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Pigeon Premium Breast Pads

11 reviews
Premium Breast Pads

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Parent Reviews and Comments

These are the absolute best in disposable breast pads! And I've tried almost ever brand out there. 

Great absorbancy, the gel in the pad catches the leakages well so you wont feel wet. Double adhesives so it stays in place and doesnt bunch up easily and I've never had a leak! It also comes individually wrapped in noise proof wrapping so you dont announce it to the whole world when you want to change your breastpads outside. =)

I love it! 

Daydream Believer

I tried every brand of breast pad and can say without a doubt that these are the best in everyway. Miles ahead of the rest.

They are super-absorbent, entirely odor free, not scratchy at all, in fact, they are so silky! They fit wonderfully and are not visible through your bra and shirt. They also didnt budge.

They were the more expensive option, but once I had tried them, (and all the other options) I never bought another brand.

6 stars out of 5!


These are my favourite, they are comfortable, stay in place well & absorbent.


I'm not a massive fan of these.  I was given some as a shower pressie, and they were ok.  I found the shape of them to be too "bent" so there was too much of a teepee happening (possibly I have oddly shaped boobs... but I'm hoping it's the pads).  The two sticky patches were good in theory too, but I found that often one would stick in the right place, and the other not quite, exacerbating the shape issue.  Also then resticking the wrong one would cause it to come off later.  I also found these had more of a tendancy to roll up and hide under my boobs like little mini push-up inserts... which I don't really have a need for just now!

All in all, they were serviceable, but I have others that I prefer and that suit me better.


So far these are my favourite breast pads.

I like that they have two sticky bits, it means when I roll down my bra they don't come off or bunch up like other brands, or stick to themselves because they are two thin-ish sticky bits.
Though I've found that once I had fed from each breast about 10 times I would have to change the pads as they would bunch up a bit and be hard to restick down.

I don't have a lot of leakage in general, so haven't found many issues with dampness

Value for money wise I found they quite good. I do have issue that they are so hard to find! Only one baby shop has them, and it's a 25 minute drive away, which is a little frustrating, but at least I CAN find them!

I tried J&J and Swispers breast pads and both were scrunchy and showed through tops... the Pigeon premium breast pads were really absorbant and I found them to be the best!  I will be using them again for this baby...
I tried many different types of breastpads with my first son. Lots didnt work. But These worked great, so much so that i only bought them when i had my second baby.I love that they have two sticky parts, that is the winner for me. All the others i tried balled up at the bottom on my bra, or were difficult to repositionafter a feed. With these i just undid my clip and folded my bra down, then folded it back up at the end, breastpad exactly where i wanted it to be. 

I didnt leak alot only when it was feeding time so I found them ok, the only thing that i found was that they didnt stick well and often I had to pull it down from under my armpit!

Once it is wet you have to change it straight away, held the milk in but was wet to surface.

I didnt mind these but I had to change them a lot! so only used them during the day.
I had a reaction to these breast pads within minutes of using them.
I have tried a couple of pads and this is by far the best. Others have been too small (leak) or bulky and very uncomfortable. This is so slimline that you can't feel it. its a great size and can hold a lot. I have never had it leak and I have used it with 3 children.



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