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Active Pelvic Practice CD

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Active Pelvic Practice CD

Active Pelvic Practice – The Gift of Inner Strength : a double CD set of pelvic floor exercises and affirmations that help you correctly train your pelvic floor.

The meditation CD is to listen before going to sleep. Load the active CD into your ipod, car or listen while you are in your house – 10 mins per day is enough to make a big difference!

Parent Reviews and Comments

this is a 2 disc set designed to help you isolate and strengthen your pelvic floor. the first CD is meditation style and the second is a quicker äctive"CD

it took me a while to find a moment long enough to listen to the whole meditation CD, but when i did i found it to be quite relaxing and instructive, i felt was still having trouble isolating my pelvic floor though and wasnt sure that i was doing it right. Thankfuly the active CD put me on the right track and now im sure im on the way to being able to laugh, jump run and sneeze without embarrasment.

Now that i know what im doing i tend to stick with the meditation CD but have found i cant do it last thing at night in bed as i fall asleep before the exercises are finished, much better to do it as soon as waking up before rising- great way to start the day. 

if you've got problems in this area, id certainly say "give it a shot" for less than the cost of a physiotherapy appointment your troubles could be over


I found the active CD to be more my style and I can see myself using it everyday. The instruction are very clear and easy to understand. It  is helping me with my endurance. The lift illustration was very good and helpful in showing me how to do the exercises.

The meditation CD wasn't my style. I can see how others will enjoy it. Though helpful, I cant see myself listening to it every day/night.



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