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Target Gentle Glide Portable Glider

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Gentle Glide Portable Glider
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought this swing for my sister in law as a gift awas once we had it set up I was spewing that I didn't have one. It great so great that as soon as her daughter grew out of it I hinted that I may want to "borrow" it for Amy newborn son. Lucky for me she wasn't having anymore children so now I'm the happy new owner and my son loved it! It has various swinging speeds and volumes for the music and different music for soothing, sleeping and playing. My son is now 11 months old and still tries to climb into it when he sees it in the spare room. 


We were given this for my first child as a baby shower gift.

It personally sint het look or style I would have chosen for myself BUT

It was a life saver... Once I realised at about 2 or 3 months that I could put my son in there in the evening, and he would SLEEP!

I could finally eat/go to toilet etc (hubby at work).

I only wish I had have started using it sooner and saved myself some of the stress.

It doesnt take up too much room, can be folded away.

I'd recommend buying rechargeable batteries, we got some for arounf $40, and generally as he was in it for a fwe hours they would go flat every night.

I plan on using it for bub #2 as soon as possible if I need to! Day/night, whenever if it works.

Another nagative is I found my son got too heavy for it by about 5-6 months, he was almost 9kg by then and the swing really struggled to go back and forth in any great motion.


This is a Learning Curve branded rocker available from Target. We love this rocker, it was the only way to get my little girl to sleep during the day!

Whereas other swings swing your baby up and down, this is actually a glider that glides your baby horizontally. So it is very gentle & soothing for baby. The baby lies pretty flat in this, so it can be used from age newborn up. I don't know what I would have done without it, as nothing else made my baby sleep during the first 4 months.

What we didn't like is that it uses D batteries which are expensive, and the batteries are used up pretty quickly!

There are 3 different music settings and you can set the speed from slow to fast.

Highly recommended if you're having trouble settling your baby!



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