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Bouncinette Baby Bouncinette

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Baby Bouncinette
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have a photo of myself when I was around 6 months old sitting in one of these original designs.

When deciding what sort of bouncer or rocker I wanted for my daughter I didn't like the idea of the motorised ones. I wanted something practical, simple and one that didn't leave me searching for batteries when I needed it most. The new styles have a much better clip-in system that is softer for baby and with wider bands for safety.

I ordered a red one as I didn't want to get one for any specific gender and nor did I want any little stains to show up. I used a soft blanket underneath so baby's head wasn't directly on the patterned lattice. If I was buying it again I would probably recommend the cover.

Now with both girls outgrown the rocker, I have it packed neatly away in it's original bag ready to pass onto one lucky friend.


I still use my bouncer for my little girl. She's a bit of a thrill seeker, so she loves it when I bounce her quite hard and she shakes and laughs in it..

From about 3 months onwards, she would fall asleep in the bouncer quite easily, and it made the transition in her big girl cot a lot easier. She loves it, and it is so simple, so cheap, and so effective.

I loved the fact that my mother used almost the very same bouncer for me when I was a baby, and she said she was bounced along in a bouncer very much the same herself as a baby.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You don't need to be really fancy to be really effective.


These have been around since I was a girl and way beyond. My boys loved to bounce and my legs can't keep it up so this was great and the older one bounced his little brother and laughed constantly. Needs a little weight a new bub can slide out so I tied it down a little for a couple of months so his brother didn't send him flying but it is simple and the best and easiest seat ever. Traveled everywhere with us.

Would definately recomend it.


This was one of my first baby purchases whilst I was still pregnant.

I loved the idea that I would use the same sort of bouncer that my Mum used for me.  

Unfortunately my little girl didn't like the motion and much preferred a rocker rather than the bouncer.  However my nephew who is about the same age as my daughter loved it and so with the addition of mine they had three in use at different locations so that they didn't have to remember to take one with them unless going some place new.

He loved it and spent most of his time in this when he was still small.

My advice - see if you can try one before you buy it to see if it suits your little one 


I used this bouncer on my daughter when she was about 3 months old...  I found that before 3 months she just slide out of it so couldn't use it.

Once she was big enough for it, it was great she loved it, found it easy to bounce herself in it. 

It comes apart which is great for traveling. Packed flat into the car.

The slide in harness it a little annoying at times, although have seen some with clips so that would be better.



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