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DermaVeen Soap Free Wash

9 reviews
Soap Free Wash

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Skye Baby

If you are having problems with a senitive skinned baby than Derma Veen is your answer. 

Alot of babys get that new born rash, but if that rash dosn't disapear it can really take the glss of things. My son had a rash like this and after numorius trips to Gp's and paediatricans ,all with varying opinions of what the cause of rash was, a GP with 5 kids of his own suggested we give DermaVeen a try. 

I could not be more thankful because within two week my baby was looking beautiful with no rash. It smells nice and makes your skin so very soft.  I would not use anything else on my babies I have since had another baby and about to give birth and will be Definatly be using again. 


Both of my babies were "allergy kids" that suffered eczema and this product was the only bath product that soothed their dry itchy inflammed skin.  It is gentle, smells pleasant and leaves a lovely protective moisturising film on the skin which we also found to be great for treating nappy rash.

An all round amazing bath product and an essential for those that suffer dry or irritated skin conditions.


My baby had eczema and nothing seemed to work for his skin.

My pharmacist recommended this product and it worked perfectly! I just love it. It´s easy to use and really relieves the skin.

Your baby will really appreciate


was the most recommended product by dermatologists and doctors for my friend's bub who had bad ezcema. I started using it and it is just lovely. I can feel how soft my skin is from bathing in it with bub, and it is lovely for sorting out my newborn baby's dry skin. Nice natural product which i feel safe using for my baby.

Not cheap but lovely to use so will continue buying it.

When i was pregnant i sent away for some dermaveen samples and i used this wash the first time I wanted to put product in my baby bath. I liked that it was not oily in the water. It left babys skin smooth and soft. And softened my hands up a bit too. Its gentle enough for new skin and not overpowering!
I started using Dermaveen when my daughter developed Eczema at 6 months. It was recommended by my doctor.
Since i started using it, her skin is not so scaly and she has less flareups. I wash her hair in it and use it directly on her skin if she has a shower.I noticed with other products that she would scratch in the bath whereas she rarely does with this one. It seems to soothe her skin. I will continue to use this product with my 2nd child when it arrives as i have complete trust this product is gentle enough for newborns and cleans as well.
I love this stuff!! EVERY other product i used on my daughter gave her a rash. I highly reccomend it for anyone with sensitive skin!
i have used this since my son was a few months old and developed exzema. It has a natural smell, cleans nicely and doesnt dry out his skin. A good price and it lasts a long time too.

I have used this since my first child 3 years ago.  It contains no nasties and is soft and moisturising to the skin.

A great alternative to soap that can dry the skin out.   They also make moisturiser and other skincare

I just buy the big 2L bottle, the new "baby" range is no different from their normal range, just marketing.. 



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