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Feeding The Bump

6 reviews
Feeding The Bump
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I purchased this book when I was pregnant with my first baby. I have used it non stop through three pregnancies now and am still using it!

With my third pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabeties. I went through the book and marked all the recipes that were suitable for me. I followed each recipe through the last trimester religiously as my Dr was talking about daily insulin injections. My blood sugars didn't go outside the normal range. I love this book. I love most of the recipes and will continue using it long after the babies have stopped!


I love it! The cover caught my eye even before I was pregnant. It was the first thing I bought the day I found out I was pregnant at 4 wks. I just love the nutrition information and how it relates to development of baby and mother. I have read it sooo many times, in pregnancy and beyond. I was very passionate about giving my child the best start in life as I knew what I ate during pregnancy would have a big impact. I don't think I had any sugar until I was about 38 weeks. I never made any of the recipe suggestions whilst pregnant, they didn't really appeal but of late I've made quite a few. Some are not too great, some are.The Chocolate and Beetroot cake I made today was amazing and sugar free. My son is now 3 and still he's not had a lolly, loves olives, anchovies and brie but does not really know what chocolate is nor ask for it. My quest to maintain his diet as healthy and low in sugar as possible, for as long as possible, is the reason for me discovering the recipes. I sent a copy to my bestie in London when she told me she was pregnant, she loves it too, and I've short-loaned it to close trustworthy friends here. Yes pictures would be good, perhaps I would have made stuff earlier with them. I never rely on one source so any inaccuracies would have been filtered out. Love it, thanks Lisa Neal.


This book was recommended to me, and I was quite excited to find it. Until I read an early page which talked about barley being a great food for anyone who is gluten intolerant. Anyone with gluten intolerance should know that barley contains gluten - why doesn't Lisa Neal? This undermined my confidence in the book. I also read that vitamin D supplements are harmful in pregnancy, which doesn't seem to equate to the research I have read.

I still thought the book might have some useful recipes, but found the salmon with bean puree was so rich I couldn't digest it and was throwing up for the first time in weeks - something I wasn't used to in 2nd trimester.

Such a pity this isn't a trustworthy source.


I bought this in the early days of my pregnancy hoping for some inspiration to cook some healthy meals.

Very dissapointed as there were no photos to go along with the recipes. Also, a lot of the recipes did not appeal to me. 

I think I tried one recipe from the book and it wasn't tasty. I didn't really use the book after this. 


whilst it seemed like an excellent idea to get a recipe book with all pregnancy safe foods, at the end of the day you can still eat most of the foods you normally eat, maybe just having to leave one or two things out, so a brand new diet is hardly necessary.

The book is informative on the various things you should be eating in pregnancy, but to be quite honest it sat on my bookshelf throughout two pregnancies and i never used it once after reading it the first time.

In both pregnancies cooking and food were the last things i felt like with nausea and exhaustion, so whilst the idea is great, in reality i'm not sure anyone would get much use out of it.


I purchased this book when I first became pregnant because I was really motivated to eat well and not put on too much weight.

It has a wealth of information in it and I particularly found the sections about food to help with problems amazing. When I first started experiencing morning sickness I was keeping my food quite light, with lots of fruit and dairy. It wasn’t until I ready about the benefits of carbs and herbs and adjusted the food I took in at work that I was able to cope with the sickness without waving red flags at my colleagues. Very small serves of spaghetti bolognaise with HEAPS of basil, was a god sent, as well as the incorporation of heaps of garlic and ginger in my stir-fry’s.

 Where this book falls down is common to all cookbooks. Without pictures of the beautiful food, its hard to get motived to try something new in the kitchen. So in summary, it is my go to book for info about what I can eat to help elevate any complaints, but at 22 weeks, I am yet to cook a recipe. 

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