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Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs

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Hydrogel Breast Discs
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My little one didn't want to open her mouth wide for the first couple of months so I ended up with sore damaged nipples within a week of breast feeding.   My midwife recommend these and they were a god send.  I was ready to give up feeding after the first week because I was in so much pain.  I tried nipple shields but found that awkard to use, where as these cooled down my breast and give me some comfort during feeds.

To help the healing process, I took a day or two off breast feeding and wore these all day and expressed milk to give my boobs a rest.  Expressing was a lot less painfull. This break helped the hydrogel discs do their job and worked wonders within a week or so.  My breasts weren't as sore and I'm now four months into breastfeeding and no looking back.


These were fabulous in managing grazes/cracks/blisters and easing the discomfort of feeding in the early days/weeks with my first baby. I would recommend these to any new mum. Storing them in the fridge to keep them cold was great. This brand  of dressings are also affordable (much more so than say the Medela hydrogel dressings) and readily available in pharmacies or major supermarkets. 

A "must have" for the hospital bag if you are hoping to breast feed. 


These things were vital to my breastfeeding success! So soothing and fantastic for worn out chewed up nipples! These should be recommended at hospital to all breastfeeding mums, so helpful.


I know that sounds weird but these helped me that much!

I found using lanisoh messy and just annoying where as these were easy and convenient and really helped to soothe my sore nipples. 

i kept a couple in the fridge for the times where i needed extra relief but be warned the cold can take your breath away!


I have let down a few random times a day like a gurney and have found these pads to be the best in the disposable market. I don't have any issues with leaking and love how they come in packs of two in the box so you do not end up with little bits of the packets floating around your house. I've been wearing them for 4 months and have tried others but found the quick opening on the packaging to be the most efficient when having to whip them open at record speed.

Brissie 1st timer

I first came across these awesome little things when my little one was 2 weeks old and I was having issues with getting him to get and maintain a deep latch. I had very sore and cracked nipples that were not healing.

I thought I wanted nipple shields then realised what I really wanted was something that wouldn't irritate my already sore nipples and help the cracks heal.

These are wonderful. They feel nice and cool and helped heal even with 2 hourly feeds. I still have them at home just in case but after they helped to heal me I haven't needed them since. They are in the top 5 things I tell new Mums about. 


I bought these after reading the great reviews here on the Hub.

Can I say they saved my nipples and my breastfeeding journey, they are such a releif to sore cracked nipples. Pop them in the fridge to make them extra cool, it makes a huge difference.

I absolutely love these and highly recommend them.


After suffering the worst cracked nipples ever, I discovered these by chance when I was desperate to breast feed my first child.  They were by far the best product that I ever bought.  They are so cool and soothing on sore nipples, and can be used all day without the worry of contamination.  I believe without the between-feeds relief that hydrogen discs gave me, I would have quit breastfeeding.  I have recommended them to all of my friends, and they have been so happy with them.

I bought them straight up for my second child, thankfully the nipples were not as badly damaged the second time, but the hydrogel discs were still a wonderful relief.


Well, if not life savers then breast feeding and nipple savers at least.  Since having my daughter, who has had a dysonesque suck since birth, I've had thrush, mastitis, cracked nipples, the works... at one point all three together.  I had a box of these on my dresser and another in the fridge and they were awesome.  The relief they gave immediately (especially the cold ones) was amazing and they helped heal my nipples so much faster than with just cream.

I can't rave about these enough... I try to balance my reviews, but I cannot honestly think of a negative!


I Positively LOVE this product: The Hydrogel discs have been my saviour with my last two children. I had very heavy feeders and both times became very cracked.

The Discs are nice and cool as soon as they come out of the packet. I found even when i became quite full I didnt leak with them on.

Between and the discs and decent cream I survived the first couple of weeks of torture while my babies feeding settled.

 My only Con would be there is not enough in the packet for the price but the product is good enough it has not stopped me from purchasing. 


I love these more than anything !

They made all the difference for me and allowed me to continue breastfeeding when I almost gave up.

The soothing effect was instant and they were even better when stored in the fridge. 


I had a lot of problems breastfeeding my daughter so was anxious when my son was born. A friend gave me 2 discs to try & the cooling relief was instant. I fed my son for 12 months & used the discs every day.  They also control excess milk. They are the best invention for pain relief for breasts. I handed my spares to my brother-in-laws wife who has just become a first time mum.

Cannot praise highly enough


I also purchased a few of these while they were on clearance and found them very soothing for the early stages of sore nipples and nipple damage.

Popping them in the fridge made them even more soothing. I didnt notice if they made my nipples heal faster, but being in less discomfort surely helped ensure that I continued with breastfeeding my daughter :)

I recommend these to all new mums now who suffer from damaged or sore nipples. 


These were an absolute life saver as a new mum! I was given a box of these for my baby shower and made great use of them during my son's first two weeks of life.

I would keep a few packets of these in the fridge to make them nice and cool and pop them in my bra to soothe sore cracked nipples. They really did save me during those two weeks of extremely painful nipples.

Highly recommend these as an essential product for all new mums.

I bought some of these on clearance early on in my pregnancy not really knowing what they were for.

I have to say though....BEST PURCHASE EVER and I cannot reccommend them enough, especially for the first few weeks of breast feeding when your nipples are getting used to having a baby feeding off them all the time.

The relief that I felt when I popped them on after a feed was just bliss to someone who has sore or cracked nipples. Definitely worth the money

these hydrpgel discs are always my first recommendation to any expectant mum and on day three the thankyous come rolling in :-)

they are just absolute bliss on sore nipples - they stop clothes/pads chafing against them, allow moist healing which is meant to be best AND are super cheap compared to the competition!

cant fault them, and cant recommemd them highy enough.  

Atlantic Puffin

These things are a god sent!!!

I recommend these to everyone I know who is expecting. I am expressing at the moment and find these to be incredibly helpful with soothing my boobs after wards.

I put mine in the fridge for added benefit... Amazing!

Eleven Eleven

These are AMAZING in helping relieve and heal sore and cracked nipples while your little munchkin is feeding. Made breast feeding SO much better. I make  sure I buy a pack for all my friends who have just had babies.

NOTE: these are not breast pads 

My bubba had a habit of letting go and latching on a different way from the way he'd been put on, after learning I wouldn't break the habit I looked into anything that would help give some relief.

The disks were great for that, I also used paw paw ointment. The two together worked great to get rid of the pain and grazes that arised from his antics. 

I have a sweet baby that likes to pull back on my nipple and cause small grazes which are very painful. These discs, while I dont think they actually healed the grazes they gave me relief from the pain and cooled the burning feeling. 

Feel comfotable and soothing I was very happy with this product.  


These were amazing such a relief for my cracked nipples ahhhh

I was using a cream a few times a day and at my worst I was clutching at straws to find something to get much needed relief. I found them in my local supermarket and gave them a try, I'm so glad I did.

Cant recommend them enough.


I got a sample of these and went out and bought more after using them. I kept them in the fridge and during those first few weeks of hot lumpy sorness they were truely invaluable.

I breast fed my first two children through huge amounts of pain and never really enjoyed the experience and I firmly believe this product along with a good nipple cream got me through those first few weeks almost pain free.

I found the discs lasted quite well over a few uses, so even after they had come out of the fridge, been worn and the taken out for a feed, I could pop them back in still get a "cooling" effect.

Also I liked that I could express a little milk onto my nipple, put the disc on and unlike a breast pad I didn't get dried out so the cracks healed very quickly I found.


I got some of these free with the rite-aid breast pads and they were fantastic.

They are discs you place on your nipples to help relive sore nipples from breastsfeeding and they are amazing. They cool the area right down and offer an instant refreshing, soothing feeling. 

These discs helped me to continue breastfeeding when i was struggling with sore, cracked nipples - they made a huge difference.

I would recommend these to anyone with sore nipples, great product.

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