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Becoming Mum

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Becoming Mum
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Amy Mitchell

Becoming Mum, the brain-child of Dr Koa Whittingham – psychologist, parenting researcher, author, and mother – opens a window into an infinite world of parenting possibilities. The reader is guided on a journey of self-discovery, awareness, and change. The author empowers mothers to identify their own parenting values and goals and to use these to guide their everyday lives as they work towards nurturing strong and loving relationships with baby, partner, family, and self. The exercises that accompany each chapter, which draw on mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, are not only powerfully transformative, but also provide the reader with a beautiful record of their thoughts, hopes, and emotions at an important time of personal transition and adjustment. This is a user-friendly book with the capacity to generate rapid and positive change in the relationships and lives of every mother and mother-to-be.


I found Becoming Mum offered a good balance between explanation of concepts, thought-provoking exercises, and examples of practical application. Some concepts felt similar to ones you might find in personal development books about self-esteem or managing relationships – and I really enjoyed how this book uniquely relates these concepts to the journey of motherhood.  

I particularly liked how this book doesn’t prescribe techniques from any one parenting style – it encourages the mother to think about her own values, and helps her translate that into the actions of ‘being a Mum’ in her own way.

I have friends who aren’t afraid to let loose on a book with a highlighter who will love that spaces are provided to write thoughts and responses to questions. But even if you’re like me, who can’t bare to write in a margin even in pencil, this book is great for generating thoughts to explore in a separate pregnancy journal.

Becoming Mum is a different kind of parenting book that anyone can relate to regardless of your experiences or preconceptions of motherhood. It’s an easy read, with example stories that show how the concepts apply to a range of realistic situations. 

Shannan Murphy

This is the first book I've come across that deals with what I think is one of the hardest parts of early parenthood - not sleep deprivation, but the identity shift to 'mum'. Having a child is overwhelming and all the more so because you know how important it is - a little one is depending on you. This book really helped me to think through and get clear about what kind of mother I want to be and what that looked like in everyday life. It's easy to read and very practical. I think all exectant or new mums would benefit from the ideas, techniques and exercises suggested in this book. 


Becoming Mum offers lots of psychological and emotional support for mums.  It helps you to focus on the way that you want to parent and to then do this with much confidence.  This book is very supportive and non-judgemental.  It also offers excellent advice in dealing with unwanted advice and criticisms from family, friends etc.  Becoming Mum helps you to follow your own mothering path.  A most empowering read.



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