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Birth: Conceiving, Nurturing and Giving Birth to Your Baby

11 reviews
Birth: Conceiving, Nurturing and Giving Birth to Your Baby

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I'm nearly at the end of this book (and my pregnancy) and it has been an invaluable and informative must have.  Written by two highly experienced Aussie midwives, this book takes you from pre-conception right through to returning to work after your maternity leave.  I'll keep going back to this book for some time to come as a valuable reference.  Very highly recommended.


I had originally purchased a few other books that had been recommended by friends but couldn't really read more than a few pages without either getting bored or having no idea what they were talking about.

I picked this up one day when I was out shopping and thought surely it was about time I found a good one? I was was GREAT!!!

This has now taken pride of place on my bedside table, beside the bath, in my handbag, kitchen bench, basically anywhere I go, it's usually within eyesight! I have read this cover to cover and back again!

I would highly recommend anyone to buy it for themselves or if you're thinking of getting a book for a friend or loved one, get them this book and they will be thanking you for years to come!!


I originally bought What to Expect When You're Expecting as it is so popular and well known, but bought this on a whim at a book shop and so glad I did! I found it was layed out better than WTEWYE and the information was really clear and un-biased.

I read it cover to cover, and then re-read each section as it is applying to me. Also great index which refers back to the book and has really helpful answers to questions.

Always right next to my bed for quick referral! Love it!!!

out of all the books i read during my pregnancy this was my favorite, it was extremly informative, i found that it gave all the information to enable you to make informed choices, and an easy resorce for answering questions throughout trying to conceive and pregnancy and even after birth. It will certainly be the first book i pick up again when its time for baby number 2.

My copy of Birth is so well loved by me and friends that have given birth.

I referred to this book constantly trying to conceive, it gives great tips on nutrition, on supplements to take etc. It then also gives you week by week  pregnancy updates. What to expect if somethign goes wrong, I used it for my miscarriages which helped to answer questions that Doctors couldn't after hours.

This book is invaluable!


This was an excellent book 

As a clueless first time mum I wanted to know everything. Everything that would happen, everything that could happen and everything in between. This book covered possible tests, a week by week guide during your pregnancy, what to expect  at any time during your pregnancy, positions for birth and what to expect when you bring your baby home. 

A great guide for those who want to know... Everything  

My Doula recommended this book on my first pregnancy and I read it cover to cover.  I feel it covered all the basic information needed however it didnt have enough information on each topic! It gave the basics but not any more however everything is covered.
My friend let me a copy of this book when I was expecting and from looking at the cover I didn't think it would be anything special.
I was wrong, this is incredibley informative and easy to read, loads of imformation on everything and anything pregnancy and newborn related.

It was my bible for the last 5 weeks as I thought every twinge was labour starting and for the 5 weeks after the birth of my baby.

Awesome, awesome book!
The only downside for me was having to give it back!!

Great book! Well written, easy to read and understand. Offers balanced perspective with the aim to inform rather than direct. Comprehensive range of topics covered with a variety of suggestions for most.

Was brought for me as a gift from my very best friend, who already had children and found her copy valuable for her experiences also.

I read it cover to cover while pregnant (folding a few pages for hubby to read) and since bubs arrival I have referred back to it several times.

Will be the gift I give to those I know who are expecting (a new one of course as I'm never parting with my copy!) 

I read tonnes of pregnancy books from the library when I was pregnant, but really this is the only one I actually bought. It's factual without being too scary.

This was one of the books I bought to get me through my first pregnancy, and it was great. I kept it on the bedside table, took it to hospital and continued to read it after was back home because it has newborn info too. It is very comprehensive, covering all the conception, pregnancy and birth variations I could think of plus many more I hadn't even imagined! It helped me through a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I have loaned it to two friends who have also found it useful.

It isn't full of pictures from 1956 of women in unattractive maternity wear; in fact it has no photographs, just some essential illustrations when words are not enough. I like that this book leans toward having a natural birth, but still contains all the info you need if that is not the path you choose or end up heading down. 

A great resource! 



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