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The Sensible Sleep Solution

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The Sensible Sleep Solution
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Natalie Gilbert

I absolutely love this book!!! I vowed when I was pregnant to not listen to too many people's advice and I thought with the advice I did have locked away in my mind that I could survive anything ..... then bubs was born and I wasn't sure I was doing anything right. The Sensible Sleep Solution helped me release the breath I'd been holding (for 2 months) and finally I had confidence in what I was doing.... I've sent a couple of sos messages also for help and the advice has always been calm, rational and easy to follow. I think this is the winning formula. My now 15 month old son sleeps 11 - 12 hours a night :) LOVE IT and would recommend this book to every new mother, in fact I think it should be in every new mother pack you get in hospital !!! 

Joanne Travar

I have found this book amazing. Being a new mum, you seem to be bombarded by so many opinions about baby sleep, with each claiming theirs is the right way. This book lets you know that what you are experiencing is normal and explains your babies development. I believe this book showed me techniques to help my son become the fantastic sleeper he finally is. And gave me confidence to be the best mum I can be. 


The Sensible Sleep Solution is a great book for new mums! I wish I had of read this before my bubs was born!  It is so nice and easy to read, the layout and the language is accessible to anyone.

The book is up front about it not being a book that encourages crying it out but is also realistic in the fact that it doesn't state that no crying at all will occur. It's more a middle of the road approach.

It also briefly offers advice about out weaning bubs off a dummy, swaddle or other sleep associations which may be causing a problem with your baby's sleep.

I found the section about a baby's temperament so fascinating! And I could see where my baby would fit and how it affects his sleep.

For me this is definitely a great book for people to read who are pregnant, particularly first time mums. While it was informative, it didn't help correct or improve my baby's sleep as he is 7 months and his habits are ingrained. There isn't a great deal of assistance in dealing with sleep problems as such, but is a great book for prevention of poor sleep habits.

Thanks bubhub for allowing me to review this!


What a FANTASTIC book! Thank you to BubHub and for giving me to opportunity to review this.

My baby is 10 months now, and this information would have been fantastic as a brand new mummy. It basically covers the ins and outs of your baby, and their development and how it relates to and can impact their sleep in the first 12 months. From reading this book I have discovered that my baby is ‘high needs’. And it really normalised his actions so far. And was spot on with his temperament and how it also impacts on getting a good sleep pattern. Self-soothing is something that my baby doesn’t do, and I now have tips on how to help him! I have been admitted to the sleep centre in Brisbane twice, and reading numerous sleep books, but these have not helped me and my baby. I am happy and very pleased that now, after reading this book I have gained a new insight into my baby, what is affecting his sleep, and my approaches to helping him sleep. This all has contributed to my baby now sleeping in his cot for ALL night time sleeps, with very little fussing.

Also, the book is set out well and has different reference points throughout it, which I found very helpful so I wasn’t flipping are searching trying to find what I had just read, or more information on something I needed. I wish this was available when I was pregnant. Highly recommend to any pregnant or new mum wanting to get their baby to sleep on their own in their cot.


I received this book as a member of the Reviewer Panel and therefore am receiving a copy of the book to keep in exchange for a review.

This book is very well presented with an easy to read format that makes it simple for sleep deprived parents! It is well broken down into individual chapters and so you can move to the chapter that suits you best at the time. The sleep information is also broken up into age groups which means that you get information that is most relevant for your baby's age.

The book has very interesting information on the science of sleep and of brain development which explains why babies sleep the way they do and why babies may have some trouble with sleep.

The let down of this book is that it doesn't have a lot of information about correcting a sleep issue or breaking a sleep association. Because of this, it is ideally suited to pregnant couples or people with very young infants. This way you can implement healthy sleep habits rather than correct sleep issues down the track.

Overall it is a great book for explaining normal sleep patterns of babies and how to begin sleep routines that will benefit parents and babies long-term. It would be an ideal book for a pregnant woman who is interested in implementing healthy sleep habits from birth.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.



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