to my nipples and absorbed well. Also stayed attached to clothings well. Would buy them again!
The only breast pads I can use and still wake up dry in the morning.
I have tried a myriad of brands but always fall back on pigeon.

Can't see them through clothing and they hold in place really well, the only downside for me is the price

These are great in the ultra thin design however I do not like how the top layer seems to separate a bit and becomes loose after you have been wearing it for some time. It also seems to stick slightly to the nipple area which makes me question the hygiene and absorbtion.

Other than that they are sold in convenient double packs and are quite thin allowing for compactability and travel.

These are my absolute favourite breast pad. they are think and not noticable through clothes, they never leak, even if you have been stuck without a fresh one, the inside becomes gel (so doesn't fall apart like some others) and they are individually wrapped. I have never used the adhesive strip. They are definitely worth the money.



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