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This was the only baby care book we had. Robin Barker is extremely thorough and covers everything you need to know about baby's first year.

I love that it is Australian, so covers relevant content. The author's calm, common-sense approach really helped during those moments of parental panic! Definitely a book you can rely on and trust, with lots of ideas and suggestions for all kinds of baby issues.

I can't fault it!


I love this book so much! It is well set out so very easy to navigate.

it has very sensible advice and has answered all my questions to date!

this best part is it is available in I-Tunes so i can take it anywhere!

I highly recommend this book as it covers things from all angles, breast feeding, formula feeding combo tis awesome!


Babylove remains my go to baby book, even with my 4th baby.  Almost all my other baby books I have handed on to my sister who is having her first, but I had to buy her a copy of Babylove because I just didn't want to part with mine.

From birth right through to 2, covering development, feeding, sleeping and much more, whenever I am not sure about something I get the book out again.  Much of her advice I can remember, quote and have found valuable. 


This is definately my baby bible! So much information, it seems to cover every possible aspect of early parenting! I have definately found the breastfeeding section to be the most helpful and informative.

Would definately recommend this book to first time parents!

giggle berry

I received this as a gift when my son was 8 weeks. As soon as I started flicking through it I wished I'd read it before he was born!

It covers so many of the things that you worry/panic over when you first take home your newborn.

It's also laid out in a way that makes it easy for tired parents to access the section they need when they're going through the steep learning curve of first time parenting.

I love this book and now give it to friends when they are expecting.


This book was given to me while pregnant with my first baby.

It was great to be able to pick it up and scan the pages if I had any worries or queries.  I found it so useful I gave it to another friend before she had her first bub.

I highly recommend this book to all new mums!! 


This book was recommended to us by many friends and a few midwives at the hospital, and we're not disappointed! I'm a first time mum with an 11 wk old and have been referring to this book at least once a week. It's very informative and covers a wide range of topics. While the author writes from years of experience and provides very useful tips and recommendations, she also leaves room for the mothers' intuition which I love. The book isn't cheap, but for what you get it's definitely worth it.  It's no wonder the book is up to its 5th edition!


This was the only book I had when I had my first child and I found it a great point of reference in the middle of the night to reasure your on the right track or to know a problem is not too serious. I experienced painful lumps in my breast while breast feeding one night and this book explained what causes it and what you can do to relieve it. It saved many trips to the doctors over little queries. But remember if your unsure always seek medical advice from a doctor. It also explained how to express and freeze breast milk and how long it stores for. It's full of many common topics about baby and parents and worth a look.

I'm glad I had this book from the very early stages of my babies life.


This book is fantastic because it is not over opinionated and very up to date. Its more of a reference style book, so if you need to know something quickly you can look it up in the index. 

I feel like this book has everything you need to know about your baby's first year of life. 

Im a bit of a google freak, so if I feel like I need a 'final word' on something that is very conflicting, I turn to Baby Love!  


This book was really good. When I wanted to know something quickly or couldnt find answers online fast enough. I could go to this book and look up the page. I often browsed a few extra pages and found out things I didnt even know. Sometimes you can be over loaded with books and information, this is almost like a manual style book. You can read it from cover to cover if you want, but I think its designed more for the busy parent to be able to look up what they need to know.

I love the simple recipes in there as well, and have made a few of them for my daughter. The white sauce,cheese sauce and Rice pudding my husband and I make for ourselves as well. It was nice and simple.  Easy to follow recipes.



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