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Mattel Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

28 reviews
Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

With the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, everywhere your little one looks there is something fun to do with an animal friend! Your little one can have fun spinning, jumping, rattling and more - it's not only fun, but helps to develop gross motor skills through safe jumping play.

Parent Reviews and Comments

This is a fantastic product. We use this for my 8 month old daily. It's amazing for when I need to get the floors moped or duck into the toilet quicklY. Tthe toys, lights and sounds captivate my sons attention long enough for to get a few things done without having to make sure he isn't climbing something!

It ts very sturdy and well made so don't need to worry about it toppling over like some more flimsy products. It is very large though so before purchasing make sure you have enough space! 

stacey gealy
i went to visit a family member today who has a 7 month old lil girl and i couldn't get over how happy this little girl was while playing in her Zoo Jumperoo i always thought these would be very bulky yet it took no more room then what my high chair would. she loved the bright toys attached, music and flashing lights and also that she could stand and play. She would get super excited when the other kids would come near her as she would start to dance with them while the music was playing its like she felt like she was as big as them (2 and 3 years old) i kept her amused for hours  i think this would be great for any parent who has other children or a bub who loves to dance  

My 5 month old absoloutely loves his Luv U Zoo Jumperoo! As he's going through that stage of always wanting to be held up and standing, this toy is perfect. It allows him to bounce up and down, play with the toys attached to it, watch the flashing lights and listen to the music. He will happily bounce up and down in this for a good half an hour!

Has also definately come in handy since he has started rolling and when I need him to stay in the one place :D


My son absolutely loves this, we were looking for something that would take him off the floor and put him upright as that is what he was trying to do. We looked at saucers but this held his attention, he loves jumping away in it. It also seems to be more supportive in the crotch area as opposed to the jumperoo. 

It is big and takes up a lot of room and unless you are really dedicated, you don't really want to be taking it apart after each use. It sits in our lounge room all the time.

I want to say it's worth the money because he does really enjoy it, but it IS still really expensive for what it is.... 


This is a great product - lots to keep bub happy and occupied, nice colours and safe to use. But it definitely takes up quite a bit of room.

So long as you have lots of space, it's awesome.

Definitely value for money (although ours was a gift from family).


fantastic item my son enjoys the numerous toys and lights that are attatched.

its easy for him to jump around while still being a part of what is going on.

the teething toy is a fantastic addition and is constantly in my sons mouth

deffinetly worth a purchase you wont be disappointed


Firstly, a big thanks to Fischer Price and Bubhub for the oppurtunity to trial this great product! I, for one, have been toying with the idea of getting a jumperoo to occupy (and contain!) my little one for a few minutes while I get things done around the place, but there are just so many to choose from.. I was quite excited to be accepted for this trial and hoped that it would be the perfect thing for us. Straight away I was impressed with the ease of assembly. I did not need to use the instructions, it was very straight forward and easy.. the only tool needed was a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. MUCH easier than a lot of other pieces of baby equipment and toys I've had to put together over the years! The seat area seems quite comfy for bub. The baby is well supported in the seat and the surrounds seem quite padded and comfortable for baby to lean over to play. There are lots of different activities and toys on this particular jumperoo.. My son was amused for ages just looking at them all. Not to mention the movement activated lights & sounds. He is fascinated by the cause and effect of his movements. And the lights & sounds were not overly offensive to the non-baby population! The unit as a whole is quite attractive to look at. It isn't one of these ghastly contraptions that you run and hide away when you have visitors because it is so hideously ugly. It isn't. I love the height adjustable seat; ie. the height of the seat from the floor. It is quite fiddly to adjust, but once it has been adjusted, it is staying put. It is reassuring that the seat will not accidentally fall down whilst in use. A few cons to note - It is quite wide and bulky. The jumperoo would not fit through my hall door whilst fully assembled. Luckily, it is quite easy to remove an arm to move it through, then to replace the arm again. The jumperoo is quite unsteady on the floor when not in use. The weight of the baby sitting in the jumperoo steadys it, but when empty the feet seem quite uneven on the floor and it rocks a little bit. This doesn't effect it's use in anyway, it just seems a bit odd. Overall, this seems to be a new fave addition to our household. Although not the HUGE success I was hoping (the longest it has held my son's attention for is 15 minutes.. he is a very "busy" baby!), it certainly does the trick of occupying and containing him while I get a few things done. He is even learning the cause and effect of his movements, and strengthening his legs and torso whilst bouncing away to the songs. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends!


The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is one of the best all around toys I have used yet! My daughter gets bored very easily with most toys, but once in the jumperoo, she can be left in there for up to 30 minutes just checking out all the toys and bouncing away! 

The bright colours all around keeps he attention focused on everything around her. The lights are not too invasive, and the music is not at all too loud like other toys, and also not as annoying. It keeps her jumping away for ages! One of the best musical toys by far! My daughter loves the spinning hippo, and also loves smiling at herself in the elephant mirror! The 360 degree spinning seat means my daughter can get to the toys she wants to play with without any assistance.

This toy is also fantastic for the mums as well! It is a great toy to keep the little ones occupied while getting some of the chores done around the house. It is easy to put together, and has bright colourful covers over the springs to keep your babies fingers from getting caught! One of the best things for me was my daughter tired herself out while jumping, and was ready for a nap straight after coming out of the jumperoo! The 3 different height adjustments mean that this toy will get heaps of use, and makes it fantastic value for money.

The only negative thing I can say about this is it takes up a fair chunk of space. Saying that though, it can be taken apart and put back together fairly easily.  

Overall, I think the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is one of my daughters new favorite toys, and one of my favorites too!!! 


My little one is having a lot of fun in his Mattel Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for the last 2 weeks . The day we recieved it, hubby assembled it and it is in continuous use since then. Instruction manual was very helpful during assembly.

Baby loves to be in it all the timewhen  he is awake. He keeps on playing in it, touchng one thing or the other.Toys on it makes it more entertaining. Lights  and music makes it lots fun.

Sometimes i put a pillow under my baby's feet just to give him a different soft feeling under the feet and he loves it. He continously moves and it gives him a great exercise .i can  make out that the seat is comfortable for the baby .He seems so comfortable in it . I have observed that  he is understanding cause and effect  while playing with the toys.

I liked that the music is not too loud, its just right.

It  gives me some time to relax as i need not entertain baby when he is in Jumperoo , all the toys,lights,music  keep him entertained.

its easy to store and does not take much space. I liked the height adjustment feature, will use it  with time.

I am very happy with it and since the time it is here i am much more relaxed and happy .

Thankyou very much Bubhub for choosing me to trial this product. i recommend it for all the babies who can hold their head up.


On the whole, DS loves his bouncer and squeals in delight when he's in it.

  • The whole thing was very easy to put together.  The seat confused me a little bit, until I realised it had to be put on upside down.
  • Being all plastic it is very easy to clean.  The seat (fabric) is easily removable and machine washable.  All the plastic toys also detatch easily to be cleaned.  The teether cannot be removed, but it was also easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • It is height adjustable, so can be altered to suit bubs as they grow.  My 8 month old DS is on the taller side of average but he is still a bit too short for it.  I've popped phone books under his feet which help.
  • The seat swivels so that a bub can play with all the different toys, but DS is unable to do this by himself yet.  I swivel it myself when he's in it - I find it is a bit stiff to turn, so I'm not sure how he'll manage when he's more able to do this himself.
  • DS loves the toys - they're fairly easy to use and use both fine and gross hand grasps which is good.  My little Mr. Vain particularly loves gazing at himself in the mirror.
  • A bit bonus is that the music isn't annoying, and it can be turned off too.
  • DS can't reach the teether (attached by a cord).  I initially give it to him but then he drops it and gets annoyed when he can't get it again.
  • DS likes the hanging toys and keeps trying to swat them, but they are just out of his reach and he finds that frustrating.  This doesn't last too long though, as he quickly finds something else to keep him entertained.
  • It is nice and stable, however this means it has quite a large base compared to other jumperoos I have seen.  It isn't a major issue for us, but would be quite restrictive in a smaller home / unit with less space.  It would pack away compactly for storage though, after bub has outgrown it.


I had been looking at these for a while so I was soooo excited when picked to review the fisher price luv u zoo jumperoo.

The good: My DD is 5.5 months old and absolutely loved this product!! We found the lowest height to be perfect for her. Very colourful and catchy music with lights keep her entertained for ages. Plenty of activities around the jumperoo which meant if she got bored of one toy she wound just bounce to the next. Very sturdy structure,added bonus of a teething lion toy... perfect for the teething bubs.

The bad: This product is aimed at 4-12 months. My DD is 5.5 months and the lowest height is only just perfect for her and she is a tall baby. I would suggest that this should be aimed for 5+ months (or maybe even 6 months).There are 2 palm tree hanging toys, within 5 minutes my DD had broken one of them by pulling on the monkey toy. The size is quite big which could be considered a bad point but you can easily see that it is designed that way to be safe.The swivel seat is hard and stiff  to move for my 5.5 month old but im sure this would get better as she gets bigger.

 Overall: great product, sturdy design and all the colours/toys perfect for the exploring bubs. My DD loves her 'Bouncy Bouncy!' - She laughed for the first time copying mummy jumping.

Marie Latham

I assembled the jumperoo myself and found it very easy and straight forward. The instructions were clear and the pieces all fit together well and secured with ease unlike some other baby equipment I have assembled. I was very pleased with all aspects of the jumeroo assembly. The Jumperoo is being used by my 8 month daughter, she was instantly a massive fan  and enjoys the bouncing coupled with different noises made each time she moves. The action the jumperoo makes is clearly very suited to babies and she laughs constantly. The teething attachment I feel is also a very welcome addition as she often has it on hand when jumping. Both the spinning wheel and ball engaged her well, she enjoys both the reflective colours and movement, however I was a little disappointed with a number of the other ‘toys’ as the were very basic and border line pointless. I am aware you do not want to over stimulate a baby but at the same time stationary hard objects all one colour bring little enjoyment, use or learning to her. Over all I am thoroughly happy with the Jumperoo, it fulfils the needs and my daughter clearly enjoys spending time in it. I would rate it 8/10.


The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo was very easy to put together and my son was bouncing up and down with 15 minutes of opening the carton.

I really like the extra padding over the springs to keep little fingers safe, and the whole stand seemed very stable even with him jumping like crazy. We had purchased another jumper on a stand and it moved across the floor as he jumped, which I didn't find safe.

The toys are colourful to grab his attention and simple enough for him to work out. The music is not annoying like some of his other toys and the giggles amused him. It's a great idea to combine the toys with the jumper as he gets a little bored if it's only jumping he can do.

The only thing I didn't like about it is the leaves that clip to the top, don't seem to snap in properly, like the other toys. With a strong pull, my son can get them out. But this is very minor.

Overall, a great product and I really appreciate the chance to try it out for my son. Thank you


This product is easy enough to assemble and comes with clear instructions. It takes up quite a bit of room so I wouldn’t recommend for a small apartment or flat. The main frame is brown and beige and the seat cover and toys are gender neutral so suits both boys and girls.

The seat has three height settings however the shortest setting is not low enough for my twins so they were unable to touch the ground and use the bouncing feature. Even so my girls found all the toys and noises very entertaining. The sounds had them giggling.

The best feature is the 360 degree seat which allows the child to play with all the different toys which are attached around the circumference of the platform. I had to physically turn my twins around however if your child can touch the ground they may figure this out for themselves.

Overall this product is good fun but would be more suited to babies older than 6 months (unless they are reasonably tall) to make the most of all the features.


My 6 month son absolutely loves this Jumperoo, it keeps him entertained for ages! He is full of energy and loves jumping while exploring all the different activites - he just never seems to get bored of it.

The different toys attached are great for developing both fine and gross motor skills, and the music and lights make it extra fun for little ones.

Easy to assemble - just make sure you click the toys in properly, I had to get my husband to help with this! The only fault is that my son can't spin around himself - but that doesn't really bother me as I am happy to turn him around every so often.

Overall a fantastic product. :)


Really cool product, which bub loves! Lots for her to see and do, and she has a great time bouncing.

Like all Fisher Price stuff, it (mercifully) has a lower volume setting, so bub can hear it but the rest of us don't have to. The different height settings are great, meaning it will be able to be used for longer.

The only problem I have had is it's not very transportable. I took it out to the backyard so she would be occupied while I hung out the washing. That worked a treat, but it was a bit ungainly getting it out and then back in the back door. Though I was lazy and didn't disassemble it :)

All in all, a great way to occupy a busy bub, good quality and solid like all Fisher Price products. I didn't buy a Jolly Jumper as I didn't feel they were 100% secure, even with the frame.

The Crunchy Mum

I was impressed that the Jumperoo was not just a static activity centre, but doubled up as a baby jumper as well, which is a safer option to doorway jumpers. It’s the perfect hybrid solution between activity centres and baby jumpers.

Here’s my assessment of the Jumperoo…

Highlights and pros…

  • Simple to assemble – honestly, I was able to put it all together by myself without hubby’s help in under 20 minutes, in fact the hardest part was just removing all the plastic covering and packaging from the various components
  • Deep seat with comfortable padding – the depth of the seat is considered to be safer and more secure, especially for taller babies, as it minimises the possibility of them tipping over or flopping around in the seat
  • Colourful interactive toys – I liked the fact that each toy has an interactive feature, whether spinning, rattling or jiggling, for bub to explore and experiment with. I also found the toys fasten on very securely with very minimal chance of them inadvertently being popped off
  • Interactive music, sounds and lights – potentially can serve as a good way for bub to learn cause-effect when he associates his jumping with the lights and sound. The music is also unobtrusive and not loud or irritating
  • Easily detachable seat pad – so it can be tossed into the wash easily as needed, very important!

Things that would have been better…

  • Rotating seat doesn’t turn very smoothly – I found this point to be somewhat inconsistent across different reviews as some parents found it an issue and some didn’t, but I would say in my case it’s definitely something to look into
  • Including some textured toys – the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo features all plastic toys; it would be nice to have some textured fabric toys for added tactile stimulation
  • Having an additional lower setting – I found the lowest setting just at the borderline for my 9-month old, so I think some younger or smaller bubs might find the Jumperoo too high for them (however putting a cushion or pillow under their feet may help)

My bub’s assessment of the Jumperoo?

  • He just loves it and couldn’t stop jumping and touching the different toys the whole time he was in it, gurgling with delight with every jump and leap.
  • He definitely burned off a lot of energy in there as he slept very soundly for his afternoon nap after a good 20-minute session playing in the Jumperoo.

Closing thoughts…

As much as I and my son love it, I wouldn’t leave him in it all the time as I believe it’s still important for babies to get plenty of mat and tummy time as part of their development. If you have an older bub like me, you might find after a while they will want to come out of the Jumperoo to explore other things or crawl around.

Nevertheless I do think the Jumperoo a fantastic product. Albeit it is somewhat on the pricier end of the scale of activity centres, but might be well justified in the fact that it is considered to be the top product of its kind in the market.

If you’re planning to invest in an activity centre, I would say this as a good versatile product that adjusts to your baby’s growth and incorporates the safety features of stationary activity centres with the all the bouncy fun of baby jumpers.


My 11 month old has had lots of fun with the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo this last week.

Assembling took about 20 mins following the directions (probably quicker without three kids clambering on top of you and trying to help.)

As soon as I put DD into the Jumperoo she had a ball. We had to do a height adjustment which was no problem and she was then off jumping and laughing to the music. She had been grizzly and not feeling 100% the day we first used it and this brought such a happy smile to her face

It is lightweight so easy to move around the room or to another area in the house. It is fantastic to put bubs in there for them to have some fun and you know they are safe if you have to leave the room briefly and can't get into mischief if they are at crawling stage.

This is a great product, the music makes it I think as when DD hears the music she starts jumping and clapping to the music. I have tried it with the music off for comparison and she is a little bored after about 5 minutes but with the music she stays in the Jumperoo very happily for easily 25 minutes. 

She hasn't mastered swivelling in the seat as yet, this seems a little tricky seeing only their toes are touching the floor and the seat seems a bit stiff to turn easily, but she can reach tround to the side and play with most toys anyway and there are the hanging toys also so plenty to entertain.

It is a clever design and the lining of the seat also comes off for washing if need be.

I am very happy with this product. 


My baby girl and I have been trialling the Mattel Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for over a week now and my overall opinion is that this is a great Jumperoo! 

My husband said that it was very easy to set up as long as you followed the instructions for the seat part. 

DD started bouncing as soon as we put her in it, and she has never done this before. She loves playing with the different stations.

From a parents point of view, this is a great investment towards having somewhere safe and fun to put your child if you need to leave the room for a few minutes. It is also very well made and the unisex colours and quality of the Jumperoo are great.  Parents with a smaller play area may find the Jumperoo to be a bit space consuming.

Downside is that my DD doesnt like to spend more than 5 minutes in it because she is in an exploring phase, but this is no fault of the product :) 


What a fantastic product, my son loves Jumping in the Luv U Zoo Jumparoo.


  1. the ability for him to jump around whilst playing
  2. the rewarding music for jumping
  3. the interactive toys that are attached and variety of toys
  4. great colours and flashing lights


  1. the springs are only covered with a fabric, my son already grabs hold of the fabric and could possibly get his fingers jammed in the springs, I would suggest putting a flexible plastic tubing around the springs followed by the fabric.
  2. the seat does not move freely
  3. the seat has a peak  at the front making it difficult for my son to reach some of the toys
  4. the seat could do with some extra padding
  5. the leg holes in the seat are quite small, it leaves marks on my sons legs.

As stated above my son loves this product but I do have a few concerns as detailed in the Cons.


We received our luv you zoo Jumperoo when my son was 11 months old. He was not yet walking but was pretty mobile and had never used a jumperoo before.

Putting the jumperoo togehter was very easy. I was able to do it on my own without my husband and without the use of tools. In fact the only tool needed was to unscrew the back of the musical part to put the batteries in. It took around 10 min or less to snap everything into place. It is also very light which makes it easy to move around to different parts of the house. I tried putting bub into it in front of the tv, in the kitchen and in the bathroom to keep him occupied while cooking, showering etc.

Now, bub himself i think was a tad too old for this jumperoo. As i said being 11 months old and mobile he was in there for all of 5 minutes before realising he was trapped and wanted to get out. Before realising this he had a good time jumping and dancing to the music and using the spinny toy thing as a steering wheel (he loves to drive). Taking him out he had a bit of fun playing with the attachment while standing on the outside of the jumperoo. Trying again another couple of times and the same situation, a few minutes of fun and then wanting to get out and move around.

All in all i think this product is excellent for babies aged between 4 and 9 months or for older babies who are not yet mobile, either crawling or walking. I wish i had this when bub was smaller as it would have been exellent to keep him occupied while i was busy around the house.


My son is 5 and a half months old (almost 4 and a half corrected) The jumperoo is the first activity centre that he has been upright in.

As soon as we put him in it he loved it! Being just over the recommended age to start using it his feet barely touch the floor on the lowest height setting. He manages to get one foot on the floor and is able to get himself moving.

He absolutely loves it! He loves the music and the lights and everywhere he turns there is something to play with including hanging toys and a teething toy. I love the way the seat turns all the way around so he can get to every sing toy. At the moment he is too young to turn himself around so we do it for him but he loves all the different activities!

He is also loving being able to sit up in it and now refuses to go in his bouncer and wants to be in the jumperoo as it's obviously a lot more fun!

It is great to keep him entertained and he loves bouncing around!

It is slightly bulky but we have just set it up in a corner of the room out of the way.

It was easy to put together and the instructions were really easy to follow.

My older children also love playing with him while he is in it and showing him all the different toy.

It is great to watch him learning to spin things around and move the different toys

I would highly recommend this product to anybody thinking about purchasing one for their baby.

I can see my baby is going to get alot of enjoyment out of it up until he learns to walk so it will certainly be worthwhile and get daily use!

As with all Fisher Price products i know i can trust this for my baby and not have to worry about whether it is good quality and safe!


First of all I would like to thank the Bubhub team and Fisher Price for including me in this trial. What can i say, the product is absolutly amazing. I have used nothing like it before for my first 2 children due to lack of funds. My 7 month old LOVED IT!!! He could sit in it for hours if he could. I was surpised with the amount of activities that was in this one product. And the jumperoo part is so much better than the jolly jumper. He can just bounce around freely without me being worried that it is going to collapse ontop of him. The lights and sounds add that extra wow factor- and is perfect for his stage of development. 

The only issue I had was with the assembly of it. Maybe it is my incompetence in relation to putting things together in general- but for people like me that struggle with assembly, maybe numbering the parts, or colour coding them will make it easier in the future. 

Thanks again for allowing me to review such a great product that ticks all the boxes:
Structurally sound

Alot of activities that keeps baby occupied for hours


Lights and sounds to assist in development of the senses


After a few seconds of looking at the animals our daughter 8 months started bouncing up and down and giggling with delight!

She had a jump around and then began exploring all the bits and pieces that made sounds and had bright colours.

This toy is fantastic! It's safe and sturdy for lots of jumping and turning and has many safety aspects we have noticed such as the multiple stitching on the elastic.

We are so impressed with this fantastic learning toy!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review it! 


Thank you so much for the opportunity to review the Luv U Zoo jumperoo. As soon as she saw the picture on the box, Miss 7 months was instantly intrigued. The item was easy to assemble and my daughter was twisting and bouncing away in no time.

The 360 degree motion and the multitple items to play with definitely stimulated her senses. I love that her reactions can trigger lights and music, giving her an early undertanding of cause and effect.

It's a definite favourite already as it keeps her thoroughly entertained long enough for me to complete tasks. I pop her in it in the kitchen if I want to do some baking, or we move it to the spare room when I'm folding clothes. It's a great item to have, and the only downside is that chubby little miss is already getting close to the weight limit. Perhaps she'll start crawling and lean out a bit so we can get a lot of use out of it!


Very happy with the jumparoo from the moment it arrived. Bright toys kept my 9 month old entertained for hours. Very easy to set up with the easy to follow instructions. Would highly recommend this great product to any parent.


From the moment our 4 month old daugter sat in the Jumperoo she loved it!! Each time we put her in it she learns how to use a different part of it. The fact that she is standing up and not lying down is a high point for her as she is very inqusitive and likes to see the world around her. She loves the hanging toys and the bright colours, it keeps her happy for ages!!

The Jumperoo was easy to put together and only took 5-10 mins. I would recommend the Jumperoo to anyone with littlies!

Thanks Bub Hub for the chance to review this!


Excellent invention! Perfect design. I have a bub who was premmy and he was very lazy acting like a 12 weeks old at 6 months! now he loves to hold himself up and play with all the bits and bobs! This Jumparoo is perfect for all bubs!



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