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The Rescue Guide

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The Rescue Guide

This book describes various reasons and solutions to infant sleep problems. The information is presented in a way that enables parents to better understand their baby's sleep needs and a parent's role in supporting their baby's sleep. Included is a range of effective settling options to match different parenting styles and family circumstances.

Parent Reviews and Comments

My dd2 was probably on the older side of the targetted age group but I thought i woud give it a read and see how we go. The book was written by a nurse with real life experience with real life expectations and a wealth of knowleldge. As I read the book so many things clicked into place. I realised we had made a few mistakes along the way, thinking we were doing the right thing. The book focuses more on acheiving golden rules as best as possible in a way that feels comfortabe to your parenting style rather than "this is the only way to do it" style.

While we are still working on dd2's sleeping patterns, we have learned a few new techniques to help us try to acheive a full nights sleep. In order to do achieve this we are currently trying to break a few negative habits. I am definately glad I was able to read this book.


I got this book cos my little man (3mo) is a shocking sleeper! He cat naps and sometimes won't sleep unless he's in my arms, and with 2 older kids it makes life tricky! This booked has belled by giving me some suggestions as to why he may be in this pattern. It then goes on to give possible solutions. The thing I liked about this book was that it offered a range of options within the parenting spectrum without causing guilt or saying "this is the only way".

Definitely a good read.


I'm not usually one for reading parenting books as they seem to cause more anxiety for me and make me feel like I'm doing all the wrong things. But this book had some great advice. It's set out in easy to follow chapters which include examples and summarise key points at the end. It goes through reasons for sleeplessness, sleep basics and then into all the different ideas that parents can try to help their little ones sleep. Plenty of wonderful information all laid out in one spot. 


This book came very timely. I just had a newborn and also dealing with a 2 year old co-sleeping with us. Something to take away after reading the book is: The keys to extinction are consistency, patience and perseverance. Sleep habits are not learned in a day; neither are they forgotten in a day". Quoted from the book.

I particularly like the little anecdotes in the book with real life examples. I find chapter 7: "Seven ways to change baby's sleep associations" very practical and appropriate for what I need. Currently, practising bed-sharing with my newborn, Chapter 8 provides some insights on advantages and disadvantages of bed-sharing which will help anyone in the same situation.

Will be trying out some of the techniques.

Worth a read for anyone wanting some solutions to sleepless baby.



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