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What to Expect When You're Expecting

32 reviews
What to Expect When You're Expecting
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I was given this in early pregnancy and thought I wouldn't use it as i could get stuff online.

However this book ended up being my best friend. it was nice and easy to find info and was very informative. I would recommend it to anyone but especially 1st time mums 


I was loaned this while I was pregnant, and given how baby-mad you go during those 9 long months, I was happy to read anything I could get my hands on.

I found it fed the urge I had for everything baby, but a lot of the advice and information is old-school and not exactly relevant today. I also found it to be quite limiting, and not exactly good at catering for anyone who isn't planning on just "doing what the good doctor tells me to."

It was nice to read along and know roughly where my baby was at, how it had developed in-utero at X amount of weeks, and overall, it was something I enjoyed reading, but as I said, I would absolutely make sure that you don't take this too seriously...


I found Birth better than WTEWYE, but this book is still a great reference and often my two Pregnancy books complement each other. When one does not have the answer I turn to the other one!

It was interesting to note that the size average for each week of pregnancy differed greatly between "Birth" and "WTEWYE"... just an interesting note!

I read it pretty much cover to cover and now just use as a reference tool. Covers a lot of material! Great read :)


What to Expect when you're Expecting was recommended to me by my sister who's studying to be a doctor, so surely it’s the best book out there, right? I found this book very useful. As a first time mum, I wanted a lot of information and this book provided it. I particularly enjoyed the normalising that comes from having a list of symptoms for each stage that are quite varied, e.g. having more energy in the second trimester is normal, but its normal to still feel fatigued too!

As I have progressed through pregnancy, I have desired less information, and so skim read more of the book. Other reviews have critiqued the amount of negative/ high risk information. I quickly decided not to read the parts that weren't relevant to me (e.g. if I didn't have a symptom, I didn't read that section) and found this kept my anxiety levels low. I have seen a lot of questions on forums regarding pregnancy symptoms that I have known the answer to because I had read the relevant chapter in my book.

My recommendation is to use the book as a reference guide rather than a bedtime read if you find there’s too much information, but definitely ensure you have access to a copy: it has eased my mind many times.

I liked the way this book sets things out month by month. It contains useful, relevant information however I think it could provide a source of worry for a lot of expectant parents with all it's talk of issues in labour, what not to eat etc. Handy if you are able to moderate your response to this information, not as handy if you are prone to panic!

OMG! I loved this book so much when I was pregnant, it told me everything I needed to know about my hi risk pregnancy so I was prepared every step of the way.  I love how it is set out and very easy to read.

I think this is a must buy for expectant mothers and fathers too! 


This book was definitely my bible while pregnant. I read it week to week through my pregnancy and loved how informative it was.

I suppose for some it can be a little bit of information overload, but enjoyed reading what was happening to my body and how my baby was developing.

I also downloaded the iPhone app which pretty much gives a condensed version of the week.

Wickedly Happy

I had seen & bought this book for friends who were pregnant, so was happy to get a copy while I was expecting. As others have said, it's not necessarily a book to read from cover to cover, but I did like reading a bit each week & the extensive index is a fantastic resource. We also downloaded the free pp, which my husband LOVED!!! Daily advice that was simple to access and easy to use. A great product, if you like factual stuff. 


My GP recommended this book to me at the start of my pregnancy and I found it to be an extremely informative reference book that covers just about everything pregnancy related. As a previous reviewer wrote, it should be treated as a reference book and not a book read cover to cover.

Every symptom I had that I was worried about or needed reassurance about could be found in this book. I would highly recommend this for any woman!

What to Expect When You're Expecting really covers everything! you can expect while you are pregnant, it is well written but I found my eyes sort of just blended the pages together as there are no real stops in the paragraphs and it just keeps going and going!

This seems to be the most well known pregnancy bible but I would reccomend getting this and another lighter style pregnancy info book, just so you can refer to this when you have hard questions.
If you are after a factual reference book you have it here. If you are after something that goes with the flow and is an easy read it may be best looking somewhere else.

I think this book is very informative and excellent to understand however it can be a chore to read at times and can become quite boring. I would like to see a little more flow.

None the less, I know alot of people who adore this book and I think its on the money for the information it provides.

This is a reference book, rather than a book to sit down and read cover to cover (although I did).  If you're the sort of person who thinks that more is more when it comes to information, like me, this is worth getting a hold of.  If you don't like to read about things that may go wrong, then I would either avoid it or only read specific portions that you want to know about.   

Regardless of what camp you fall into, it is useful to have something to hand that you can look up quickly without having to trawl through all the rubbish on the internet.  It is also useful to read before going on to do any more research.

Make sure you get the one editted for Australia rather than the American one.

I found this book way too scientific and scary for my liking. This book is all about everything that CAN go wrong in pregnancy and does very little focusing on the beauty and amazement of growing a human. I dont recommend this book.

A very boring read. I would call this a reference book more than anything. It probably will answer most questions that you have but in a boring long winded way.

Probably not worth the dollars, pretty glad that I borrowed this from a friend and didnt purchase it!


I found this book to be both very informative, but also quiet boring and "fact" based, and not so easy to read as other books on the market.

While it provides very detailed information about everything under the sun, you really have to concentrate when reading it, as it feels more like a text book then light, informative book... Which isnt always a bad thing for some people.

I have sold this book now, and probably won't purchase it again for subsequent pregnancies as with my difficult pregnancy, the last thing I wanted to do at night was sit down and feel like i was "studying" for some exam.


I found this book to be a great general reference book however I must admit I did not read in it anything that I hadn't already found online.

It is a great book for first time mums, I read it when expecting my second and found most of the stuff it covered I had already had aleady been exposed to.

All in all - a great book for a general knowledge of what to expect when your expecting. I would recommed a more in depth reference guide though for individual problems. 


This book is very informative and answers most questions you will have during your pregnancy.

I think it could have a more modern look to it though. 


In my opinion, if you were to buy one book on pregnancy, it'd be this one. I think it is a great overview of pregnancy and answers a number of questions that a person might have.

I think the month-by-month format is extremely helpful, and I found it was a good starting point on pregnancy and birth topics. 

Brilliant reference book, i have all three in the series

I was given this book by my sister, who swore by the advice given.

It was a great starting point, with lots of general information, but I did find that I needed further details and advice, which I found through online parenting forums :)

Id suggest that WTEWYE be used as a general reference, with further information sought from other sources


This book is supposed to be the "bible" of all things pregnancy.

I found it way too text heavy and difficult to navigate.

Very impersonal writing.

The first few chapters made me terrified of my pregnancy (no need for vag varicose veins and haemmorhoids in the first chapter!). 

Found it felt a little outdated for the modern working mum. Ok to refer to when I had other books to also look up.

Purple Lily
I had heard all about this book so i went out and bought it straight away.  I have to say i had to skim read a lot of it because to me it seemed quite intense.  The book definitley had more than enough information but at the same time it was too much to read and i got bored of it pretty easily.  The tone of the book was pretty boring so i put it down and came back to it a fair bit.  The information was extremely useful but at times was a bit daunting.

I was told this book was fabulous so bought it, but hardly ever used it.  

I didn't like the tone.  It was overly preachy and fear-mongery so I read a couple of chapters and that was it.

It was useful as a reference guide, but I never read the whole thing as it just made me anxious and made me feel if I didn't follow their diet and recommendations, that I was doing everything wrong! 


I got this book during my first pregnancy and found it to be a great help.

I like that it was divided into stages of pregnancy and also other relevant sections such as pre-conception, multiples, pregnancy loss, after birth etc.

Very easy to follow and full of lots of info - i found most questions i had could be answered in this book. 

A great all-round book.


I really enjoyed having this book throughout my pregnancy. it had all the information I ever needed by professionals. Handy tips on what products you actually need or dont need. It was very honest and you could tell it tried to be unbias on many topics which i think is very important as every mother and pregnancy is different. 

I also signed up to the weekly emails the companion site has and found it amazing. I would feel something random and that day an email would arrive describing that symptom. Very cool.

We also bought the first year, and second year books for after the baby is born and are very happy with those also.  


This book was given to me as a present when I first found out that I was pregnant with my son and it was a great wealth of knowledge.

Everytime I had a question I would look it up in the book and 9/10 I could find the answer. 

It was great that every stage I was in, in my pregnancy I was able to see what was happening with my body and what was happening to the beautiful baby that was growing inside me. 

I loved that it had all the stages of Labour which I found very helpful and that it also went over c-sections as I ended up having an emergency c-section. 

My Husband found it very helpful as well with the section for fathers. 

I would recommend it to everyone as it is a great read will lots of information.


I loved having this book through out my pregnancy! I read it every night when i jumped in to bed and love how it has a week by week breakdown.

Every Tuesday i grabbed it to see what was happening with bubs that week!

It was even helpful when i had a miscarriage as it had information on dealing with that as well

I would highly recommend it to any pregnant woman 


I loved this book when I was pregnant. It was great to read about each stage and what was coming next.  It is pretty matter of fact or clinical which I was happy with.  I love that it has an index for quick reference when you forget something (pregnancy brain).

Would suggest that you should read the WHOLE book at least once.  I didn't and was only reading stage by stage or if I wanted to know about something in particular.  I hadn't read on and read about complications of pregnancy and maybe if I had I would have recognised the syptoms of pre eclampsia sooner!


I have found this book to be very useful, as has my husband as we are both first time parents, i even read it leading up to pregnancy.

i think it would be a little more helpful with a few more pics, but with this as side i would recommend it to everyone.

as for price, i was lucky enough to have it handed down to me with a number of other books, i may have thought twice enitially about buying it, but is worth the money when your mind is put to rest


I bought this book because it was a title I knew from many cliche movies and I found it informative but not appealing.

It told me where I was but was written in a boring educatiional format. I would have prefered something more personal at such an emotional and sensitive time in my life.

this book came highly recommended to me by many friends , but to be honest it wasn't worth the money i paid for it.very basic diagrams and no good pictures. i did like how it tells you what month of pregnancy you are at (ie 28-31 weeks equals 7 months etc).

This book has been a fantastic tool for both myself and my husband as we are now first time parents. During pregnancy I found this was a great way to keep my husband involved by reading the week to week updates, telling you what to expect in the coming week. This created great discussions for us.

It answered all the basic questions you really wanted to know, and we were quite amazed as to how accurate the weekly descriptions were to exactly what my body was going through all the way through the pregnancy. I enjoyed the summary at the end of each month, telling you what your baby is able to do now whilst in the womb and the % of life expectancy if it were to be born at that particular date. Plus the added reminder of what to remember to ask your doctor at your next visit, this was great for me as I think I lost most of my memory around week 8 haha

It helps with the questions you may be afraid to ask anyone else, espicially relating to after bub is born.

Shop around though as I have seen some book shops have this book to be priced quite high, but others are good. Sometimes if the new edition has b een released,you can grab a bargain by getting the older one..... not much difference.

I would reccomment this book to everyone and also the follow up editions.

I have found this book to be my saviour at times. A++



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