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Happiest Baby on the Block DVD

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Happiest Baby on the Block DVD
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This was by far the best present we got on  arrival of our twins.

the ideas presented are practical and doable and actually do work!

the dvd was also a great option as we could watch it together and stop and start it as we needed to around the care of our newborns. DH is also not a big 'reader' so was great for him too.


Having raised one child I awaited the birth of my new baby with delighted anticipation.  It was a long time since I'd had a newborn, so all of my hazy reminiscences of breastfeeding a peaceful babe in a rocking chair, morning sunlight streaming through the window, may have been as much derived from Johnson & Johnsons ads as from reality.

Our baby was a screaming, crying ball of unhappiness, and desperately we tried one thing after the other (including a hospital stay) to try to figure out what was distressing him so.  We were exhausted, defeated and at our wit's end coping.

Then I found this DVD, and it completely saved us.  Dr Karp's theory is that babies are born too early - evolution has made a baby's brain bigger, so they have to be born too early or they won't fit through the birth canal.  He calls the unsettled first months the Fourth Trimester, and says the baby is still an unsettled fetus.  He then demonstrates four techniques to activate a calming reflex by replicating conditions of the womb.

These amazing tricks are the 5 Ss, Swaddling (finally I can wrap a baby properly!), Shooshing (white noise), Side (a way to hold your baby), Swinging (and jiggling), and Sucking. Used separately or together, these have the power to seemingly put a frantic baby into an instant state of calm.

We finally felt like competent parents, and our baby started to enjoy life...and we started to enjoy him.  What more could you want?


This saved us when my daughter suffered from severe reflux that was undiagnosed. The wrapping and settling techniques worked when we had tried everything else. There are parts that I personally have a different opinion on, but it is still very helpful.  I only wish I had bought it when she was a newborn, as we all could have got some more sleep!



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