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The Gift of Sleep

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The Gift of Sleep
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I bough the e book in aug 2012 after tring everything to make DD sleep and not wake upto 8 times a night.

Like alot of other parents we were stuck in feeding to sleep/rocking to sleep pattern.

I wont go through the whole regime. By the end of the week it decresed her waking to 3-4 times but than no improvement and after persisting with it for 5 months she went to waking 5 times a night (she was unwell and nothing else had changed)

I guess with ever other routine it works for some and not for others and till you try it you wont know whether it will help you or not.

It isnt expensive though so thats a plus


This program saved my sanity! My son was co-sleeping, being rocked to sleep, using a dummy, up 3 times a night for feeds, naps were around 20 mins and he wasnt eating properly. I was tired and irritated all day and so was my son and the family was not in a happy place. After the first night, there was progress, by the end of the week I had a new baby! well rested, happy and playful, it was heaven! The good thing about the program is its no fuss and straight to the point, no dragging out the program and prolonging the stress on everyone. From night one, no dummy, no rocking, no night feeds. 6 months later we are still in that happy place with my son self settleing, no crying and a good routine for naps and sleep time. As the title says, this book gave my family the best gift I could ask for, a happy well rested family!



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