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Top 100 Finger Foods

4 reviews
Top 100 Finger Foods
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Parent Reviews and Comments

This book has been perfect as my son is a really fussy eater.

There is lots of different foods, with great freezer options so that you can make big batches.

They are perfect healthy snack foods, so much better then the ones that can be bought in the store.


I borrowed this book from a friend and was pretty impressed. There were lots of different ideas for the toddlers and the food was a great variety and pretty healthy. 

I have found however that its easier for me to google for recipes then spend the money on recipe books. 


this book is great for snack and food ideas for kids which are healthy and appropriate. She lists all her ingredients by weight quite often which makes them easy to cook in  a thermomix which suits me. My only complaint would be that she often repeats her receipes in various cookbooks so if you own more than one of her recipe books you can end up with a bit of repetition.

Overall a great book to have on hand with fussy toddlers.

This is a great book with easy to cook recipes and tasty food. I cook all of my sons food from this book and he loves everything i've cooked so far. My husband and I also love the food - its all very tasty and low in salt/sugar.



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