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Rite Aid Nursing Pads

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Nursing Pads

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Only been using these a couple weeks but they seem ok. Good absorbency especially as I have a strong let down. Unlike the other reviewers I'm not bothered about the sticky pads as I don't use them normally, I just take them in and out of my bra as I'm feeding. 


I have a fast and heavy flow and leak a fair bit. I've found that these breast pads are excellent for absorption, keeping me dry even when I wear them overnight.

However, the small sticky bits on the back of the pads are ineffective and this leads to leaks as the pads move around.

Much better absorption than other brands I've tried, but could use better adhesive to prevent moving around in the bra.


These were the only brand of breast pads I used and they seemed to have lots of flaws. They only have a tiny sticky strip so can easily move and I found them to be quite visible through clothes and they scrunched up easily.

Aisha Aizee

Hello my dear friends :)

I am mum of Aamna my first child, on exclusive Breastfeeding.In my initial days with latching issues and engorgement of breast with sore nipples and hungry angry crying baby, i tired RiteAid hydogel pads and they work/healed sore nipples like magic,truely i prayed for the one who had this idea ;) they are super soft, light with very soothing effect, can be used for 24hrs and heals really fast.


I like that they are thin and non noticeable. Very absorbent.The pad becomes very full in the morning and still does not leak. The only problem I have with them is that they do not stick very well and using a breastfeeding bra, sometimes it can come out of place or fall off the bra


I've tried a couple of brands of breast pads and these are by far my favourite. They're very absorbent and the large size means if they move through the night, I usually still wake up with dry clothes. However the sticky but on the neck doesn't hold them in place at all, but like I said above, the moving isn't too much of a problem due to the size.


good size, but need another sticky strip and sometimes the plastic backing can be uncomfortable, bit over priced.


I have found these nursing pads to be the best value for money after trialing all different brands. They are absorbant and the only leakage I have had was when my daughter slept through the night. The only downside is that the sticky bit is not strong enough to hold them in place, but honestly - I have never found a brand that does stick in properly. I have always just slotted them in without the stick. I have plenty stocked up in my cupboard :)


I have been using these since day one and find these to be great! The only downfall is I find that they don't stay in place. But other than that, great absorbency & they are very discreet! Comfy too! 


These really are great quality and work extremely well at absorbing any leaks. My sister gave me some of hers she had left over from her bubs when I had my first and I haven't stopped using them since. They're discreet as well so you can't tell you're wearing them and you don't feel them at all. They fit perfectly in your bra and have a little sticky bit on the back of each one so you know they're not going anywhere! I found these were very gentle on my nipples too. :)


I have found these nursing pads to be great. They were recommended to me by a friend and I have been really happy with them. They keep me dry so much that I wouldn't even think I'd have leaked at all. The only way to tell is to rub the pad and feel if theres any gel areas in it. Discreetness is very important to me and I've never been able to see the disc-shape through my top as they're quite large and thin. Pretty good value for money too.

I would definitely recommend these nursing pads :)


I have found these breast pads to be excellent.  I have never had leakage, despite an abundant milk supply.  They are very comfortable and great value for money.


I had a massive oversupply and it didn't matter what brand i used i leaked so i was going through a fair amount of pads.  These were priced well and although not as absorbent as some, there were discrete and affordable.  They are a good size and cover the breast well.

I still use these now as my supply as settled down and i dont need to change as often


I used these in the early days after my daugther was born and unfortunately found that they were not absorbent enough for my heavy oversupply, and as a result I feel they contributed towards my nipple thrush. 

These would be a great breastpad for women who do not have a heavy leak as the price is comparable and the inner padding does not bunch up like some of the other cheaper breast pads.  


I have tried a couple of brands and have found this product to be the best in terms of value for money, absorbency and overall comfort. I found the sticky backing a great idea, however they do sometimes slide down in your bra but this is usually when they are quite full, so after a few hours. I also liked the idea of them being individually wrapped as a pair, its convenient to grab them out of the pack as a pair, and also to keep hygienic in my nappy bag. I found when I first started using them, when my milk was settling in, they would become incredible full due to my abundance of milk but they never leaked through to my tshirt, so I was suprised at the absorbency.

Overall I would highly reccomend this product.

I tried quite a few different brands of breast pad both disposable and non disposable and all of them leaked in the first 6 weeks when my milk was settling in. I found Rite Aid were the best pad for comfort and absorbency plus I liked that they are individually wrapped so it's more hygenic when popping them in the nappy bag etc. They are great value for money and I always recommend them.

PROS: These pads are packaged individually which is very handy. It makes packing them for trips or in your purse easier and cleaner. Easy to open without having to struggle at all. They are soft and smooth pads, feeling great on your skin, not scratchy at all. Thin and discreet under clothing which is great during the summer. I found they were one of the best pads avaliable here in Australia. I expereinced no leakage during the night which is hard to find in a breast pad.

CONS: Sticky backing on the back in one spot to attach to bra but it needs another spot as it still slips down to under your breast at times.

Overall I was really impressed by these pads, they are a great price for a very effective and comfortable product.

These breastpads didn't work for me, I found they would leak after about 2 hours and are definitely not for overnight. 

They are a great price but I find the price matches the quality, often slipping down and very scratchy.
I've tried afew brands and these are by far the best!! Good value for money, dont stick to my breasts, dont fall out, good absorbency. would highly recommend them !

I have tried nearly every brand of breast pads and found these to be the most effective, comfortable, reliable and best value for money.

They are absorbent and plastic backed (so do not leak & feel dry when wet). Yet are still soft & thin enough that they can fold with your bra, so they don't fall out when feeding like I found some of the more expesive ones would, and cannot be seen through tops/bra. The sticky is pretty good, but not the strongest compared ot other brands - I just found putting the sticker towards the bottom of bra worked best for me.

Great for when applying nipple cream (avoids staining your bra) and day or night use.  

Invididuall wrapped handy for nappy bag, and I just recylcle the plastic individual wrap.  

Affordable enough that I was happy to change them frequently and wear often for piece of mind when heading out.

Purple Lily
This is such a great product!!! It was exactley what i was looking for.  They give you the confidence because you can trust that you wont leak so i was never worried about leaking through onto my tops.  Highly recommended product and great value for money!!!

These are fantastic. They are reasonable priced, comfy and absorbent. I've tried the more expensive and cheaper but nothing compares to these.

I think I prefer these nursing pads to the reusable ones!  They are highly absorbant whilst still being thin, don't stick to my nipples and are cheap compared to many other disposables out there.  They tend to stay in place for me even without using the little sticky bit on the back.  The only downfall is that as far as I can tell they are not environmentally friendly - biodegradable or made from recycled products.
These werent bad, I got a box from a friend and used them all but found I had to change them more then other brands. 

Rite Aid Nursing Pads are great for the price - they are inexpensive and fairly absorbent. They are quite rough and stiff, however it's to be expected of a cheaper product. All in all, I think they are a good nursing pad.


I tried quiet a few brands before finding these...

Good absorbency, Comfortable (other brands gave me a rash).

Found that they were usually on sale at Woolies about once a month so stocked up on them then.


This is a great product, even the best disposable nursing pad on the market! Super absorbent and excellant materials - that don't stick to you.

I would love to see this product ditch the individual wrapping, it is unnecessary packaging and I would love to see this company be nicer to the earth and remove the individual packaging, as we already feel guilty enough when I have to use disposable nursing pads - for conveince.


I had an oversupply problem for the first four months so was constantly leaking, to the point of going through a couple fo breast pads every hour.  Rite Aid ended up being the cheapest per pad of any I could find, along with being absorbent and being able to wick the moisture away from my skin.  Even when full they have done an amazing job.

Individually wrapped which is handy for throwing some in the nappy bag or handbag and I know they won't get ruined and become unhygenic.

Often on sale ot Coles or Woolies, so  I buy a couple of bexes at a time.

Found them to be the most effective for a reasonable price. Comfortable, absorbent. Had no issues with them. Came to this conclusion after trying about 4 different brands. I went through boxes and boxes before my breasts stopped leaking all the time. Had to wear them day and night. Wouldn't leave home without them!

I tried many samples before choosing Rite Aid. They are affordable, always seem to be on special when I get the groceries. Also have great absorbancy day and night. I accidently put one through the washing machine and it stayed in one piece, lucky for me there was no fluff to pick off clothes. and it was full of water. I could not believe it. What a test! Only down side is the sticky part.They could be a little stickier. I did find these great to use after the first few weeks of breast feeding. My nipples were really sore to start with and I found Johnsons brand to be softer on the nipples, then I switched to Rite Aid once that settled down. I am still using them. My daughter is now six months old. I love that they are individually wrapped.Just put all the plastic in your recycle bin.

After looking at all the nursing pads available in my supermarket, I decided on Rite Aid because they were the best value of the premium nursing pads and they absorbed well. I leaked a lot when I fed my son and they protected me sufficiently. I also used them when feeding my daughter. They were great overnight too.
good value for money and fairly good quality. You get alot in a pack.
I found that my nipples stayed very wet using these which wasn't great as we both ended up with thrush. Will not be buying them again. I guess you do get what you pay for.
I only had a trial pack of these, but when I used them I found them to get quite hot and itchy.  suppose they could be absorbent but I didn't leave them long enough to find out. I won't be buying them.
These are cost effective. I can't reall coment on absorbency as I'm not a big leeker, but they have a plastic back so the breast can't breath which can increase risk of mastitis is used too oftern. I have them for emergencies but I wouldn't use the every day.



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