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The No-cry Sleep Solution

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The No-cry Sleep Solution
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I was at my witts end with my daughter but didn't know what to do because I couldn't bring myself to  let her cry, so most other books were out for me. A few hubbers had recomended this so I got a copy hoping it would be the quick fix for us!

The first thing worth noting is, this book isn't quick. It's a long process as it teaches you about your childs sleep patterns and what you are doing to assist them. So I was a little upset when I realised it wasn't going to work on day 1 ;) but, it taught me so much about how she was sleeping and what sleep aids she was relying on.

Depending on the kid, you could be looking at 6-12 weeks before seeing any results, which isn't what a sleep deprived parent wants to hear. But, I really think it's worth it if this is the type of style that suits you and your child. It suits my baby who is very clingy and gets very easily worked up, and can remain that way for hours!

In all, if you don't want to use CC or CIO but need help in the sleep department, I think this book is a great start, we are 6 weeks in and we are down from 4-5 wake ups a night to 1, and that is just a quick cuddle. So I would recomend this book to other parents.


I bought this book out of desperation and had read so many good reviews. I didn't find this book helpful at all, but I wouldn't tell people they shouldn't use it. It just wasn't the book for us.


We liked this book cause it offered some helpful ideas and thought processes. However it wasnt the book for use, cause i was more after a structured sleep pattern for our DS. we would still recommend this to people who needed and had time for a more gradural to sleep issues.

Despite many other parents swearing by the 'pantley pull off' we had no success with her techniques with our poor sleeping DS. Her book is well written with helpful advice, but unfortunately it just didnt work for us.

When my #3 baby was 3 1/2 - 4 months old and waking to feed every 90-120 minutes overnight and my husband was working away from home, I walked into the library one day and saw this book on display.  I borrowed it.  I found the case study that related to my experience easily  and started implementing the strategies from that night.

It did take about 2 weeks to implement fully in my situation, but it truly was a no cry solution and it did work for me and my baby.

I have recommended itto many mums since- after all, it worked for me and is worth a try I think!


My Husband read this book and urged me to read it before the birth of our first daughter. I am so glad I took the time to read it because we have had a great sleeper who has been sleeping 12+ hours, while everyone around me complained about how their babies werent sleeping! 

The solutions provided in the No Cry Sleep Solution are well explained and really do work. 


When my baby girl started waking at night again at 5 months (started sleeping through at 9wks) I had numerous people tell me to just let her 'cry it out'. I'm a strong believer that your baby is crying for a reason and to let them go on crying and not attend to them will leave your child feeling confused and neglected. They are afterall almost completely reliant on us for all their needs.

I found 'The No-Cry Sleep Solution" a fantastic read with great tips and facts to help resolve my baby's sleeping issues. The author has done a lot of research in putting this book together as well as corresponding with mums from all over the world who have put her findings to practise and had great results.

Be warned though that this book won't resolve your baby's sleep problems overnight (not that any books would) but it does work in the long run and is a much nicer alternative to letting your baby cry all the time! I highly recommend it to those, like myself, who aren't comfortable with letting your baby 'cry it out' or 'controlled crying'. 


I turned to the NCSS when my once perfect sleeper started waking hourly, around 12 months of age.

The advice was gentle and complimented our family and our morals.

We used her techniques and now enjoy better sleep, with no stress, no tears, and still lots of love and cuddles.

Our little girl is going to her big girl bed soon, and Ill be pulling this book back off the shelf for a refresher! 



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