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Sleeping Like Baby

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Sleeping Like Baby
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With my first child I had told myself I would never buy a parenting book, I would go with the flow and take each day as it came. When my daughter was 6 months old and still not sleeping through the night everyone told me I needed to shut the bedroom door and let her cry herself to sleep, I refused to do this. I had heard good things about Pinky and so I decided to lash out and buy her book, I am glad I did. I used it more for reassurance.

This book made me feel like I was doing the right thing cuddling my little girl when she needed it. I was then able to ignore people and get on with my style of parenting. My daughter is now 2 years old and puts herself to bed and sleeps all night most nights.


After previewing a number of parenting books about sleeping, I've found that Pinky McKay's book containted advice that made sense and didn't have both me, and my child, in tears.

I woudl highly recommend this as a good read, if only for the reassurance it offers for those who, like me, decide against controlled crying.


By far one of the best advice books I have read during my parenting journey. 

The well researched advice helped me to 'let go' of my expectations and enjoy my child, rather than stressing about what they 'should' be doing at every minute of the day.

Pinky is one of the authors who has greatly influenced my parenting, and her advice echoes my own instincts, and natural parenting values


I found this book very helpful. It really helped me to not stress about my daughters sleeping habits when she was a baby. It also totally debinks the myth of 'sleeping like a baby'! There are so many other books out there that promise you your child will do this or that without taking into account that babies are poeple with different needs. Not one routine will fit EVERY baby. 

I can't say that this book  helped my daughter to sleep through the night but it did help me stop worrying so much about it. 


I read a bunch of sleeping books and this was the one with the nicest tone.

Pinky seems to really "get" how it is to be a sleep deprived mum and gives simple, easy to follow suggestions on how to settle bub.

I combined tips from this book with tips from others, but it was great.  I didn't have to read the whole thing or follow a strict program in order to help dd to settle, both in the day and at night.

Definitely recommend for anyone with a sleepless baby!


I found this book to be a breath of fresh air after reading some of the books that advocate controlled-crying (and the like). The author is very respectful of babies and it's a well researched book not just opinions of the author. she offers some great gentle solutions and info that helps parents understand why babies sleep the way they do, it was great to read that my baby was 'normal'.

this book is perfect for first time mums but also for those who want to try a gentle approach to bed times.


I first bought this book when my first child (now 2) was about 2 months old.  We were having terrible struggles with sleep and I was at the end of my tether.  To make matters worse, everything I was doing to get her to sleep, rocking and co-sleeping, I was told was wrong and was creating bad habits.

Sleeping Like a Baby told me in simple, easy to understand language that I was doing the best for her and gave me some great settling tips.  We got her to sleep gently and peacefully.

When my second baby wasn't sleeping well at all, I followed her baby steps program and low and behold, we're getting up to 9 hours sleep in a row at night and 12 hours overnight overall.

Thank you so much for this book Pinky, it's baby friendly, easy to read and very easy to follow. 



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