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In preparation for this baby's birth, I was looking for a book that did more than prepare me mentally for a natural birth and information about the benefits of one. I wanted something that had actual techniques that I could employ during labour. I found this book extremely useful. 

A lot of these skills I used during early labour with my DD and the coffee plunger analogy (for pushing) was fabulous. 


I must be honest, I actually haven't finished reading this book, but I stopped on purpose! It wasn't really my cup of tea.

I'm going into labour quite positive and just want tools to help me. I don't want a book saying "it's normal to feel tense, and nervous" "I know you're not looking forward to the pain" etc etc. I found it to be slightly negative - rather than just giving the tools.

That's just my opinion though, it is probably a great resource - however I decided not to continue reading.


my sister bought this book and whilst i could happily skip approximately the first six chapters on pain management in labour as they all sounded a bit too "new age" to me, the final chapters on posterior labour (her pet topic having had two herself), pushing and crowning are the best written resource on labour i have come across.

Her section on posterior labour was invaluable to me (had two myself) and her lesson/description on how to push had my obstetrician compllimenting me on my ability to push even despite me having a massive epidural on board with my first.

And with my second completely natural labour I found myself using her coping techniques for pain despite dismissing them as "new age"! So they do work.

I wouldnt have wanted to go through either of my labours without reading this book, it has been lent to numerous friends as well.


I used this book for both my deliveries.  The book is written in very clear and easy to understand language, it is well structured and lends itself to reading in bits and pieces (I read it several times, and twice was on my morning commute to work).

JuJu explains exactly what is going on in labour - so it is invaluable even if you decide not to use any of the skills she discusses.  Understanding what is happening to your body and the baby at every stage makes it so much easier to deal with the pain.  She then explains various techniques for coping with the pain, involving movement, vocalisation and visualisation.   There are lots of stories from women who have used her techniques, saying what worked for them.

I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone who is aiming to deliver their baby with as little medical intervention as possible.  In both my labours I ultimately opted for epidurals, but I found that the skills I learnt from the book greatly assisted me both with the labour leading up to the epidural and with pushing the babies out.  

Some people may find some of the suggested techniques a little confronting (eg she strongly recommends vocalisation, at the top of your lungs, to cope  with the pain).  I thought I wouldn't use this particular skill but found during my first labour just how helpful it was.  I think that had I practised more the first time around I would have coped even better with the labour and perhaps managed without an epidural at all.   Therefore I would strongly recommend anyone interested in these techniques:

(a) read the book several times

(b) practice the techniques

(c) keep an open mind about what techniques work.

I found my two labours completely different from each other.  The first time around I heavily relied on the movement techniques (too heavily in the end, and I got too tired and hence opted for the epidural).  The second time around I found any movement during contractions completely unbearable.  I therefore relied heavily on vocalisation and visualisation. So don't make any assumptions about what you think might or might not work.

Overall, this is a really useful tool and I would thoroughly recommend it. 


I decided to read this book after a few friends recommended it for the birth of my second child. I felt like I could have done more during my first birth to be active and cope with the pain better.

I found this book invaluable in the preparation for labour, especially the concept of "good pain". In my second labour I was much more active and felt a lot more confident to listen to my body and do whatever felt natural for me to get through the pain. 


I did a lot of reading prior to my recent labour and out of all the books this one had the best ideas for pain management.  I actually really enjoyed a lot of my labour this time around and I was able to get the completely drug-free labour and birth that I wanted.  This book was actually so full of good ideas that I didn't even use half of them.  

The ideas that helped me most were the feet stamping and towards the end of my labour it was useful to match the pain with my voice.  I spent a day making my own stress balls, but it never even crossed my mind to use them.  The good thing about this book is that there are things to help at all different parts of labour and all levels of pain tolerance. 


Can't recommend this book highly enough.  It's really informative and gives alot of different strategies to assist you in labour.

It explains the physiology of birth so you know exactly what's going in your body and also explains epidurals which was helpful to know. 

This book is a must read for any pregnant woman! 

giggle berry

This book was recommended to me by a couple of friends. At first I thought it was going to be a little too new age for me but I was pleasantly surprised!

Knowledge is power and that's what this book offers.

Really understanding what is happening during labour, where the pain comes from and how to distract your brain from just focusing on that pain is an amazingly powerful gift to have.

I used lots of the skills taught in this book, and even ones I thought I wouldn't - vocalisation was my main tool of choice even though I thought I'd never use that!

These skills made me feel in control of my labour and empowered, when it was all over and I held my beautiful son, I was so proud of myself and that I had coped so much better than I ever thought I could!

I highly recommend this book to anyone about to give birth, regardless of what your birth plan is! 

I purchased this book whilst trying to conceive. It's very informative and it has helped to ease some of my fears. Instead of being scared about my labour in July I am excited!

The techniques in Birth Skills helped me through 4 days of labour and a traumatic birth.

Being able to coach myself, and reason with myself through the stages of labour and birth, was the main factor in achieving the best outcome possible.

Although I had complications in the final minutes of labour, the rest of my journey was active, calm and 100% drug free!

I often lend my copy to friends, and would suggest that every mum find a copy.


I borrowed this book from the local library and loved it.  It didn't lie and say labour wouldn't hurt, but gave me tools and skills to work with the pain and use it to my advantage.

Even though I ended up with an emegercy c-section, I had 17 hours of labour beforehand, and this book really prepared me and helped me deal with it and kept me calm and focussed.

Great book.  Highly recommend it. 


I highly recommend this book to everyone. It goes thru different stages of labour, and different pain management skills to use. It is based towards mothers wanting a natural birth, but also teaches you how to push properly so you know how to do it if you have an epidural.

I cannot recommend this book enough! Its easy to read and has lots of great inspiring birth stories.

I recommend this book to anyone who is having a baby.  I had an amazing natural birth, and I think, largely because this book gave me the confidence to.  The book gives you practical tips for increasing your chances of having a natural birth but makes the point that however your baby is born it will be a wonderful thing.
My friend lent me this book while I was pregnant and it gave me lots of good ideas on how to have the natural, drug-free birth I wanted. I learned that childbirth pain is healthy pain and how to manage it naturally. A great, empowering book!



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