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The New Contented Little Baby Book

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The New Contented Little Baby Book
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This book was a God send to me with my first born, strongly recommended by my two sister in laws.

I'll admit that as an insecure first mum I stressed myself out following the routine to the letter but at the same time I felt like it was my bible. Sleep was fantastic and keeping in mind every baby is different, my bubs seem to thrive with the sense of security the routine brings...also with the breast feeding regimine they have all gained weight in their first week.

Second time around I followed the routine in a way that suited the little babe and myself and life is a dream :)

When recommending this book to new mums I make a point of saying that the world doesn't crumble around your ears if the bub sleeps 1/2 an hour longer - as with any mother advice, take what you want and leave the rest but there is a wealth of knowledge in this book.


I bought this book as a friend SWORE by it, said it was the best thing to ever happen to her son, and told me I would love it.


The routines in the book allow NO room for movement. There are no options if you child needs more sleep, no options if you DON'T want to be up all night feeding a baby, no options at all except for the very strict routines. Half the terms I didn't understand, not a lot of explanation, and I eventually gave up reading the book and just listened to my baby and we're so much happier.

The aim of the book was to have baby sleeping through the night from six weeks. But "through the night" was from 10pm to 6am. And that is IF they go to sleep at 10. Well, that didn't work. My girl is 3 months old now, and because I gave up the book and listened to her, she now sleeps from 6pm to 6am every night and we're so much better off because of it.

For a first time Mum, it wasn't very helpful, but I guess if you got desperate you could give the routines a try. But don't be disheartened if they don't work. I doubt they work as well as she said they do.

One word... Useles!!! Its too regimented. Doesnot address issues like how to break the cycle of feeding /rocking to sleep; constant waking during the night and how to help baby self settle. DONOT waste your money on this!!

I forced myself to read this book, based on a friends recommendation. 

The advice contradicted SIDS and breastfeeding advice, and I found it down right dangerous in parts!

Thankfully I had access to other resources, as this book would most definitely destroyed our breastfeeding relationship (demand feeding is so important!)

I threw my copy in the bin. 


I am a FTM and read this book prior to giving birth, thus I had quite a fair bit on information in mind before giving birth on how babies are like.

Gina Ford gives a good introduction on what you should purchase (eg, how many tops / rompers / bathing equipment / monitors etc), information on how to swaddle a baby, feed a baby with a bottle and many others. These information were extremely useful for me as a FTM and I used it as a guideline to purchasing the things I needed for my baby. I also then purchased bottles and breastpumps with the idea of having my husband spend some quality time with baby for the 10pm feed, as recommended by Gina Ford.

However, when my baby was born, he had severe reflux and colic, which meant that he didn't feed and settle well. We weren't the best breastfeeding partners either, so he'd take a long time to latch on, then after that he'd been crying endlessly because of the pain from reflux, and refuse to settle. This threw us off Gina Ford's schedule entirely, as her schedule is quite strict (eg, by 10.15am baby must be swaddled and in bed, but mine wouldn't have even stopped crying!). So that didn't work for us at all.

However I still used ideas from her book and worked it where I could. Now that my baby's reflux is better controlled, our schedule resembles hers again, more or less, but not entirely as he still has his moments. This book is great, but only if you have a baby who eats/sleeps like clockwork, like most babies without reflux :) We were recommended this book by someone else who successfully implemented her strategies, so it is no doubt great. Definitely give it a try if you have a clockwork baby :)



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