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Johnson & Johnson Nursing Pads

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Nursing Pads

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Parent Reviews and Comments

The pads I used had the "nipple relief" indents. 

They were comfortable enough. I didn't find them any more or less comfortable than other contoured breast pads I had used (Pigeon, Medela).

These pads were smaller than other pads I have used. this could be a benefit if being worn Under fitted clotwith with necklines near the bra. 

They were thick and absorbant, but as they were small I found they moved around under the feeding singlets and so I ended up with leakage at night.

These are not individually wrapped. This is OK (and even a good thing) for use at home, but not great if you want to put a few in your bag to take out with you. 


I liked that the pad was thicker than the others, however that was also its downfall for me.  Whenever I used these pads I got painful  lumps, particularly around the rim of the pad, it was just too thick .  After trying loads of different brands I found  Swisspers to be the best. Actually reading some of the other reviews I'm astounded to read some people wear the same pad all day, that's an awesome way to get an infection ladies.


Johnsons breast pads were the only ones that sat right and didn't crinkle or move (have a sticky bit that stays attached to your bra). I used them with all 3 kids and would recommend to anyone (and put them in my "top baby products") basket that I make up for friends and family with their first bubs.


I found these breast pads excellent. I tried a few different brands but these were the only ones I could trust to last me all day if I went out and forgot to take extras.

I never used the stucky pads on the back but found they stayed in place anyway - except when in bed.

They were comfortable, and I felt like they were barely there. They kept me dry without harsh sticking and even when completely drenched, I hardly had a leak.

I have used these for two babies ow and would not hesitate to use them again with future children.


I got quite a few of these in various freebie bags and found that they were actually better than most of the others I spent money on!

The contouring and sticky patch placement meant that they stayed put during normal use and did the job. They're nice and absorbant and I never leaked through whilst wearing them :)

The onnly thing I can think of, and it's true of most of the pads Iv'e used, is that when my daughter is having a cluster feeding patch the continual bra movement does cause them to displace and roll up...


I found these were very absobant and did the job well.. they were a little small for my breasts and i also found they were not very discrete.

the did form around the breast very well and stuck securley.


These pads were quite good to use for absorbency (no that I leak much), and size, they weren't too small or too big for me (I have DD breasts).

I found them to stick initially well, but once I roll down my bra they fall off easily and bunch up. I had to change them every single time I feed, even if they are still 100% dry because they were not sticking anymore.

They are great value and I do use them when I am unable to get to the one store that stocks my preferred breast pads.

I found these breastpads to be a great shape, excellent absorbancy, remained stuck in place (As they should be!). They are comfortable and I would recommend this product.

However, as a big busted lady, I did find that they were quite visible under clothing which wasn't so crash hot. However I didn't mind as I found them a great buy.

I would buy again.

As a large breasted woman, I personally found these breast pads way too thick. The breastpads were visible through my tshirt which was very embarassing. 

They were absorbent however, so if the above complaints arent an issue for you then these breastpads are great, albeit very expensive. 


Out of all the breast pads that I have tried I would have to say that these have been my fav.

They were comfortable and seemed to soak up all excess milk with no leakage whatsoever.

They are quite thick so would assume that they would be quite noticable if wearing a very thin bra and t-shirt however this was never a problem with me.

Really worked for me 

Excellent absorbency, i never had a leak. very comfortable and well fitted product that didnt show up under tops as easily. price is very expensive (about 50c per pair really)  however the difference in quality compared to other brands makes them worthwhile. stick on and stay in place well.
Absorbancy was fine, seemed to be able to soak up anything that leaked. What i didnt like was how noticeable they were under my t shirts, they looked rather silly.

These pads are good in the fact they are quiet thick and absorbent during those first few weeks when your milk is still coming in and adjusting (read: leaking everywhere) however I really hated the fact that they are "moulded" and have like a risen area where the nipple is, meaning it looks like you are constantly high beaming if you're wearing a shirt that is even remotely firm fitting.

The little sticky bit on the back could be bigger/more sticky as well, as they seem to move around a fair bit, and are no good at night time as they move when you roll around.

Price was good, absorbency is good.... I think I will only use these at home and probably won't buy them again.


I have four children so have tried almost every disposable nursing pad there is out there and consistently come back to this one.  I love that these ones keep their shape and don't become all screwed up after a couple of feeds. 

They also don't have that plasticy feel or sound to them  which is great for comfort and for discretion.

The other thing is the contour of these pads.  I find that these are the least noticable under clothing, even tight shirts when compared to others. 

Absorbency is great, I have never leaked through a pad and they draw the moisture away from the skin so I don't even know that they have soaked up anything until I change them for new ones.

Can't recommend highly enough!


Currently using these nursing pads but don't think I will be buying more of this brand.

They are quite thick (good for early days when I was leaking a lot) but downside is you can see the outline of them through tighter fitting tops. 

The sticky bit on the back does not hold them in place and they end up moving a lot...very annoying.

End up with a lot of fluff on my nipples from them too.

I got them on special so the price was quite reasonable. 

Too thick, leave fluff on nipples, fall out when I unhook my bra flap. I guess the thickness might be appealing to ppl with sensitive niples or heavy flow. But I didnt like it. Also expensive.

these always stuck to my nipples and i ended up with bits of fluff on them, not to mention them hurting whenever i pulled them off.

as others have said they seemed quite small compared to other brands.

they are also fairly think which is good and bad - it gives you extra padding for sensitive nipples that brush up against something but they can also stand out a bit if you have a tightfitting top on.

i have heard a fair few people like them though so maybe im just a bit strange!!

i found these pads to be quite small for my nipples. they were a good shape, but i think they would have worked better if there were a bit bigger. they did have good absorbency though.
They absorbed well for me but kept getting stuck!! It was really painful to rip them off my nipples...don't think I'd buy them again, even though they were nice and thick and absorbent.

I like how these nursing pad fitted, I especially liked the sticky bit on the back so they stay in place by sticking to your bra. Their absorbency was good though only have had leakage once. They do their job and absorb milk but only can hold little amounts before they leak.

I like these breast pads.  They are contoured so they fit well and stay in place easily.  They are quite absorbent too, but small in size, so that is an issue for overnight sometimes.  I found them comfortable to wear and recommend them.
I thought these were ok. They were comfortable but i thought they were kind of small. I wasnt able to wear these at night because they would leak and I found they slipped alot and ended up under my boob. 
Bluest Blue Box
I didn't have a lot of leakage and only wore pads for about 6 weeks. The indent was great for sore nipples.  They are pretty thick but this didn't bother me as I was only wearing baggy tops for the first few weeks. They are very soft and comfortable and didn't move around. Only con is how expensive they are but as I said I only wore them for a short while. 
These are expensive for the quality you get. They are not very absorbent and do not draw moisture away, keeping you feeling quite uncomfortable
These have to be my least favourite breast pads. They are too thick, the pattern on them can be seen through your clothing and I find the material irritates my skin and becomes itchy. I also find they can leak (which is no good if you are stuck without a breast pad!).
I really like these, while they are more expensive than some of the other brands, I really think you get what you pay for. These are the only disposable pads that I am not aware that I'm wearing. Others have been very uncofortable. Also, these are contoured and are not obvious under fitting tops, unlike some other brands. I will definitely be buying these again.



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