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Baby SOS - Common Problems and Solutions

6 reviews
Baby SOS - Common Problems and Solutions

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I'm about to have my first child and was recommended Baby SOS by a friend who said it was a must have. This compact book gives mothers practical solutions to everyday problems that may arise during the first 12 months.

This book is so easy to use and easy to read which makes a nice change from a lot of other books I've seen on the market. There are things in Baby SOS that I would not have even thought of and what impressed me the most was the section on first aid.  

I'm sure that in a couple of months this informative little book is going to be one of my best friends! 


Covers many of the day to day 'emergencies' (small and large) that happen with babies and children and offers some practical solutions and advice.

The first aid info is a must-read for anyone that has not done any first-aid training (or hasnt updated in a while!).

Kari Taylor
Wow what a great book, I wish this was around when I had my son, it would have saved me lots and headaches, and endless phone calls to friends and the nurses at the clinic. It has so many practical and common sense ideas and solutions for looking after your little one. The recipies taste great and are very easy to follow. Very good value for money too!

My favourite thing about this book? No ads! It seems as though all baby books that have alot of information are now filled with advertisments for baby products. When I want a reference book, I don't want it to be like a magazine and that's what I love about this book. It's a no-nonsense approach.

There is so much information in this little book (it's about the size of an A5 piece of paper and 1 cm thick), and it's very portable. I've not had bubs yet, but am doing as much research as possible and it even fits in my handbag.

There are things in the book that I would never even have thought to ask! And I'm hoping that I may not experience some of those things as well.

I love the first aid section! Even if you've done a first aid course, it's handy to have a reference for those things you don't do everyday. I know I always forget how many compressions and breaths to do (30 compressions, 2 breaths).

Overall, a very simple, condensed book that will not end up in the shelf or at the back of a cupboard. 


I bought this book when my children were 4 and 8 because there is so much useful first aid information in it.  I also babysit my younger nieces and nephews a lot and the information in here put my mind at rest in terms of what to do should they need medical help, too.

It's informative and factual and I like that in a book.  I don't want to waste time reading wishy-washy stuff.

I really like that there are 30+ pages of St John Ambulance information, including images and step-by-step guides on what action to follow.

I think this book would be a well-appreciated gift for all parents.

As a new mum this book was my life savior, i kept it in my nappy bag and would refer to it all the time. my son had a heart condition and i could not waste time trying to find all this info out , it had so many solutions for so many problems. 2 thumbs up.



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