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Being Dad

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Being Dad

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I hoped my husband would read this but he never got around to it! Probably not much point pushing it now the second is on its way either! I read bits and found it light hearted and informative and I thought would be a really decent read for dads. I might still read the rest and just read out the bits as the above person did to get my husband interested. Good book!
I enjoyed reading this book and it was  lighthearted choice for my hubby.   A very popular choice, it reminds of the kaz cooke books for girls.    Guys interested in reading a pregnancy book would probably stick with this one, its quite funny and still covers alot of ground.
la la

I enjoyed this book which I read out loud to get my husband interested in it. I found it to be an informative guide for fathers to be to prepare them on  how to behave he he, what to expect and the overall dos and don'ts.

There are a couple of things which I didn't quite agree on in the book but it due to personal preference example: The part where the author informs the reader that there is no need for a pram right away so not to worry about one until sometime after the baby is born because you will be happy to carry them around, for long days out and about I much prefer a pram or stroller.



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