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Wheat and Gluten Free Diabeties

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Wheat and Gluten Free Diabeties
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I was very excited to be chosen to review this book. Having two children with type 1 diabetes plus another daughter with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is exacerbated by her gluten intolerance, has made preparing suitable nutritious meals which are appealing and tasty quite a challenge.

The rather strange name for this attractive looking book does clearly state the intent of the book; recipes suitable for diabetics and people who cannot eat gluten. The book begins with some very useful dietary information and a good list of gluten free grains. Perhaps a paragraph on alternatives to dairy foods would have been useful here, as there is evidence linking some type 1 diabetes with cow’s milk allergies.

The book is beautifully illustrated with a clear photograph of each dish, a really helpful feature. Not so helpful is each recipe title printed part way down the page followed by the preparation and cooking instructions, but with the ingredient list printed above it in pale ink. This makes it surprisingly difficult to use the book. However, another very good feature is the nutritional analysis provided for each recipe.

There is an excellent range of recipes, from soups right through to desserts. I tested recipes from  each section, with varying success. My taste testers found the recipes acceptable but not exciting. However the recipes are a good base to experiment with and build on, to add more flavour. It was agreed by all that the chocolate mousse, with its secret ingredient, was a standout!

At the back of the book the author has provided a helpful glossary. Gluten free cooking uses some unusual ingredients so it is good to have them explained. Unfortunately what is perhaps the strangest ingredient most in need of explanation, xanthan gum, was left off the glossary.

Would I recommend this book?  If you are just beginning your journey of cooking gluten free and/or for diabetics I believe there are more useful books available. However, if you wanted to add to your repertoire of recipes ,and you had a spare $35, then this book would sit very nicely on your shelf. It would also make an excellent gift, so you could drop a few hints!



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