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Up The Duff

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Up The Duff
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I looked forward to reading the relevant chapter each week. This book is written in an easy to read style and the humour is just what I needed! Informative and fun.


This was sooo much easier to read than "what to expect when you're expecting". It was funny and a page turner... although I read it before I was pregnant, I didn't enjoy the birthing sections as much!

mrs nv

Great book. Informative but entertaining at the same time. Definitely my choice of pregnancy books!


I first read this when pregnant with #1 several years ago. I enjoyed reading along with Hermoine's diary and finding out about the different weeks of pregnancy.

What I didn't like about it was the tone of 'first time mother's are ditzes who can't string a coherent thought together and are all hormones and tantrums and naps'. 

I reread it when I was pregnant with #2 last year and I liked it even less. To me, it pushes pain relief and intervention and promotes obseteric care as that's what Hermoine gets but a greater number of mothers are heading to the midwife for all antenatal care these days, including labour and birth.

I found it somewhat irrelevant to my experiences, both times. I also didn't use the diary feature of recording my own thoughts.


Initially I liked this book and its casual and relatable approach to pregnancy. However, I found a lot of the information it does provide is incomplete or one-sided, when there are many options out there regarding your pregnancy & maternity care that it doesn't cover or can be misleading. A good book for its entertainment value (and the ruled pages of your baby's current size!) but don't use this book as your first point of call for information or decision-making regarding your pregnancy.


This is the only pregnancy book I read. I wasn't going to read any but a friend gave  this one to me told me I should take a look, so I followed her advice and read the book as I moved through the pregnancy.

This book was informative and funny, I am glad I read it through my first pregnancy.


To be honest, this was the only thing I read about pregnancy, birth, parenting or feeding my entire pregnancy. I loved it and it gave me the information I needed.


I really enjoyed this book, I found many pregnancy books to be filled with information presented in the most boring of ways! I found that this book was easy sand entertaining to read and I learned so much from it. 


WIth my first pregnancy I read a LOT

I literally absorbed books, most of them freaked me out, there were devestating stories about pregnancies and babies gone wrong, as well as all the things that can go wrong with you.

As it turned out, nothing went wrong with me or my baby, and in hindsight Kaz's book Up The Duff was the most enjoyable book to celebrate my pregnancy.

You need a good sense of humour and read your week each week and don't skip ahead and it's a bit of fun.


In all honesty, I have to disagree with most of the reviews.  I have always been someone who has a desperate thirst for information - preferably in overload amounts and preferably in concise form.

I found this book had some useful information but it was buried in irritating waffle and it was hard to find what I was looking for as there was no real indication which chapter things would necessarily be in.  The story was "cute" but to be honest, had I wanted to read a fictional tale, I would have picked up a fantasy/sci-fi book.

I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people, but I did not like the book.  Patronising and irritating are the best words I can find to describe it.   That said, I *loved* the size guide for bub at the start of each "week" and I kept it almost just for that :)


This book is very light hearted and brings a smile to your face when the hormones are taking over.

It is well presented and takes into consideration all types of couples. It does have useful information in it but is not a traditional reference book.

Great step by step book to hel you through pregnancy


Found this book fun to read as it gives a more light hearted take on pregnancy and all the things that go along with it.

It's not too detailed with information so I found it useful to read it along with another pregnancy book so I was getting more details on particular things that I  wanted to read more about.

I love the illustrations and the 'story' that goes along with the week by week information. 


A light hearted and funny book relating to pregnancy and all the crazy symptoms that come with it.

It was nice to have a read of this book each week and relate it to what I was going through in a comical way. A very nice change from the more serious reference types pregnancy books.

I found this book to be a great read. Its light heartedness and easy to understand content made it an enjoyable read.

I would recommend it to anyone.
I found this book a fun easy read with laugh out loud parts.  Its not particularly detailed with regards to weekly development and body changes, but it does cover most of the important stuff.  I was given it by one of my sisters and have now past in on to another one.

Any first time pregnant mum will enjoy this book as it is written in such an enteraining and amusing fashion that it is easy reading. The only difficulty is exercising the self control to not find yourself reading 10 weeks ahead!

If you want a scientific manual then this is not for you, but if you want an entertaining read that gives you a basic, solid idea of  what lies ahead, then this is an excellent choice


Every first time mum should be given a copy of this book in Australia. I absolutely loved reading it and so did my Husband. 

I have since passed it on to two friends who were expecting for the first time and they also found its good balance of comedic relief and facts reassuring throughout their pregnancies. 

This book is not for someone who is looking for a scientific read about the pregnancy journey, it is very light on the details. 

every mum to be should have this book. i love reading every bit of it and could relate to it. easy to understand and a great laugh. must buy this book!!! cant fault it :)

This is the best pregnancy book I have read!  It is very amusing and I love how each chapter is dedicated to a week of pregnancy and showed measurements of baby etc.

I read one chapter a week as I went through my first pregnancy and did the same when it came along to pregnancy number 2. 

Can highly recommend.


I was given this book for my baby shower, and I just love it! Now Im due with my second and Im reading it week by week again!

Its hillarous, but still gives you practical advice. It also talks about things that no one tells you about, eg weak bladder/skin tags/stretch marks and other not so nice things :)

Highly recoomend it, I give it to any friends who are expecting for the first time. Excellent gift.


Kaz Cooke has done it again with her light hearted and comical approach to pregnany.

Its the book that most pregnant women will reach to first, as it has to be one of the better known ones. Its light hearted, entertaining and whilst having a week by week approach I found myself reading ahead to see what each week had in store for Kaz.

However, it does lack on some of the details, I found that I wanted them to elaborate a little more on some of the details. I did enjoy the first person journey with Kaz, and liked the option to enter some of your personal feelings in some journal style pages.

Would recommend to all.


Kaz embarks us on her own journey through pregnancy and birth. Aswell as offering week by week information of baby's progress and size, I found this book great entertainment and I love the comical approach she uses. Great for those that aren't into reading all that much or care much for detail.
Definietly a book I recommend to all my expecting friends.  

Atlantic Puffin

This book is a light hearted comical approach to every thing pregnancy related...!

I found it very easy to read, straight forward, and rather funny.... Which is exactly what I needed during a some what difficult pregnancy.. Having a bit of a laugh before bed reading this book really brightened things up for me while I was learning what to expect in the coming weeks.

I love this book and recommend it to anyone!


I love this book and bub being 15months old now I am still happily using it.

It's tailored for parents whom like an easy to read using everyday English. Nothing too hard, and perfect for the before bedtime book.

Great suggestion and fantastic ideas for tops and games for kids of all age.


It was so easy to read, very imformative, and had quite a lot of humour in it. Most of the time while I was reading it, I was thinking 'oh my god! That happens to me too!"

It was easy to relate to, and very easy to read. I'll be passing it on to another friend who's newly pregnant, as it was one of the best books given to me (and I was given a few!)



This book is funny, easy to read and follows you through your pregnancy. Hermione's Diary is hilarious & Kaz's "I'm not going to stress you out about crap you don't need" point of view is refreshing, compared to a very popular pregnancy book, saying "put down the donut" if you'd gained weight in the first tri (yes I hold a grudge against that!) 

I recommend this book to all mums, its full of very practical non preachy advice!  


Of the five (yes, 5!) pregnancy books I bought this was the best.

Easy to understand and so simple to flick through month to month. 

Love the ruler showing me how big bub was, and the stories throughout to make me laugh even on my most hormonal days.

DH even read this one and loved it.

Being a first time mum all the books I'd seen just seemed to much to take in.
This one however takes you step by step and is written in a way that we all think about stuff.
It's a must read and it's an absolute cracker :D I don't think I would have bothered with a pregnancy book if I hadn't found this one.
The amount of info packed into it is great!
A must read for new mums. A modern look at the world with a baby bump developing before your eyes. A few giggles to keep your sense of humor in tack along the way. But still giving you all the information your Dr doesn't if you have a crap one, or at least helps you to know what you should be asking your Dr at your next appointment. This book takes you week by week through the journey of pregnancy. I always looked forward to getting to the next week including the size ruler. Money well spent to have a companion along the way. 
I bought this book many years ago when pregnant (unfortunately m/c) It was my first point of call when preg with my now 10mth old. It was easy to understand and follow with down to earth terminology used. Loved it and plan on using it again on next bubs

I brought this after reading the reviews here and after a good friend recommend it.

I'm only at the 10 week section now, am trying not to read ahead :) but i am loving it so far.


I LOVE this book.  It was funny, infomormative and told me everything I needed to know on a weekly basis.  

It's broken down by weeks and has Hermoine's diary as the first pages of each week, followed by information and advice that every pregnant mother needs.  

The index is also well set out so you can find info you are looking for quickly.

Great book and I have recommended it to all my preggie friends! 

This is a must read for first time mothers, I still found time to read this book even when I was so tired and exhausted. It is an easy read that steps you through each stage of your pregnancy. It is not only funny but very informative. Definately worth spending your money on.
Loved this book! It was a humourous step through pregnancy and the stages of pregnancy month by month. Had a few good little helpful activities in it to help prepare for bubs arrival. I read this book through my first pregnancy and really did enjoy it. I read each chapter as I came up to them month to see where approx. bubs delevopment would be and what to expect in myself. It was a really good read and made me feel a little bit more comfortable with my own pregnancy reading about the authors experiences and baby development stages in the womb.

i read this book for the first time when we were pregnant with our first ivf son, james whos nearly one, im not a big book reader, so i started reading it when my husband was allways late picking me up from work.

its funny, informative, gives validation to randging hormones and it ok to either read the whole thing at once or chapter by chapter.

Im now reading it for a second time, after we had another sucessfull ivf attempt. but now i dont have to put the book down when my husband picks me up, its when james wakes up now, its a great read.

if you decided not to buy it its available from most libarys but you may be waiting a while, its popular, atherwise ask around at a playgroup another mum is sure to have it and may just relinquesh it for you.


I absolutely LOVED Kaz Cooke's guide to pregnancy. I loved Kaz's wicked sense of humour  It made the book so much better and more fun to read than so many other boring, clinical and non-Australian pregnancy books. It also explained things in simple, easy to understand language and provided a great glossary.

I loved that they showed the measurements each week so I could see how big my baby was, and I loved the "real girl" diary!

Best of all I loved how they covered a few different "non-standard" pregnancy types, especially the chapters about AC & IVF! Makes us IVF-ers feel just a little less freakish LOL!

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone! 

I went through this book over and over I my date drew closer. My husband and I would read each week together at night to see what our little peanut was up to. Nearing the end I would re vist sections on what to pack, labour, pain relief options etc. It was all in the one book. I Would recommend this book to a friend.

I really loved this book, it is a good place to start with all the essential information you might need without being too scary or overwhelming you with facts and figures and do's / don'ts. I especially enjoyed the "real girl diary" entries which are a fun and very unserious point of view on the practicalities of being pregnant in real life (which sometime these pregnancy books and magazines can overlook, giving us unrealistic expectations of what we should and shouldn't do). It is also a great 'quick reference' guide, with good links / contact info for further in depth reading on each particular subject.

I would gladly recommend this title to friends, family and strangers alike.


I brought this book after hearing quite a few great reviews, most of my friends recommended it, I did buy it at the beginning of my second pregnancy, I found it very entertaining, even my husband thought it was great, it was very light hearted through out, great cartoon pics which brightened up any dull day I had, It does give you week by week updates which I loved, but I found it didn't have as much information in it as what other books I had read, but it's ideal if you don't want something too serious to read or you've already been through a pregnancy before, and just want something to refresh yourself, in a light hearted way

I recommend this book, its a great read


I purchased this book when I first fell pregnant, I found it to be quite witty light humour whilst still being in formative on a week to week basis.

It is very easy to ready with some great cartoon pictures to keep you smiling.

Along the side of the weekly pages is a ruler which gives you a idea as to your bubs size whilst growing week to week.

My husband didn't enjoy this one as much as I did, maybe better  keep for the ladies!

Overall I found it to be a great pregnancy tool, telling it like it is, no point of fluffing it up, childbirth and pregnancy and be daunting, great to hear there are other women out there just like me!!!


This book was a bit too silly and fluffy for me. I wanted more real information, not just jokes. Also it conforms to the "medical model" of childbirth and I wanted information on a more natural way of having a baby. 

Not a bad book, but I'm glad it wasn't the only one I read. 

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