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Bright Starts InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer

4 reviews
Bright Starts InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer
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Parent Reviews and Comments

My bun enjoys sitting in this bouncer. Loved the product

Purple Lily
What drew us to this bouncer was that it bounced itself, since then it has been a lifesaver.  DS was a very clingy newborn, we used to have to take turns eating meals and holding him while he slept, this bouncer solved that problem.  Ds is quite happy to sit in his bouncer and watch us eat or do little things around the home.  He loves the music and sometimes would rather be in his bouncer than be held.  The only negative would be that it was quite confusing and difficult to put together, but in the end it was totally worth the money we spent.  It is worth every cent! 
I love the look of this bouncer compared to some of the garish varieties out there, definitely not offensive to the eye.

Looks and feels much safer for bub, music and vibration modes and a newborn insert make this one of my best purchases.

No complaints from my baby who was happy to sit in here while I did the dishes or showered, unfortunately he has outgrown it now but we will be storing it away for number two, fabulous buy.

We bought this bouncer because it was one of the only ones that wasnt tacky and bright. Our daughter really enjoyed being in it and it became our life saver. She went through a stage where she would only sleep if we were holder her or she was in the bouncer. We loved this bouncer because it also made meal time easier. :)

one advice though read the instructions carefully while to assembling but well worth the time.the batteries lasts a long time(not included)and the melodies are really soothing

recommend this to anyone



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