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How to be the Perfect Dad

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How to be the Perfect Dad
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I read The Perfect Dad – finally a funny, informative and knowledgeable parenting book is out there.

I’ve highly recommended it to everyone in my mother’s group.



I received a review copy of How To Be The Perfect Dad and I loved it (even though I'm not a dad, nor am I perfect ...)

At first, I was suprised at how thin it was compared to other parenting books but it didn't take me long to realise that was a major part of its appeal.

Your usual pregnancy/parenting guides are biblical in proportion and could serve very well as door stops when the baby has grown. Most fathers-to-be would be quite happy to have relevant sections recounted to them before bed (or on the way to work, or at dinner, through a closed toilet door etc etc) but very few would pick up a copy themselves and read it from cover to cover.

But this book isn't intimidating at all. It is light, it is black and there are some swear words on the front. Now, what man wouldn't pick this up?!

And once they do open the covers they'll keep reading. The book is littered with small (sometimes gross) facts, funny anecdotes, quick quizzes and jokes - and in between is all the relevant stuff that dads and dads-to-be should know about pregnancy and parenting.

Plus it is funny. There were a few laugh-out loud moments that the new dad in my household also found genuinely hilarious.

This book is perfect for modern dads - the type of guys who WILL miss being able to watch sport uninterrupted but WILL NEVER miss the amazing opportunity to be a hands-on dad and loving partner.

I'll be passing this book on to a newly announced dad-to-be in my family! I'm sure he'll be equal parts amused and informed!


I loved this book, probably because there's so much out there that is either too theoretical, too impractical or just too holier-than-thou. This is both practical (therefore useful) and really fun to read, which is why my partner also liked it (I actually bought it for him, so I'm glad he took advantage of it.) Having your first - or another - child? Do yourself a favour and grab this now. Would make an ideal Christmas present too.


As a very new father, I read this book expecting something dry and laborious. Thankfully, I was surprised at how good it was. It's not overly long - great for guys who have other things to do - but it was packed with useful info. There's also lots of asides and jokes to bring some kind of levity to what was for me and my partner a quite difficult birth. I've bought copies for some of my mates and they've also appreciated it.


Expecting a second child, I read The Perfect Dad and was delighted by it: interesting, informative and fun.

It really helped me get through the ups and downs of my pregnancy; just as importantly, it helped my husband understand how I was feeling. You can buy the book online and in Dymocks and other stores.

I’d suggest any new mum buy a copy because it might change your parenting experience and that of your partner.



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