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Fisher Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing

16 reviews
Baby Papasan Cradle Swing
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Lucky for me, my sister let me borrow this from her when my bubba was born and told me I would love it and boy did I ever! If you even have trouble getting your bubba to sleep, use this! Works every time! It plays a variety of soothing music that my bub really liked and she also loved watching the birds spin around above her as well as looking at her reflectin in the little mirror that is also above her. You have to choice to swing the swing two different ways. Side to side, which worked best for me, or back and forth like a park swing. There are about 8 or so speed settings that at first I though were way too fast for a little baby, but after a few months I discovered that bubba really liked the fastest setting! There's a soft little headrest in the seat and straps that go around the waist but not the shoulders, so you still need to be careful baby doesn't try to wriggle out of the moving swing! Not very heavy, so easy to move around the house. A little adjusting needed when moving through doorways or up and down stairs, but nothing major or difficult. It runs on 4 large batteries and lasts for quite a while. Love it and highly recommend it, especially if you have babies that have trouble sleeping during the day. 


This was the swing I got for my little girl when she was born. Easy to move around the house, kitchen etc and they just sit and swing.

Althought she was about 6 mths old and too big for i when she first 'fell' out of it straight onto her bottom, didnt even cry but I learned my lesson, time to put it away (or, probably should have used the straps!)

Great product though and the songs etc are great and you can swing back and forth or turn it to the side and they go side to side.


I purchased a swing for my son while I was pregnant and after he was born he was never a big fan of it so we rarely got use out of it. When he was about eight weeks old we visited a friend who had this Fisher Price swing and my son loved it! He fell asleep in it straight away! Immediately after that we went out and purchased one and I'm so glad we do. My son is 6 months old now and still uses it daily although it doesn't swing all that much now that he is around the 9kg mark.

Love that you can rotate the seat to swing back and forth or side to side. The mirror at the top is great for bubs to look at, as well as the rotating toys around the mirror.

My biggest recommendation in terms of swings and bouncers though is that if possible, wait until bubs is born to go out and buy one because most of my mummy friends and I have found that it is very common for bubs to hate one swing or bouncer but another is much better suited to them. Wish I had of done this as I would have saved alot of $$$.


I have one of those newborns that barely sleeps, so I went and bought one of these swings.  I am pleased to say that he has fallen asleep in it twice, but also he has been settled by it several times.  I love that it can swing from side to side or forwards and backwards.  It also has several music and a spinning mobile that my very alert 5week old DS loves to watch. This is a great swing and I'm really glad to have it.  I would recommend that anyone who is about to have a baby get one of these for newborn settling, especially during mealtimes.

We got this second hand and use it every day! bub loves it though he is over 9kg it doesnt swing as well now. he is nearly 6 months so is growing out of it! its big so storage could be a problem. great for settling newborn. chews batteries too but def recommend it.

This swing was purchased when we were at our peak of exhaustion. Our baby had severe colic and needed to be rocked and rocked. We had tried every product on the market such gripe water, infacol etc. My maternal health nurse suggested an electric swing and we chose this one.

The various speeds on it help to adjust it for your baby and their age. It looks so comfortable, sturdy and safe and it really is.

I thought the batteries would need so much replacing but they last and last.

Most of all, this helped our baby sleep straight away! He still has one sleep in there a day. It is perfect when your baby has wind or reflux as it keeps them upright as they sleep. It's also fantastic for a baby who wakes up after their first sleep cycle as it simply lulls them back to sleep with a gentle sway. I cannot rate this product highly enough.


We were given this swing as my nephew outgrew it. We use it several times a day. I have found it is more versatile than other swings we have used. It has a 2 way swing. It swings back and forth or side to side. The structure of the swing oozes strength and quality.

I really love the fact that it has several musical/nature sounds as well as a dial style volume control to acheive the perfect sound level. I found that when we first put DD in the swing, she was too small to lay comfortably in it. She was born prem and once she reached "full term" size she looked much more comfortable. The swing also has a rotating mobile and a shiny mirror that DD loves looking at. Each feature (swing/sounds/mobile) can be used independantly of each other.

I found that in the very early days, I tended to use the sound feature on its own as bub was too light for the swing (2.5kg). With fresh batteries on the lowest setting, the swing swung out of control. However, once bub was heavier (3kg) the problem resolved itself. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the position to be able to afford one. Especially if your baby has reflux as the baby is in a more upright position yet still laying back.


We bought an American model of this swing as it came with a power lead to save on batteries. 

We absolutely love it and highly recommend it!! 

Eleven Eleven

This was the single best purchase for my baby.

She is 7.5 months and STILL sleeps in this every day! 

expensive at first but worth EVERY cent!! 

~Lost In The Fifties~

This is one of the best purchases we ever made! Although this may be pricey at first it does give you back every cent, we are onto our second child happily using this & i think all future children of ours will also enjoy this. 

The little lamb cradle & swing is wonderful for any unsettled baby or just so your arms can have a rest. The music is soothing, little lambs on a mobile that go around, the swing can be set to swing back and forth or side to side. 

It made out of gorgeous materials and my children has spent many hours sleeping comfortably in this.

It has a large base so it very stable no matter how big or small the child is.

It is unisex colours so can be used for any sex. 

This helped my refulx child get many hours of sleep that were much needed.

This is worth every cent in my opinion!


This swing has to be the best thing I ever bought for bub (maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration but not much).

I loved the swing because I could move the swing so that it swung side-to-side or front-to-back so suited my bub's moods.  Although my little one didn't have too many issues I still couldn't make myself put her down to do the housework just in case she cried or didn't sleep.

This wonderful swing gave me a break - I was able to clean, cook dinner and shower by myself (I even on the odd occasion got to have a relaxing bath while she slept in my sight-line).

The only little issue we had was the amount of room it took up but this was something we learned to live with for all it's benefits.

So highly recommended that I actually bought a seconf one to have at my parents house for visits

I brought one of the The Fisher-Price Little Lamb Papasan Cradle Swing when my daughter was 2 months old.  We had a lot of trouble with her sleeping.  This was the best product I ever brought for my baby.  She slept in the swing for over a month and I believe that this swing is now the reason she sleeps through the night.  I would recommend anyone with little babies to buy one of these.  My daughter is 1 now and I have passed it on to a friend.  This is a great products and I would recommend to anyone and everyone :)

My son suffered from silent reflux and refused to sleep in his cot during the day.  This swing was an absolute lifesaver.  I would swing him to sleep for all his day naps, and at night if he woke and was hard to resettle I'd pop him back in the swing.  Great for when visitors popped in and I wanted to get my son to sleep - I'd just put him in the swing and he'd nod off.

We took the toy bar off, as we only used it for sleep.  He had every day nap in this from 8 weeks to 5 months old.  Yes it was expensive but on a per-minute basis it was wonderful value for money. 

Highly recommend it.


We bought this for our first child- and while we thought it was expensive at the time, it was a lifesaver. My daughter loved playing in it. It also doubled as a highchair. She also would fall asleep in it- it is extremely comfortable. It has lasted 3 kids and still going strong. Would highly reccomend this for babies who have difficuly settling, as the smooth rocking motion helps them to sleep- as it did with my three.

Money well spent.


Absolute best thing we bougth for DD. I work from home and was also planning a wedding when DD was born, so this was a life saver for me.  DD would hapily swing in here for ages and ages, which kept me free to reply to emails, cook dinner, make phone calls. BEST THING EVER!!


A comfy seat, a great range of sounds & speeds, and a cute mobile to watch - how can you go wrong?  This swing is a life-saver when the "witching hour" begins.  The only problem is having to overcome the temptation to let the little one sleep in there permanently it's so successful!  We had an older style model for our first child which had a more conventional seat shape, and comparing with this model's cradle shape it's far superior.



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