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Coles Disposable breast pads

10 reviews
Disposable breast pads
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I use these in between when I haven't washed my washable ones in time. They're great value for money and do what theyre meant to :) I'll continue to buy them as a back up :)


These disposable breast pads were quite good and good value for money. I felt comfortable wearing them and would buy them again. 


when it comes to having the nursing pads on at night they don't stay in place. they need to be larger in diameter and better in adhuesive tape. good in value for money as other can pay up to $20 per box


I thought I'd be clever and buy a branded pack of breast pads (a brand that also makes bottles etc, thought that'd be ok right?), which ended up being next to useless. A couple of weeks of soaked bras and I bought the Coles ones. Great. Thick, abosorbant, stayed in place and cheap enough too. Easy to get delivered with the groceries too, esp since I couldn't go anywhere after my caesarean. 



- absorbant and thick. Quite large. OK for overnight use.

- can buy with groceries. No need for trips to pharmacy or baby store

- reasonably priced

- individually wrapped which is helpful if you want to keep a couple in your bag etc

- 2 sticky pads to hold in place 


- not contoured. I found these less comfortable than contoured pads. 

- individual wrapping is more fiddly to open than other brands that can be torn open.

- size and lack of contouring make these harder to "disguise" under fitted clothing than other brands I've used. 

These are a great product!

I didn't use them for long as I had a stock pile of different brands but found them to be really all round good, great absorbancey and a comfy fit, can't see them through clothing and I didn't wake up with one on my forehead or belly, so that is always a plus.

Great price for what you get!

In the first few weeks after giving birth I used a number of different brands of disposable breast pads and also bought washable ones. I had terribly uncomfortable nights, waking up drenched. No pad ever seemed thick enough or absorbent enough. I even resorted to using maternity pads.

4 weeks in, I discovered Coles Nursing pads in one of my gift packs and they are brilliant. I haven't had the discomfort of a soaked chest since. I would never have chosen Coles' brand - well known baby brands seemed a more rational choice - but I am so glad I stumbled across these and have bought them ever since.

The only tiny, minor negative is that they are individually wrapped. Why? I don't know - for me it's inconvenient and so wasteful!

I have found out of all of the disposable pads I have tried, these are the best. They are slimline but very absorbent and are priced right! 

I used these when I was breastfeeding DS before I switched to cloth breast pads (which I've found soooo much better btw).

These did the job. No leaks and a good price (although I bought the cloth ones for not much more than the prize of just one of these boxes ... I'm just saying ... :)

Anyway. I'd recommend these to anyone wanting to use disposable breast pads - and they are handy to have a few spare in your nappy bag even if you don't. Very convenient as they are individually wrapped.

They also have a sticky bit on the back so they don't slip around inside your bra. 

nothing wrong with these pads. comfy, individually wrapped with the adhesive tab. easy to use and a better price than the other brands. nothing fancy but does the job :)



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