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Mamaway Premium Disposable

16 reviews
Premium Disposable
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Overall I didn't have many problems with these breast pads. They are big, they stick well and absorb whatever comes out.

I did find it difficult to stick them to my bra as the sticky part is VERY BIG, they would often stick to themself or my hand/fingers when I was putting them in, and when I roll my bra down they frequently stick to themselves and bunch up. But if you can manage to get them in without the sticking to you or themselves, they stick really well, and will stay there without any issues.

I did find that occassionally they would smell a little funky, even though I changed them frequently (every one to two feeds).

Price wise, they were competitive, but it is annoying to have to purchase them online and await delivery (although, it was speedy!), it meant that if I ran out and didn't realise, I couldn't just nip to the shops to buy some more. Which is why I no longer use these.


I had the opportunity to review these breastpads and I was pleastantly surprised. I've been breastfeeding for 15 months now and have a strong let down. I need to use breastpads at night because I regularly leak and end up lying in a pool of my own milk. Living in a humid climate, Townsville, I've actually had to throw shirts out as they've become mouldy.

The Mamaway pads were absorbent, they were full when I changed them after the middle of the night feed but they hadn't leaked through. They were comfortable. They had a large sticky area so they stayed in place.

I would absolutely use these again and I would recommend them to friends having babies.  If only I'd found them before ruining so many nice shirts.


I was lucky enough to be selected to trial the Mamaway disposable breastpads and have been using them exclusively for a couple weeks now. My 4th baby was only a couple weeks old when they arrived in the mail, with his sleeping still ad hoc which was playing havoc with my supply & leaking. I had previously tried many of the disposable brands with my other babies, so didn't even bother to check out what was available this time, simply stocked up on my favourite brand.

Overall, I have been really impressed by the Mamaway breastpads and would definitely consider buying them in future. This is why...

They are individually wrapped which makes them easy to pop in the purse or baby bag or just change one side which tends to be leakier (my favourite ones also have this feature).

The adhesive strip is thick and runs right across the pad which means they stay stuck where they are supposed to be, rather than getting crumpled or coming loose during the day (this feature is better than my favourite ones)

They are super absorbent and actually suck the moisture away from the skin. The first couple times I thought it was odd that they were completely dry, until I realized the milk had just been sucked under the top layer (my favorites are also super absorbent but can sometimes feel a bit sweaty/moist).

They are large, but shape easily and fit well... And they feel soft against the skin without any scratchiness like some other brands.

I hope this is useful information... For me the trial has definitely been useful introducing me to a real alternative to my favourite brand of disposable breast pads. :-)


I was kindly selected to review the Mamaway breast pads. I was sent a packet of 32 in the mail and used them exclusively day and night for 7 days. I have tried 4-5 different brands prior to this review, providing a good basis for comment.

I'm a first time mum with a 10 week old infant that is exclusively breast fed. She is fed 6 to 8 times daily. I don't have an over supply problem but do leak small amounts regularly throughout the day.

Now I've set the scene, I'll detail my experience with the pads.  The pads are individually wrapped which is great if you want to keep some in your nappy bag for changing while your out. They aren't even wrapped in pairs which is again great if you have a side that leaks more heavily then the other.
Each pad has a very large "sticky" patch on the back to attach to your bra/singlet.  This "sticky" patch is larger then any pad I've previously used which has been both positive and negative. In the negative sense it was sometimes hard to place as it stuck to my fingers when trying to put them in and it easily stuck to itself if you weren't careful. This often happened when i folded my bra down to feed.  On a positive note, this means they didn't move round in my bra during daily activities, offering great protection.
Besides being physically round, the pads are not shaped to "cup" the breast at all. They have creases that imply they should fold around the nipple and breast, but ultimately they relied on the shaping of the bra to provide the "cupping". This appeared to work as I suffered no leakage throughout the review period.
The pads have an outer waterproof layer (as do most of their competitors), however these ones were very noisy or "crinkly". For example if I were to lean against something, like the bath or hold bub against me I would hear the crinkle. I worried and feared this gave away to surrounding people that I was wearing the breast pads.  This is information I'd rather not share with people around me.
The pads are made from materials originating from Japan.  I'm not sure where they are made but can assume they are also made in Japan and not Australia.
They are quite expensive at $0.31 each (or $9.99 for 32) against some of their competitors being as low as $0.15 each. Even when buying the three packs for $24, they are still in the higher price range at $0.25 each.

In terms of how well they performed, as mentioned above, i suffered no leakage throughout the review period. On one occasion my baby slept for 8 hours resulting in very full breasts (to the point I was squirting her in the face with milk as I attached). The pads fulfilled their role in this case and I woke completely dry.  The pads were soft on my recently healed nipples and didn't aggravate or cause any harm throughout the trial period. The pads didn't smell throughout their use which gave me confidence. The pads didn't separate into layers or pill as I leaked (something I had experienced with other brands).

Whilst I found the Mamway breast pads very safe, secure and reassuring, I'd probably utilise alternative brands at the lower price point. The cost is the only reason I wouldn't purchase this product in the future and recommend their use to any nursing mothers.


I was given of the Mamaway breast pads to trial over two weeks.

I have been using them for a little bit now and overall I am very impressed.

I have tried a lot of different types and brands of breast pads without success. I have smaller breasts even when breastfeeding, and have found this an issue . Most, I found, would crumple against itself as I didn't have the 'surface area' to keep the pad flat. With the Mamaway I did not find this to be an issue. 

The Mamaway pads also have a very large adhesive area on the back - larger than any other I have tried, so breastfeeding while out & about wasn'tn an issue - they would simply stay where they were!

They are also thin enough but not too thin so that they lose their shape. I can 'roll' my breastfeeding bra down to feed and when finished, unroll my bra and the pad stays intact, without sticking to itself, or becoming a clump in the bottom of my bra! 

Another thing that I loved about them is the fact they have 'ridges' in them, this means that the annoying fabric doesn't stick to your skin when you pull it off - fantastic if you have sore nipples!!

Individually wrapped which is hygienic and a convenient way to dispose of them when out! (just put the used ones in the new wrapper!)

I am really happy with these and would definitely recommend them to people to try, I will be using these exclusively from now on as none compare to them for me! 


I have a 10 week old baby that is fully breast fed and I have been trialling these breast pads for 2 weeks now.

They are individually wrapped, whilst this is useful as they can usually be put in my handbag, I found opening the pads tricky- I am often doing this in the dark with one hand whilst holding the baby which only added to the awkwardness.

Absorbency wise, the pads are great - I had no spillages or leaks something that  was happening quite often with my cloth pads.  I didn't notice any odour which was also a positive about these pads.

Having small breasts, I found the pad itself slightly too large and it would sit above of my bra on occasions.   My only other criticism is that when I folded down my bra to feed, the pad would also fold and lose it's adhesiveness.  Not a problem as I had a large pack to sample but I would be annoyed at having to change pads so often.

All in all I think these are pretty good breast pads, they have excellent absorbency, they are soft and worked well for me.  I think that they are a little on the expensive side for everyday use but worth it if you are very leaky.


I have found it difficult to find a good breast pad since the birth of my 3rd child, who is now 10 weeks old. Since the birth of my children, I have found that my skin is more sensitive so it is really difficult to find a product that doesn't irritate my skin.  

The Mamaway Breast Pads arrived very quickly and i was impressed with the larger pack size with 32 pads.  Most other brands have 24 in their packs.  The Mamaway pads are individually wrapped which is great for the nappy bag.  The outer packaging is plastic, much like sanitary pad packaging, I probably prefer cardboard as it is recyclable.

The pads are a good size, they don't stick to my nipples and don't get the jelly like consistency when full.  I haven't found any separation of the filling either, which has happened with some other brands. There has not been any balling on the surface of the pad .  They are quite absorbent even though they are fairly thin and I like that they do not have the inbuilt nipple shape and they are discreet under clothes.

I don't use the adhesive backing so I find (as with all other brands) that the backing strip irritates my skin a bit, I have also found the edges of the pad can sometimes feel a bit scrathy and irritate my skin a little but not causing any redness. 

At $9.99 for 32, they work out more expensive than the other brands I have used (Mamaway $0.31 per pad vs other brand I've used at up to $0.25) however buying online is convenient and postage is free. Also, on the Mamaway website currently if you buy 3x packs there is a discounted price of $24.00 which equates to $0.25 per pad.  I also enjoyed looking at the Mamaway catalogue that was included!

Overall a very good product that I would certainly use again although I would probably only buy the 3x packs at the discounted rate. 


Like most breastfeeding mothers, I have been on the hunt for the perfect breast pad. My dislike for washing, has meant that I favour disposable ones over than cloth ones and I have tried most brands on the market. I was glad to be given the opportunity to trial the Mamaway Premium Disposable Breastpads. 

First thing I noticed was that they had a large adhesive sticky on the back. This is definitely an advantage over other breastpads which have a smaller one. I found that the adhesive sticky stayed in place when stuck to my bra, which an advantage to other brands where they just fall off and I don't even bother with sticking them on. 

The Mamaway breastpads were also on the large side, which was a bonus as I am the larger side. I felt they were quite absorbant  and easily handled the overnight leaks. 

The only downside was that they were not quite as comfortable (and padded) as some other breastpads I tried, but they were more comfortable than the cheaper brands. 

I'm yet to find the perfect breast pad, but the Mamaway breastpads are definitely some of the better ones available. 


I was given the opportunity to trial these breast pads and have been using them for almost 2 weeks now.

They are individually packaged which I thought was a good idea so you can store some in your nappy bag or handbag for emergency leaking situations. However I found the packaging quite difficult to open which began to be quite frustrating each time I needed to change the pads.

The pads are quite large (the biggest I have seen and I have tried out quite a few different brands being a new mum breast feeding). I found the large size gave good coverage to my big boobs and unlike other pads I didn't have to keep adjusting them to make sure my nipples were covered. 

Large adhesive section on the back (much bigger than other brands) was also a plus as it helped them to stay in place. However I did find when putting the pads in they would sometimes stick to themselves and I would have to start over with a new one.

I didn't find the pads very breathable and felt I got quite sweaty whenever wearing them which was uncomfortable. 

They were very absorbent and contained all my leaks where some other pads have not been able to and I have had to change them more frequently. 

Overall they were a good breast pad, but due to the sweatiness factor I will not continue to use them. 


This is my second baby and he is 6 months old and I'm breastfeeding him fulltime. I have tried every brand of breastpad out there and just haven't been 100% satisfied with any of them - until The Bub Hub sent me a pack these to trial!!

I admit that I was sceptical that they would be any different, after all there isn't much that goes into a breastpad, but after the first day of the trial I was hooked!

They are big enough to do the job and still be practical but not poke over the top of any of the bras I wore.

They are comfortable to wear and aren't scratchy against the skin either which has been a problem with most of the other brands I have tried.

The part that I loved the most though was the extra large sticky backing on them!! Most others that I have tried have moved in the bra, and when I would feel the letdown I would have to discreetly check that my breastpad hadn't moved from where I had inserted it, which has happened often and caused leakage in the past. I am confident when wearing these.

I also found that they didn't have an obvious odour after a few hours wearing the pads which was a pleasant surprise.

I cannot recommend these breastpads enough and I am their #1 fan now. Do yourself a favour and try them out!


After trialling the Mammaway breast pads I was quite impressed.

They were very absorbent and could be worn day or night and did not leak at all.

The shape was good and fitted well inside bra without being obvious that you were wearing them.

They were so comfortable you didnt even notice you were wearing them.

There was no odour and they didn't have the noisy plastic backing like some other brands.

These pads also didn't pill or stick to your nipple like some other brands.

They also didn't scrunch up inside your bra and were easy to put in and take out.

Overall i think they are quite good value for money given that they are reliable and actually do the job they are intended for well.

giggle berry

I have been trialing these breast pads for 2 weeks now and have found them the best I have tried so far out of 4 other brands.

I found all their claims on the pack to be accurate; Soft, breathable, anti-leak, anti-slip, odour free.

Allow me to elaborate;

I particularly liked the larger size pad and the adhesive strip that covered the whole back of the pad. These were the first pads that I have been able to wear overnight without them either leaking or not covering my breast as it moves through my changing sleep positions. The larger size adhesive strip also means they are not annoying like other pads can be when they fold over themselves and stick to you as you maneuver yourself in and out of your bra (I have had many a breast pad stick to my nipple or get stuck crumpled up within the bra with other brands).

They don’t get a jelly like feeling to them when full or get fluffy or break apart as other brands I’ve tried can.

I found them to be far more adsorbent and therefore didn’t need to change them as frequently.

The odour free claim I also found to be accurate, which was another reason I didn’t need to change them as often.

I liked that they are individually wrapped so could be conveniently tucked into my handbag or nappy bag.

While they are a little more expensive than some other brands they are definitely worth it in my mind due to the superior quality, comfort and ease of use. They are still within the same ballpark cost as other breast pads.

I will definitely be using these from now on.


I have been using these breast pads for a week now. 

The packaging is cute, and they are individually wrapped.

They are quite large, but with flat top and bottom fit well in my bra without sticking out at the top.

They are the most absorbant breast pad I have used. Now my supply has settled, I was comfortable using only one a day, swapping sides with each feed. They did not break apart after a couple of hours use like less absorbant brands can, and felt soft, but not jelly-like when full.

They do have a sticky patch on the back for placement, but I dont use that as I tend to swap them from side to side, as I only leak when feeding.

Although they are more expensive, at $9.95 for 32, I was using less than the cheaper brands, and now my supply is established and predictable, I would find these good value.


I received these breastpads in the post to review.

Firstly I must say the packaging they are sent in is rather cute and I got a little excited when I saw it.

I love the fact the breastpads are individually wrapped. Allowing me to keep them in my nappy bag as spares too.

The  breastpads have a large adhesive strip on the back. Larger than I had ever seen before. I thought this was a bonus being that some previous ones didn't stick well at all or came unstuck whilst breastfeeding and ended up being stuck together. The large adhesive worked well, although there were a few days (whilst I was  hot) they did stick to themselves, but not quite as often as other brands. I do see this adhesiveness being a bonus.

I have a 7 week old, thus my supply is still a bit over the place and I was finding with other brands I would leak on occassions. I haven't had any leakage problems at all with these breastpads and I also find that they didn't feel as "jelly" like compared to some of the brands.

No fluffing at all.

The shape is a little differernt. Round but two sides cut flat and I wasn't completley sure which way they should be placed in, but either way didn't seem to be a problem.

I did find the edges a little scratchy though and on days where I was a little tender the scratchyness was a bit irritating but I just folded the edges over

All in all they are good breastpads and I would definately consider to continually use these


I had the oppurtunity to review these breastpads and I have been using them for the last week.

The packaging split when I tried to open it and the pads went everywhere! I didn't find the individual pads too easy to open either. Although on a positive note it is great they are individually wrapped so I can just throw them into my bag. 

They are quite absorbent compared to other brands I have tried and they kept me dry overnight.

The adhesive backing is quite sticky however it did get scrunched up in my bra on a couple of occasions and ended up being stuck to my nipple, Ouch! 

All in all the absorbency and individual packaging is good. The price is about standard for breastpads. 


I had the opportunity to receive a free pack of these to test and was firstly surprised at how fast they arrived on my doorstep.  The packaging was easy to open and each pad is individually wrapped. 

These are a generous size and quite thin.  The sticky back was great because it covered most of the back and not just a thin strip like others.  I felt like it was more secure than others I have tried.

I wore these during the day and also at night and didn't have any leaks through them, they didn't leave behind any fibres either. 

The only thing that I don't like about them is that they make a crinkly sort of sound when putting in which disturbs my baby when she has fallen asleep feeding.  Other than that I think that they are great and would consider buying them in future.

The pack I received says there are 32 in a pack, however, they are advertised as having 30 in a pack so $9.99.  This is a little more than what I would like to pay but they are much better quality than some other brands I have tried.



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