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Fisher Price Rock N Play

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Rock N Play
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Parent Reviews and Comments

My little one had reflux and a girlfriend lent me one of these to try.  The very next day I went straight out to buy my own.  Our little one would sleep for hours on end in this rather than her bassinet, where she would sleep an hour max.  As she got older and her reflux cleared I set this up in the bathroom with her towel in it.  Was so easy pulling get straight from the tin and placing her in the rocker rather than trying to wrap her in my arms or on the floor.  So many uses for this amazing purchase.  Can't recommend it enough. 

Wickedly Happy

When my son was 5 weeks old, we had a visit to the local Parents and Babies unit. Max had reflux and wasn't settling In his Boori cradle (despite it being elevated). The nurses recommended the Rock n Play Cradle and, really, it was the best $100 we spent! He is snug, supported and elevated!

It doesnt rock automatically, but moves when he wriggles around, which help him self-soothe. Babies are able to sleep in it overnight (unlike the swings) and it sits comfortably next to my bed, so it can rock it during the night if I need to. 

The elevation has helped enormously with his reflux. The lining is washable, but I cover it wit a pillowcase which is much easier to wash.

The Cradle is also portable - for little babies, i think it's muchrebutted than a portacot. It fits in my suitcase for a flight to QLD, but I ca also put it back in the box. 

I cannot recommenit this product highly enough. It saved our sanity and wasn't ridiculously expensive. 



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