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Save Our Sleep

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Save Our Sleep

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J cav

i know from reading other reviews that this has worked wonders for others but not us. We have a very alert bub that could go from zero to 100 in the screaming stakes in a split second. We turned to this hoping to find a way of dealing with her but it just made everything worse. After trying to persevere with these ridiculous routines for a week we were left with a bub that was so overtired from screaming that it took weeks to get her back to an ok state. The routines fight against a babies natural cues, you are expected to make them sleep when they may not be tired and feed when they may not be hungry. To top it off you are told to wake them to feed even if they are having a good sleep! Absolute BS. Would recommend listening to your baby rather  than the clock. 

Carly Pascoe

Just do it. I did everything Tizzy Hall said in her book (other than give bub a comforter - for no real reason, i just havent got around to getting one i want), since about 6 weeks and by 8 weeks my bub has been sleeping from 7pm-6:30/7am (with a dreamfeed) EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

I could set my watch to my bub's waking and getting sleepy behaviour - the routine has her like clockwork and she knows when to sleep, when to wake up. It's like my bub knows that sleep is good and she instantly relaxes when i wrap her and put her to bed. She wakes around 6:30/7am and talks to herself or is silent, happy as can be. When I walk into the room and she sees me she is all smiles.

I put my bub to bed all smiles and about 80% of the time i hear not a peep from her; she just relaxes, self-soothes on her hand and goes to sleep.

I did Tizzy's routines after seeing my friend have 3 kids who easily go to bed and stay in bed and mum and dad go about their day/night as normal.

I have followed Tizzy's advise re: dummies and I've never used one and havent felt the need to.

In life you can't always stick to the routine but if you keep adjusting bub back onto the routine at each opportunity. When I cant stick to the routine, my bub just easily responds and by the end of the day im back on track and there is no downward spiral or anything like that.

It's hard seeing other mums i know constantly talk about how their bub doesnt sleep, cries all the time, sleeps for only 40mins at a time and many other difficulties and i just want to shout at them to do Tizzy Hall's routines! 

I cant say enough good things about Tizzy and Save Our Sleep.


Fabulous guide. I breastfed both kids exclusively for over 12 months with this book. Didn't express because couldn't be bothered. Allowed for this with the odd top ups prior to 8 weeks. Both kids slept through the night at 6 weeks and 12 weeks respectively and were very happy babies. Can't imaging attempting 0-12 months without some kind of guide. But maybe that's just me. I would have no idea about whether there early day grizzles were hunger or tiredness or who knows what else without this book.

I would go as far to say I got out and about as much or even more often than others because of the routine, my kids could sleep in the pram or portacot at whatevet times they were up to.

For me a great guide.


I don't think This book is suitable from newborn , I think you need time to let you and your new baby settle in and establish a relationship first . I had a terrible first sleeper and now I have my second child . She is 5 months old and we are now using the SOS routine , as a guideline , I have found it very useful and my baby has adjusted very quickly, and it's more obligated to adjust as there is a form of trust at her age . My baby has been a good sleeper at night although she dosnt normally go to bed until 9-9:30pm with cat naps through the day and I had to rock her . Now my daughter is having two sleeps a day and self settling without really any crying . I can't handle her crying and carrying on so I'm always there comforting her but she is still in her city and I'm just patting her for a few minutes. i think every child is unique and the rountine should be adjusted to suit your baby . My daughter now sleeps from 7-730 I do let her sleep until she wakes I do not wake her . I would defiantly recommend this book !!

Sarah Smith

My husband and I regret following this book so badly! We had a very sleepy newborn and thought we were being proactive by following this routine and waking her up ALL THE TIME. She became chronically overtired and we had to go to a sleep school to help her. When I look back on this time I feel sadness and regret that we wasted this beautiful newborn period. We should have just let her be.  :-(



I purchased this book when my baby was about 14 months old and not sleeping well. The book is easy to read and divided into different age groups with routines for each age group.

The routines are very strict and not suitable for everyone. I followed the routine very loosely but I found it to be a great guide for my daughter.

When we have our next baby I will read the book earlier and follow the routines loosely again.


I would not use this book until 4 months. Breastfeeding every four hours is not great for your supply and altough tizzy recommends pumping I don't think that's the same. 

I have a chronic catnapper. The book suggests getting baby up and carrying on routine. This is impossible with a 45 min napper. 

The self settling guide was helpful. I think it is important to note that TIzzy says you should never ignore an emotional cry, many people incorrectly say that she endorses controlled crying when she doesn't. She suggests you listen to the cry and gives a set time to stay out if the room dependent on the age of bub. You then stay and reassure your baby until they are asleep. I personally went in earlier than recommended to settle bub. He self settles well now with needing my help occasionally. 

Overall my baby just doesn't fit into the books schedule. That said I know it has worked wonders for others, but I don't think it should be implemented early on.


This book is just dreadful. TH obviously knows very little about breastfeeding and how it works. If sleep is a problem for you and your little one, there are better books out there. I used my copy of SOS to mulch the garden - no way was I going to even give it away, as I wouldn't want anybody or their babies to be put through this.


This book was a godsend once we got past the early newborn phase.

The routines were easy to follow and made sense. Our son has been a great sleeper and continues to be thanks to Tizzy.

made for a happier mum & bub as it took the guess work away of what baby needed and the routine enabled plans & appointments to be made according to where we were in out schedual. It still enabled us to go out & about.

Our nights and evenings were enjoyable as we're didn't have a strung our over tired little cherub.

This book & it's ideas may not be for everybody or family but it certainly not only saved our sleep but also our sanity! It's definitely well worth considering.


Doesn't back up her ideas and theroies whith any scientific evidence. Does not cite and reference any information - in fact she talks against guidelines from the AAP, WHO and the like in the matters of infant feeding (and of course does not reference her conflicting "opnions" against them). Gives misleading information on SIDS.  

Personally, I would prefer trusting fact over conflicting "opinions" - doesn't matter how sleep deprived I am.


Although this book has bits that you think "I could never do that"  it has wonderful ideas for routines and what you baby at each age should be doing e.g. Amount of sleep and awake, bottles milk feeding, solids etc. 

We started reading the book from the time my little boy was 3 weeks old. It gave me some guidance over when to feed, sleep etc. when he cried I knew what he wanted. being a first baby and having know idea like most parents it gave me some calmness and I felt in control. Especially with a hubby that worked away! From 3 weeks my baby was only waking once during the night for a feed and I thank this book in helping. We didn't use controlled crying as I just couldn't do it. 

Naughty mummy I know I use dummies and they work a treat, but only for sleep time. I am lucky and have a happy baby but knowing that my baby is getting enough milk, sleep and is happy is peace of mind.

take the bits out that work for you. I wouldn't follow it too strictly unless you are having serious sleeping issues. 

Marie Stokie

I turned to this book in desperation...sleep deprived, with a very unsettled, unhappy baby.  Honestly, it didn't help me at all.  Different approaches work for different mums and babies, but for me it went against a every fibre of my being to not cuddle my crying baby, and I really believe we have those instincts because that is what we are meant to do.  The idea that I might be training my baby not to expect I would come when he needed me was too sad to contemplate.  

The only thing I got from this book was a vague sense of guilt that I wasn't one of those really organised, together mums with their baby on a routine that would make an army regiment proud.

We found help to get through those first torturous months with Dr Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block DVD.  Much better if you want your baby to stop crying because they are content, rather than because they've give up hope that you'll respond.


When my first baby recently turned 6 weeks  it felt right to move away from rocking her to sleep all the time, and I also thought she wasn't getting enough sleep. Another problem was that I seemed to be feeding her pretty constantly from 5pm - midnight, with a couple of naps she'd have in my arms during that time (wouldn't go in her cradle).

I bought 'Sleep right, sleep tight' which was recommended by my pediatrician and while it had some helpful settling techniques, it didn't really help me very much.

My cousin (who has a 1 year old) gave me this book as a gift as she said it had really helped her. It's been just wonderful for us, with my little girl now seeming much happier, well fed and well rested.

The thing I like most about this book is that it isn't a book about settling her to sleep. It is a book that looks at a baby's whole day; when she should be feeding, playing, sleeping, burping, being warm enough in bed, the routine leading up to the 7pm bedtime etc etc. As a first time mum, I had no idea about any of these things, and in hindsight, I just couldn't tell the difference between her hungry and tired signs, or her different cries, so had real trouble with the whole demand feeding, more 'natural' approach. This book has taken the guesswork out of things and works really well for us. I also know when she is due for a next feed which is marvellous, as I can now leave the house when she is asleep and my hubby or mum is home minding her. Previously, I felt I couldn't do this as I didn't know whether she'd wake in 1 hour or 3 hours to demand a feed (and there was only so much breast milk I could express and have in the fridge in case this happened).

If someone had a lot of experience with babies, then this book probably doesn't help much, but I found it really helped me understand what my baby needs.


I would only recommend this book as a last resort to families really struggling with sleep issues.

Apart from good general advice on teaching your baby to self settle, the routine material robs parents of their self confidence and discourages them from using their natural instincts.

I used it for about six months with my twins (now two) and made my life, as well as theirs, a misery. I rue the day a well meaning friend put me on to this book, especially seeing we weren't having any issues a bit of common sense couldn't sort out.

I have pretty much let my new four-month-old sleep as much or as little as she needs and am blessed with the happiest baby imaginable. She has slept right through the night for weeks now.

So, trust yourself, tune in to your baby's cues - and seek advice if you need more info on that - and give SOS a miss.


My only regret is that I didn't read this book before our first baby arrived!

While we didn't follow it to the letter I found the tips and advice contained in this book to be invaluable in helping my DD self-settle and in helping me have some concept of what was reasonable to expect in terms of age-appropriate sleep routines.  I didn't follow the feeding routine  as I felt strongly about demand breastfeeding, but was still able to use Tizzie's routines most of the time. Our DD transitioned easily from being a terrible settler to a quite good sleeper with minimum fuss and tears using advice contained in this book when she was 11 weeks. It was a life-saver! In our view it seemed ot offer a happy medium between never letting a baby cry and traditional 'controlled crying'. We will be using this book as a guide for sleep routines for our next bub. I would recommend it as good general reading for any expectant parent or anyone struggling with baby sleep issues.


I am forever thankful to my friend who lent me this book.

There is no way I would ever follow the routines to a tee (I just wouldnt wake my daughter during a sleep) but it is great to use as a guide.

It is full of tips and advice on sleeping and settling and I feel it gave me a head start in getting my daughter to sleep better.

If my daughter ever starts to develop sleep issues I will look more into the routines for sure, I know kids that have made huge progress in their sleeps from the Tizzie routines.

HIghly recommended.


We love this book. It was suggested to me when i was pregnant to add as a must have in our selection of baby books ! I read this book before i had our baby and it made sense to me. We decided after reading a few different book (im a HUGE reader and lot of free time during my first pregnancy) that this was the one we would like to try first. From day one we followed this routine patters (although i altered it to times that suited us, eg instead of 7am - 7pm we did 8am to 8pm) DS responded really well to this and we barley had an problems with his sleeping and i felt incontrol and relaxed.


Our little boy was sleeping great and then around 4-5 months (when he got his first two teeth) he started waking every 2-3 hours.  I thought maybe he needed more food so I would feed him, but after a few months of that, and trying other techniques my husband and I had had enough.

My mother-in-law bought us this book and I read it straight away.  We used the lay down technique in the book, and the result?  The first three nights, he slept for 7 hours straight - this was the longest stint we'd had in a long time.

We had our little boy in a routine, but this book just helped to fine tune it.  I think with every book you read, you take a little bit from it - and maybe don't follow everything that's said.  So, there were a couple of things that we didn't give much thought to, but on the whole - it was just what we needed.


I found this book had some really good tecniques and ideas. We didnt follow it to a tee, just adjusted things slightly and it worked wonders for us. I have never been one to let me baby cry, so I found this book to be quite helpful.


Was recommended this book by a first time Dad and thought I'd give it a go.

Used book as a guide only for first 2 months as my baby was in a routine very similar to the one that Tizzy suggests you use and my thought was why upset a good thing while it's working. When bubs was 2 1/2 months old she was catnapping during the day and I found that she wasn't getting enough sleep so started to follow routine more strictly and found that i now have a very happy baby who sleeps throughout the day and sleeps all night.

Not for everyone, however I found that it really worked for me, my partner and bubs.


I first off found this book really helpful when I used the settling techniques to teach my 4 week old how to self settle. It worked a treat.

I then started the 'routines' with my little one and found the expectations so high for such a little bub, like having to wake her up at 7am each day and expecting her to have naps at a specific time for 2 hours each nap. I ended up so stressed out, worrying why my baby was awake after napping for 1.5 hours instead of 2!

As much as the book helped us in the start with the settling techniques, I believe I would have been better off without it as it put so much pressure on mself and my babyand I was so stressed I forgot to enjoy those first few weeks.


I liked this book but I can see how it would not be for everyone. I brought this book as a recomendation from a friend. I was really impressed that it was broken up into 'breastfed' routines and 'bottle fed' routines.

My son was bottle fed and I had a problem he would sleep for say 6 hours then only for 1 hour and I never knew if he was getting enough sleep, I was always told to never wake a sleeping baby by everoyone but he was missing feeds and I was really anxious about it.

To be honest I think the routines are a little strict and I dont know if i agree with the 45 minute nap in the afternoon. Was hard as it sometimes took 15 - 30 mins to get him off just to turn around and wake him up again.

However what i was able to do was use this book as a base and work out my own routine with this and what I had worked out from my baby over the weeks.  The dream feed worked especially well and my baby was sleeping through the night from 9 weeks - Bliss

As a side note he started refusing the dream feed from about 12 weeks. Refused to drink it just wanted to sleep. While it was great he was sleeping 7pm - 7am I was a little anxious as he was having only 4 bottles when they said he should have 5 - 6 and I could not work this bottle back into the routine. I tried to go on the forum for advice but they wanted $300 and would not even guarantee Tizzie would respond.  


Controlled crying is not for me or my children, it goes against all my instincts... I found Tizzy's routines too strict and I really felt like I was abandoning my baby too much too young.

I would recommend Sleep Right, Sleep Tight instead.

I was recommended this book by a friend who strictly adheres to the routines suggested in the book. I was never keen on sticking to a routine, but now realise that children thrive on them, and need them so they know exactly what is going to happen next. Upon following the routine for a couple of days it was remarkable the change in my son. He never took a dummy which helped, as Tizzie Hall recommends not using one anyway; baby needs to learn to self settle without the aid of rocking/feeding/dummy. She explains that the routines are actually based on the natural patterns of a baby-which she has observed through years of being a nanny.

The book provides helpful inciteful information on sleeping and settling, feeding and starting solids. It also includes a section that discusses when there are changes the the routine such as illness or travel, which I found most helpful.

I realise that although this book is not for everyone, you could still take what you will from it. 


I began following Tizzie Hall's routines when my daughter turned 3 months old.  She had stopped being able to sleep easily and for long periods of time, and had began waking in the night and catnapping during the day, waking up grumpy. So I read Save Our Sleep and learned that she had started to sleep in cycles. 

From that day, I began the routine suggested for 10 week olds to starting solids.  And since then, my daughter has had 4 breastfeeds a day (instead of 8 - 12, which makes it so much easier to go out!), 2-3 naps a day, and a night-time sleep from 7pm until 7am most nights.  It is wonderful to know what time she will expect a feed, sleep or play and to plan my day around this schedule.  I was never keen on routines, but I much prefer this lifestyle to getting caught out somewhere with a screaming baby.

I recommend this book to anyone!  I am not as strict as the book suggests with the wake up times, but even so I can tell that my daughter is very settled, very happy and very secure in the comfort of her routine.



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