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Woolworths Homebrand Nursing Pads

10 reviews
Homebrand Nursing Pads

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I've got at least half a dozen Woolworths around me in the South Eastern suburbs and this brand doesn't have a home brand nursing pads at all to buy. Need to have this available in all stores.


The breast pads are good and absorbs a lot of milk.

I find the adhesive at the back not sticky enough and the breast pads do get out of place easily.

For the price, it is good  and met my needs


awful & uncomfortable


I use these pads when I go to work, as they are a lot thinner than my reusable ones, so they don't show through my tops. They aren't extremely absorbent, and I find they use to fill up very quickly. Now that I've been pumping regularly on schedule, and I don't "leave anything in the tank", I don't leak very often if at all. So these pads work well for a small amount of leakage.

For the price, (VERY VERY cheap), you get what you pay for. If you're after quality and longer use (as in for more than a few hours), then I'd choose another brand...


I was given a box by a friend and i used them pre birth as i was heavily leaking colostrum.  I hated them they leaked they bunched werent absorbent.

I do not recommend at all!

I really disliked these pads, I was given a packet by a friend and they did not tick any boxes for me.

Didn't stick in place and moved around so much they ended up all squished and there was no chance of them soaking anything up.

They felt nice but if they wont stay in place that isn't really very helpful.

I've tried many different brands while breastfeeding and these are really quite good, they are soft which is great if you have a constant feeder like i do, so when your nipples are sore they dont irratate them. The  only thing i didnt like is that i couldnt use them straight after i had my babies because they are small so not so great if you have a lot of milk like when your milk first comes in, overall i think they are great and i will continue to use them as they are great value for money.

I use to breast feed my son and my milk supply was very high during early days. So when i use to feed my son from one breast ,other breast use to leak a lot .Even  during one feed i use to change  breastpads and during a day in total i was using lots of breastpads. So i was looking for a cheap option as i was usnig a lot of them. So i tried home brand nursing pads and was happy with the results.

They are individually packed - i feel it is good as sometimes when i use to take them out from the box in a hurry,i use to drop a few of them on floor but as they were individually wrapped so i use to put them back in the box again without thinking about the pads being contaminated with dirt ( if they were not wrapped ).

They soak a good amount of milk and they soak little leaks well and i was not able to feel any wetness on the pad.

They have small sticky tabs on the back to keep themin one place - i found them helpful.

They are comfortable to wear and gentle on  the skin.


i didnt start using these until my milk supply was fairly well established so not sure how they would go in the early days. i initally bought them as they were the cheapest option but now buy them as i prefer them to others. i have had no problems with them being itchy or sticky. it does sort of annoy me that they are individually packaged ( what a waste of plastic) but most brands i have tired are. i stopped using the sticky bits on the back as its easier for me to reposition them after a feed if they arnt stuck to my bra but when i did i found when i peeled the paper off it would sometimes take some of the sticky stuff as well


I found these pads to be hot, itchy and sweaty. In the end I decided to use nothing at all when at home. Wouldn't recommend them, I have a whole pile still sitting in the drawer



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